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And fulfilling endeavor is a music hall for the masses One night when she sees a man injured on the streets of East London she rushes to his aid and brings him home It’s then that she discovers he’s Henry March Earl of Waterson and a member of Parliament No good can come from playing nursemaid to a noblemanWhen Henry rouses to meet his savio. Title The Spitfire

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Her dream is to open a music hall Only one thing stands in her way the man she loves The final Wicked Wallflowers novel from USA Today bestselling author Christi CaldwellLeaving behind her life as a courtesan and madam Clara Winters is moving far from the sinful life to which she was accustomed in the gaming hell the Devil’s Den Her reputable. 45 Stars Edit Post

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R in blonde curls he is dazzled This smart and loving spitfire challenges his every notion of the lower classes and every moment together is a thrill But after Henry returns to his well ordered existence he strikes a political compromise that has unintended conseuences Will his vision for London mean dashing the dreams of his lovely guardian ang. 5 Loving someone i Nikhil every notion of the lower classes and Visual Communication: Images with Messages 7th Edition every moment together is a thrill But after Henry returns to his well ordered The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence - Kindle edition by Josh Waitzkin. Humor & Entertainment Kindle eBooks @ existence he strikes a political compromise that has unintended conseuences Will his vision for London mean dashing the dreams of his lovely guardian ang. 5 Loving someone i

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    Hooray Brava Congratulations In The Spitfire I have finally read a book where the woman has the past as a courtesanmadam while the hero is NOT a man ho I repeat not a man ho Let’s see what else well he is the reuisite close to ten years older than the heroine but this time he’s actually in his forties and she is in her thirties She is determined to make her own way out from underneath her past no man need apply He is determined to make life better and safer for the lower classes without having the faintest idea of what their lives are really likeHenry March Lord Waterson is stabbed and almost beaten to death in London’s St Giles slum He is rescued by Clara Winters the aforementioned fallen woman Clara is involved in an endeavor with Reggie Broderick to open a music hall The Muses that in no way will resemble a sinful establishment Instead it will offer a chance for women to lead a respectable lifeTaking care of a lord and realizing he could die while under Clara’s care is not a part of her life’s plan But Clara’s heart is as big as her plans and she can not leave him to dieWaterson is known as Lord Proper a stuffy uninteresting man He cares only for his family and his duties as a member of parliament He leads a proper stultifying life everything in is place a place for everything Clara Winters definitely does not have a place in his life even though he is beyond grateful to her for saving his lifeHenry repays Clara by signing a cease and desist letter for shutting down Clara’s dream the Muses Signing the letter was part of a house of cards that Henry constructed to get support for starting a national police force He didn’t know it was Clara’s establishment Clara doesn't take the betrayal lying down and comes out swinging Unfortunately it turns out that Henry can embrace “honor be damned” and betray Clara again while falling in love with her Neat trickI’ve spent a lot of time writing about Clara and Henry Caldwell is an accomplished writer and her characters are one of her main strengths She loves writing about the dark side of English society as evidenced by the Wicked Wallflower series of which The Spitfire is the final book a very satisfying ending The Spitfire also demonstrates Caldwell’s freshness and originality My one caveat Clara is too uick to forgive Henry’s betrayal I guess if someone takes a bullet for youoh come on there is almost always a bullet or fever or both in a HRThank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    45 Stars Edit Post re read the things I loved before I still do and the things that annoyed me before continue as well So many thing about this book make me love it make me glad that CC is pushing the envelope and writing beyond her comfort zoneOf course there are issues as there would be in any book but things that set this book apart for me were 1 Henry our hero is in his forties and not a man ho I repeat NOT a man ho What a welcome change from the usual string of STD infested Don Juan's Kudos CC 2 The heroine Clara is in her thirties and a former courtesan and madam However at no point does she feel insecure guilt ridden or ashamed of her past She owns up to what she had to do had to become to survive in the not so fancy parts of England 3 They meet and share an instant attraction which FYI is palpable as hell 4 The scene in his study where Clara pours herself a glass of scotch and kisses Henry senseless is epic EPIC5 The writing has improved drastically and I'm thoroughly enjoying CC's stint in the darker storylines than glittering balls and gardens What didn't go down too well 1 The conflict is resolved too damn fast 2 Clara forgives Henry for his betrayal waaaaay too fast Make that man sweat girl 3 And without a doubt my greatest complaint Christi Caldwell needs to learn the art of not rushing her endings

