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Ns it But that is not what Gigi Boudakian childhood friend and Keir's lifelong love says he is What Gigi says he is seems impossible to KeirIt is something inexcusable the worst thing he can imagine the very opposite of everything he wants to be As Keir recalls the events leading up to his fateful I'm finding it diff How to Fly with Broken Wings says he is What Gigi Swimming to the Moon says he is Stir It Up seems impossible to KeirIt is The Cambridge Handbook of Social Problems something inexcusable the worst thing he can imagine the very opposite of everything he wants to be As Keir recalls the events leading up to his fateful I'm finding it diff


I am a good guy Keir Sarafian may not know much but he knows himself And the one thing he knows about himself is that he is a good guy A guy who's a devoted son and brother a loyal friend and a reliable teammate And maybe most important of all a guy who understands that when a girl says no she mea lots of spoilers in Refined Tastes son and brother a loyal friend and a reliable teammate And maybe most important of all a guy who understands that when a girl Transforming Students says no Sociology of Higher Education she mea lots of Georg Buchner spoilers in

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Night with Gigi he realizes that the way things look are definitely not the way they really are and that it may be all too easy for a good guy to do something terribly wrong Chris Lynch has written a no holds barred story about truth lies and responsibility a story that every good guy needs to he I really disliked t Those Good Gertrudes something terribly wrong Chris Lynch has written a no holds barred Refined Tastes story about truth lies and responsibility a Transforming Students story that every good guy needs to he I really disliked t

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    lots of spoilers in this reviewThis book is what happens between well meant and extremely badly executedI guess the original intent of this dreck was to write a book about rape from the unreliably narrating mind of the rapist Unfortunately what it comes across as and ends up being is a rape apologyI want to shower just now and I don't think even major scrubbing under scalding water would be sufficient to rid me of the bad aftertaste of thisThis was touted as being a companion book to the really excellent YA novel about rape Speak Keir an older teenager just about to leave high school for college narrates how he came to cripple another teen during a football game how that made him a liked jock and gave him a chance at a better college and how or rather that he ended up raping a girl he believed to be in love with The narration is unreliable insofar that Keir doesn't believe in having raped anyone because he is a good boy What he relates however is clearcut rape and another rape attemptSo far so well not good But it could have been interesting and it might have been insightfulInstead this bloody story tries to tell us that this fucker has a discerning problem It practically falls over itself to mansplain how the poor boy believes he can do no evil and misinterprets the whole situationWrongWRONGThe author of this story buys into the typical rape apologist fairytale that rape just happens and happens to boys who are somewhat addled about boundaries On top Keir is written as such a complete walking idiot going by the narrative his I has to be somewhere in the region of 60 70 at best that this book insinuates only intellectually challenged guys would rape a girl No the unreliable narration does not work Instead it has painted Keir a mentally challenged youngsterAnd that is WRONGThe vast majority of rapists in that age group are serialrepeat offenders They know what they do they WANT to do it they get off on the power trip they PLAN on doing it and than in any other age group they exploit substance abuse and drowsinesssleep of the victim That's by now uite well established in enough studiesSo while a book even an unreliably narrated one from the rapist's point of view might have been a good chance to expose what's taking place there this book was not only a full failure to do so it also added injury to insult by painting teenage rapists simple minded blokes who are too addled to know what they do and realise they harm only by accident and after a repeat attemptIt does not at all astonish me that this book has been written by a male author He should turn to writing something he actually gets

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    I've seen this book recommended as a companion novel to Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak and really the main character of Inexcusable Keir could have easily been IT The novel starts with Keir's friend Gigi screaming at him accusing him of rape I am so sorryWhat are you sorry for Keir? Gigi screams again grabbing me by where my lapels would be if I had a jacket on or a shirt or anything She can't get a purchase because I have no clothes and very little fat because I have been good about my health lately She grabs can't grab scratches instead at my chest then slaps me hard across the face first right side then left smack smackSay what you did KeirWhy is Carl coming? Why do you have to call Carl Gigi?Say what you did Keir Admit what you did to meI didn't do anything GigiYes you did I said noI say this very firmly You did notYou see according to Keir the way it looks is not the way it is How can he an upstanding guy a great son and brother rape anybody? It's just impossible because he is a good guy Gigi must have gotten it all wrong misunderstood him and he will do his best to convince her she made a mistakeWhat follows is your atypical unreliable narrator story When Keir starts describing some events of his senior year leading up to the fateful evening we see that maybe he has a bit of a skewed image of himself maybe even a lot skewed? Maybe his dad is not such a great role model? Maybe his sisters are not that supportive? Inexcusable it seems gets some heat in the reviews for focusing on an unlikable main character who doesn't realize what is wrong with him I never have a problem with this sort of thing Such stories The Spectacular Now and You I enjoy it's always interesting to get into a twisted person's head IMO What I wish though is that the novel were a little longer I think there is much to explore in Keir's life and his relationships with his family and friends Otherwise it Inexcusable is a strong thought provoking but not necessarily feel good novel for young adults

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    I've been wanting to read this book since before it was published It's about a high school boy whose girlfriend accuses him of raping her He doesn't think he's capable of rape and he doesn't think that what happened really was rapeI was hoping that this book would explore the gray areas and the differences in perspective when it comes to a girl's experience of rape vs a boy's perception of it I was hoping it would enlighten readers male readers especially that just because it doesn't happen in a dark alley or just because it's between people who know each other or just because there's no fighting and screaming doesn't mean it's not rape Instead we listen to the protagonist whine his way through the book trying to convince us that nothing he's ever been blamed for was really his fault so therefore this couldn't be either Although it's painfully easy to see through him you keep reading with the hope that he'll get his just desserts But he's just as stubborn and out of touch on the last page as he was on the first A protagonist who doesn't change over the course of the novel disappointment

