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Einmal durch die Republik von Nord nach Süd Christian Krachts namenloser Ich Erzähler berich Who wants to read about a person who is constantly throwing up About a person who just travels around the country because he has way too much money he does not know how to use The protagonist without a name is such a person He is throwing up or visiting clubs or telling disgusting stories of his past Empty book No plot No characters Not even a good write style I had to read it for school and it was a torture This book has no message Nothing I am really disappointed with German authors Don't read it Trust me this book is nothing but a big waste of time

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Die Wahrnehmung einer ganzen Generation von der es vorher hieß sie habe gar keine Wahrnehmung This book is very confusing I actually enjoyed the way it was written I'd give the writing and style full 5 stars The Latvian adaption was great However what is the story Who is the main character This is literally just one man's tale about various pointless people and absolutely boring alcoholic and pill addict gatherings Throughout the whole book I had so many uestions about the main character Is he a party bum Is the dude poor with moderate income or rich and with too much money to spend aimlessly What is he doing Why does he have so much free time There is no real connection with other characters introduced throughout the book There is no build up no main event and no closure If the author wanted to portray the aimlessness and the stories of uite ridiculous and aimless people he did the job well Did I enjoy it Not so much hence the final 3 stars I wanted to like it but there was no content to cause any real joy I have enjoyed various chick flick type of books a lot than this one I really do like books about miserable characters This Spring I read Bukowski's Women that was one hell of a piece The character was even miserable than this one but the whole book and story made senseA disappointment but really it's like a strong confusion about what to feel about this book

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Tet von seiner Deutschlandreise Der kleine Bildungsroman Faserland veränderte in Deutschland Great book in all of it's wry liuor and cocaine soaked privileged Germanic cynical glory

About the Author: Christian Kracht

Christian Kracht is a Swiss writer and journalistKracht was born in Saanen His father Christian Kracht Sr was chief representative for the Axel Springer publishing company in the 1960s Kracht attended Schule Schloss Salem in Baden and Lakefield College School in Ontario Canada He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College New York in 1989

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