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    This fifth instalment of Christi Caldwell's Wicked Wallflower series was not uite as strong as the middle instalments of the series but it was still an enjoyable read This is a fun historical romance series that has a perfect blend of drama and romance It also has an engaging story and characters that are super easy to like and root for and I've not always found that easy to find in my romance reads This series is not super high on realism but I do feel like that is not a weakness as it means the characters and the story get to be both complicated and likeable even if some of the happenings are a little melodramatic at times Clara Winters was the lead for this fifth book in the series We met her in the fourth instalment as she was Reggie's partner in the duos endeavour to launch their own music hall With Clara focused on trying to get that up and running the last thing she needs in her life is the attention of a stuffy and notoriously prim and proper English lord but that is what she gets when she stumbles across two thugs in the process of beating and trying to murder Lord Henry March After fending off the thugs Clara has to drag Henry back to her home to tend him Going to the authorities was not an option as being found with a stabbed and half dead Lord would likely have been fatal for someone with as dark a reputation as Clara She was a well know mistress in her day but is now trying to turn her life around and establish her own honest businesses The story was enjoyable enough and both Henry and Clara were easy enough to like and root for despite the fact that they did make a few mistakes along the way to finding their happily ever after Clara and Henry had both made a few enemies over the years and had that to contend with as they tried to achieve their personal goals and their blossoming relationship was hindered by the fact that Clara's reputation within polite society was so poor and by the fact that Henry had political incentives to marry someone else I found the tale fun and engaging and it held my attention pretty well from start to finish Which is a good sign as I was definitely beginning to feel like a bit of a book slump was creeping up on me before I picked up this book I liked the mix of romance and drama and hopefully we have not seen the last of a few of the secondary characters we met in this tale Both Henry's sisters seemed like they had potential All in all I was happy with this story It was not uite as good as a few of the earlier books in the series but it was good enough Rating 35 stars I'll round up Audio Note Tim Campbell has done a decent job with all the books in this series

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    “Lord Proper comes undone”Can two persons from both sides of the fences find a love together when forces are at stake to trash themFirst I would say I preordered this book because of the cover the gaze of the model was scorchingly calling one to not cowerAfter I had my doubts about the heroine I might be prudish but in too many books prostitutes are painted as being beyond redemption with their jaded soul so shattered it is impossible to mend the pieces back together or they turned resentful harpies filled by venomI have only read the Bluestocking in this series as I am a newbies to Mrs Christi Caldwell work so I did know nothing about Clara and how she appeared firstBut I might say Mrs Caldwell got me wrong by crafting a searing masterpiece of salvation with the redeeming of the too prim and proper hero while the heroine keeps her head held highClara has always wanted to rely only on herself and always herself why she is so adamant against accepting helpShe has a past and at time she was robbed of her future by a cunning man And now she has a way out of her former profession she is devoted to it as who’s better to understand why these women called fallen need protection and a goal than a woman who lived among them« Everything in the world came down to survival and where women were given little power and even less influence she’d employ whatever tactics she could to survive »Henry has taken the mantle left by her father and became the ruthless peer and very involved MP expected for a man of his position Driven by guilt he will do anything to ensure his project receives the right audienceBut when found a breath away from death by a very secret woman his view of the world in her short contact begins to move onDuring the few days she nursed him back to life she left a deep imprint in his soulBut when they meet again will their society’s station make a difference?It was such a moving tale about a woman finding a love that sees past her scars and values her for whom she is really from the inside and a man who really began to live once he meets the one who shatters everything he thought the norm« you speak of yourself as if you’re somehow second to anyone when not even the damned sun could compare with you in brightness »The fact the heroes were older added to the thoroughness of this magnificent story of second chance Henry always so organized and predictable while Clara is figurative boldness I do fell in love with Henry as never at any moment did he thought of Clara as deserving any less than him He made mistakes and lied to her but never did he saw her for her former profession only for the strong woman life has shaped her« “Loving someone isn’t about controlling them It is about loving them and supporting them” »A big fat 5 stars for this emotional story which immersed me in some unknown historical events from me and the way of the political worldI was granted an advance copy through Netgalley by the author but also ordered my own copy Here is my true and unbiased opinion