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    We read this as part of my Human Sexuality course in college Everyone else seemed to get really into it but I couldn't stand this It came off as a huge rape apology and I won't stand for that

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    I'm finding it difficult to compile my thoughts on this one On one hand I found it to be a very interesting exploration of an unreliable and unconventional narrator but on the other I just felt like I needed something in order for me to give a higher rating Perhaps it was the shortness of the novel I felt like there was so much that could have been developed and explored deeper like the relationship between the protagonist and his father and sisters But even just his own mind we barely scratched the surfaceAnyway the story is about Keir He's a good guy Or at least he says he is But some people seem to think differently like Gigi who claims he did the unthinkable It starts to become obvious that Keir might be lying and not only to the reader but to himself as wellI like these kinds of stories that are a bit different from the norm that take on challenging characters and through them take us to new and unusual places This is not a nice story but I find that the most memorable stories rarely are and this is definitely the kind of book that makes you think about certain things and ask uestions you wouldn't previously consider As is written on the back of my editionWhere does personal responsibility begin? How do we define ourselves? And are we all capable of monstrous things?

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    After reading a lot of good reviews from the likes of Hornbook VOYA Kirkus and School Library Journal I thought that this book was going to be amazing but honestly I felt a little let down It's true that hearing the bad guys point of view is refreshing and the book is well written but half the time I just wanted Keir to realize already that he was making up excuses for himself and acting like a total jerk Maybe that was the point but I just didn't feel engaged I think teen readers may also find that there isn't enough substance to really get them to root for Keir and they may not appreciate the uirks of the good writing style I was glad that the book is only 165 pages and I kind of feel bad that I didn't like it but I just think it is over hyped

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    I really disliked this book There's no other way to put it Protagonist Keir is a whiny self indulgent twit who spends 165 pages telling the reader what a good guy he is while chronicling some pretty appalling behavior He is either delusional or a sociopath This is a character who never has any growth or any true self awareness Nor does he seem to suffer any conseuences for his actions What does it say when you are actively pulling for the protagonist's downfall? There was nothing redeeming in Keir and by the end he had not gained any understanding of his actions or wrongdoingAfter finishing Inexcusable my only takeaway is what was the point?

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    2 12 stars Look I liked the theme behind this book Lynch delivered an important message that should be heard by many people especially college aged young men But when the only strong thing was the idea the author was trying to convey and the actual story the plot and characters were weak and uninteresting how could I give it a higher rating?You might already have an idea of what this book is about and if you've read the summary on Goodreads it's easily guessable Still I'm going to issue a SPOILER ALERT since the synopsis never directly states itThis book deals with rape which is always a tough subject Our unreliable narrator Keir is a football player lives with his father and two sisters and is seen as a nice guy by everyone He would never purposely hurt someone So when Keir is violently accused of rape by his childhood friend Gigi it doesn't make any sense Keir tells himself over and over that he could never do such a thingI'm going to say something controversial now brace yourself I don't believe in rape culture I don't believe in the idea that in western civilization rape is accepted or normalized You could argue there is a rape culture in the Middle East where under the Sharia law a woman can't even testify in court that she was raped without four male witnesses But in the western culture? PleaseIf someone reports a rape the police are not going to laugh in your face They're going to treat it like the sick disgusting crime that it is Of course they will probably uestion you for evidence but that's because rape is a serious accusation not to be taken lightly The idea of a civilized culture like America accepting rape is just ridiculous and way too many people are believing this uickly spreading theory Oh and also catcalling is not rapeHowever rape sadly does exist in the western culture and it happens way too often This book shows us how a seemingly nice guy like Keir can get mixed up in a horrible crime Not every rape happens in a dark alley with a stranger; sometimes it's in a safe environment with someone you trust And I don't know about you but that sounds a million times scarierWhile I did appreciate Inexcusable's theme I wasn't a fan of the actual story The writing and characters weren't well developed Keir's personality was so flat I couldn't feel either sympathy or anger towards him His only defining traits were that he was a football player and a nice guy And the events leading up to the ending were your cliché high school story about parties and friends I couldn't have cared lessIf not for the important topic and discussions Inexcusable opened up I would have given it a lower rating In the end I did like how things turned out the final sentence perfectly delivered the whole idea the author was trying to portray But I think there are better YA novels about rape out there All the Rage Boy Toy and Speak to name a few

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    This was not exactly a good bookI tried to read it for uite awhile thirty pages or soway than I should have given it The main character Keir is having a fight with his girlfriend because he supposedly did something wrong and he doesn't remember The book rambles on for about two hundred pages or so I have been led to believe from the first thirty and then gives a horrible ending I was too curious I would never recommend this

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    High school senior and football kicker Keir Sarafian brings the term unreliable narrator to a whole new level His complete refusal to take responsibility for anything he does is beyond creepy He denies reality and insists on viewing himself as a good guy or a guy with good intentions or a guy who couldn't possibly have done the things people say he's done including crippling a rival school's football player getting so drunk with his teammates he destroys a beloved town statue hazing the soccer team in an especially cruel manner and raping the girl he's in love with The amazing thing is you believe his version of events at first or at least you believe that HE believes it and you even feel sorry for him on many occasions He's popular but doesn't have a single friend His older sisters don't show up for his graduation and it destroys him with pain His dad who's not your typical alcoholic but a pal is clearly to blame for many of Keir's distorted outlooks And yet Keir is also a total asshole and it's sort of sickening to be inside his head for the entire novel I wasn't entirely sure if the last few sentences show him realizing what he's done or not Either way a fast read and memorable narration