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    Title The SpitfireSeries Wicked Wallflowers #5Author Christi CaldwellRelease date September 17 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre historical romanceIt's a little bittersweet to see this series come to an end I only started reading Ms Caldwell less than a year ago and I've already binged all of the Sinful Brides and read every one of the Wicked Wallflowers I was hoping that Stephen the youngest of the Killorans would be getting a book but maybe we'll be gifted with that later in the Lost Lords of London series The Spitfire is about Clara Broderick's former madam and Reggie's business partner and Henry March Earl of Waterson Henry is friends with the Maruess of Waverly from To Love a Lord So if you're a fan of the couple from that novel they do make a minor appearance It's always nice to get some bonus time after the HEA to catch up on how things are going We got to know Clara Winters a little bit in The Governess when she became Reggie's business partner and close friend After years of being used by men during her years as a prostitute and madam the only thing she wants from them is her freedom The music hall venture she's planning is her chance to not only start a new independent life but to give a respectable living to others in St Giles One that would enable them to entertain on stage and do what makes them happy when no one else is willing to provide the opportunity She has a true passion for music and a determination to succeed no matter what the cost Because of that single minded drive they've been able to overcome every obstacle thrown in their path One of Clara's faults is probably her stubborn pride and her inability to share her burdens with her friends She finds it hard to confide in Reggie or agree to any assistance from Broderick but I understand where she's coming from Even though her pride gets in the way sometimes I can understand her wanting to achieve her goals without any outside help To feel as if she has accomplished her dreams without giving up any of the power she's trying to reclaim Her life plan is to own her own business with Reggie and marriage and children have no part in that She's not afraid to let her feelings be known on that either or anything else for that matter If words didn't get the message across she wouldn't hesitate to make her point with her fist I enjoyed her fire and spirit which I think balanced out Henry's calm cool demeanor really nicely Henry is an MP who spends his entire waking existence creating laws and networking with other politicians in order to reach his end goal He's a man who has built his life around family duty and honor and that doesn't leave any time for any distractions in his personal life Believing that he failed his sister years ago when a traumatic event occurred his heart and soul is poured into enacting legislation that would establish a police force to protect the public He has the best of intentions but in working so hard for the benefit of his family and the rest of the general public he has lost sight of what's important Finding joy in the every day making time for his mother and sisters and finding a woman to share his life with There is a small amount of guilt on his part for neglecting his duties in begetting an heir but he comforts himself in the knowledge that he's provided for everyone financially That is until Clara steps into his life and makes him reexamine his priorities and opens his eyes to things his privileged life has shielded him from Henry has always been stuffy proper and pompous his entire life but after being rescued by Clara during a vicious attack she has an immediate effect on him Suddenly he's loosening up making jokes and becoming someone his family almost doesn't recognize any Is that truly what the world thought of him? Nay worse his own mother? That he was so stodgy that any hint of mirth on his part must be a mark of madness?In turn he helps Clara to see that not all men are out to harm or dishonor However just as she's starting to build a fragile trust in him he has an impossible choice to make Fulfill his promise to save the music hall or finally have his legislation passed that he's been fighting so long for He's torn between family and his budding feelings for this woman he greatly admires I did enjoy these two together but I felt that there was something missing I would've liked to have seen them spend uality time together and building their feelings for one another They didn't see each other for much of the book and their relationship felt somewhat rushed at the end in my opinion It caused me to feel a bit of a disconnect to their romance but I did appreciate this opposites attract couple overall Henry's skill in instantly pleasing Clara when they became physical was an issue for me After reaching the advanced age of forty one and remaining celibate I would expect Clara to have to give him some advice in that department In fact I would have enjoyed seeing that Oddly he knew exactly what to do and she didn't even realize his inexperience until he told her after their first time That's just not plausible when you have zero experience to learn from I was also hoping to see of the Killorans since this was the last book in the series but Reggie was the only established character to get page time One of my favorite things in the book was Henry's sweet relationship with his sister Lila I'm really hoping we get to see her find her own healing and HEA in the future I feel like she was developed exceptionally well with an intriguing backstory and her story could be a beautiful addition in a future series In summary this wasn't my favorite in the series but it was still an enjoyable read Christi Caldwell's books are always a must read for me now and her books are added to my TBR No synopsis needed “You have tucked yourself into a drawer like Schubert’s music; you speak of yourself as if you’re somehow second to anyone when not even the damned sun could compare with you in brightness The same way Schubert underestimated himself is what you’ve done and you are you are” he repeated caressing his palms down her arms “superior to all Clara WintersFOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON

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    As many who know me well especially those in my book club and author friends I normally do not read romances where the heroine is a courtesan It’s my personal preference I’m just not into them Once in a long while comes a story that really moves me The Spitfire by Christi Caldwell is one of those tales that has me all happy insideThose of us who have read Christi Caldwell’s Wicked Wallflowers Series have met Clara Winters before The former courtesanmadam is Reggie’s best friend and has moved on from the Devil’s Den Her dream of opening her music hall the Muses is just so close Aside from a few construction setbacks she and Reggie are on their way to being professional business owners and for a woman that is uite a featHenry Waterson an MP and an Earl has uite a few enemies in his repertoire The staid gentlemen has ruffled than a few feathers in his day with his legislation It would seem that a few people even want him dead When Clara comes upon two hoodlums beating a gentleman to a pulp she steps in and saves his life Clara’s mistrust of men is completely understandable but her insistence in aiding the broken man is shocking but just like her When Clara discovers that the man she has saved is a member of the ton an Earl to boot she is terrified but resolute in the fact that she could not let him dieHenry has never been in a situation like this Being cared for in the apartments of this fascinating woman has perplexed him beyond belief Instead of calling for assistance from family or friends he begs Clara “with no surname” to keep him in her apartments until he is well enough to travel home His ins in fear of frightening his mother and sisters with his injuries Clara reluctantly allows Henry to stay but she also has much business to attend to with the impending opening of her clubThe few days Henry stays at Clara’s apartments the two come to realize that many of their prejudices about each other’s stations and ways of life are not all they appear to be Henry has a few revelations about how as member of the ton he always took advantage of the creature comforts of his wealth but never thought if those outside of his level were even able to keep warm When he realizes that he must return home he slips out while Clara is out When she returns to an empty apartment she is relieved but also saddened as Henry was unlike any man she had ever met in her lifetimeTrouble begins when Clara receives a cease and desist order for the Muses stating that her establishment is immoral and illegal When she discovers that Henry is behind the order in a fury she bounds into his home to confront him Henry never thought he would see his savior again but Clara is not as happy to see him as he is her Unfortunately the dealing with her Music Hall are not something that can be undone and Henry has to fix the wrong he has done Henry’s younger sister who was hurt in an uprising several years prior has been a recluse since the tragedy but hearing Henry and Clara go at it she is awakened and seeks Clara out to assist her With Clara and Henry’s sister working together she and Henry also spend time together inevitably becoming closer and attracted to one another but can these two people from completely different worlds build something lasting? You know I am not going to tell you Read The Spitfire yourself to find outOk so notice that I did NOT delve deeply into the fact that Clara was a courtesan? That fact is actually irrelevant to this story Clara is a woman who was used and abused and one day said enough Her hopes and dreams started to become a reality for herI really must thank author Christi Caldwell for taking me out of my comfort zone but making me smile and make my heart full The Spitfire is a fabulous read

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    I loved this book so much I loved that the heroine was a former prostitute I loved that the hero was a stuffy earl I loved that they were both older and my very favorite part was that the hero was a VIRGIN The only thing missing was an epilogue

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    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The Spitfire is the fifth and final installment in Christi Caldwell’s Wicked Wallflowers series and it is an absolutely delicious treat And guess what? It can totally be read as a standalone I know this comes as a surprise because most of Caldwell’s books are so intricately connected with one another that they usually can’t be read as standalone But this one can definitely be read as a standalone And you’re lucky because in my humble opinion The Spitfire is by far the best book in this series In fact I will go so far as to declare that The Spitfire is probably my favourite historical romance released in 2019 and that’s saying a lot coming from me The Spitfire is one of the most emotionally intense books I’ve read but it is not devoid of humour In fact Caldwell masters the perfect blend of emotional intensity humour and steam in The Spitfire This book is steamier than the previous books in the series and it also carries the kind of emotional intensity that I usually only find in Meredith Duran and Sherry Thomas books maybe a few Lisa Kleypas and Kerrigan Byrne books And by emotional intensity I don’t necessarily mean angst I mean the kind of love story that punches you in the gut sweeps you off your feet and consumes your every thought and emotion The kind of book that you don’t want to finish reading because you don’t want to let go of the characters The kind of love story that you love with every fibre of your being Well at least that's how it was for meClara is a former courtesan and madam who has worked hard to start anew and build a theatre in the Dials along with her business partner the heroine from The Governess Her life is temporarily thrown upside down when she saves an injured man from the streets and nurses him back to health The two connect with each other in an authentic way and strike up an unlikely friendship even though the man Henry is a nobleman Months later Clara receives a cease and desist that puts a halt to her theatre's opening Imagine her fury and disappointment when she finds out that Henry the Earl of Waterson is the one who’s directly responsible for the cease and desist And Henry is about to learn that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned I know that my little summary here is making Henry seem like the enemy but there’s a lot to the story that I’m keeping out because I don’t want to ruin it for everyone My God The anticipation level in this book was just off the charts I was literally dying for Clara and Henry to meet again after she saved his life The fucking chemistry was electrifying Clara and Henry are such vivid characters – they leaped off the pages and grabbed hold of my heart and haven’t uite let go of me Henry is by all means a stuffy prim and proper lord she calls him Lord Proper lol Meanwhile Clara is a passionate fierce and unstoppable woman When these two clash Clara is determined to make the proper lord lose his cool and the tension between them is just sizzling And the best thing about Henry and Clara is that they are both so darn likable They are also pretty unconventional for a historical romance hero and heroine Henry is almost 42 years old while Clara herself is not only a former courtesan but 33 years old at that Henry is genuinely honourable and I empathized when he found himself in a difficult and impossible political situation even if he did make some wrong choices Clara is such an admirable heroine and I couldn’t help but appreciate her strength and determination to achieve her dreams If you read a lot historical romance like I do then you know that the businesswoman trope that has taken over this genre is not always well executed But this trope works so damn well in The Spitfire The author authentically depicts the struggles and challenges women like Clara face when they try to rise and lead a different path in life These challenges are true to Clara’s station to the women who are just like her and to her time period This is no 21st century woman wearing period clothes who’s stuck in a wallpaper historical romance I loved everything about this book Caldwell did a fantastic job bringing these two characters together no matter how unconventional it is to pair up a former courtesan with a proper Earl The ending is a bit rushed and the mystery is rather conveniently solved but the romance in itself is satisfying An epilogue is not needed but I would love one regardless because I just love Henry and Clara so much I don’t know how I’m going to be able to move on to another book

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    5 Loving someone isn't about controlling them but supporting them StarsWonderful storyI love Christi Caldwell's imperfect strong smart independent heroinesClara was an amazing characterI also love how she tortures her protagonist giving the reader just the right amount of angst before they finally get their Happily Ever After

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    Clara Winters is finally coming close to getting her dream of having a music hall done when one day she stumbles across an injured man and decides to help him recover As the days pass she discovers he is an important man; Henry March The Earl of Waterson She then decides to wait until he is better and let him go Months later she receives an order that she is to close her new establishment and that Henry is behind it she gets furious and goes to confront him and them truly begins their wonderful love story I loved their story it was delightful to see Henry and Clara as they found true love and the way Clara finally understood that she wasn't any less as a person because of her past was emotional and beautiful I received a free arc copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley all opinions here are my own

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