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Playing with Fire

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As long he keeps things purely physicalWhen he meets Felicia McGovern he soon realizes his attraction to her goes far beyond her admittedly enchanting flesh Her unexpected discovery of hi Samael is a demon 2 unexpected discovery of hi Samael is a demon

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Samael calls the City of Angels home but he’s far from angelic His assignment Bringing the souls of LA’s unuiet dead to the underworld His duties don’t preclude earthly entanglements I was disappointe Dahlia Black: A Novel unuiet dead to the The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier with the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness underworld His duties don’t preclude earthly entanglements I was disappointe

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S true nature separates the lovers but when her life is in danger Samael risks everything to keep her safe He faces certain punishmentor possibly a redemption he never imagined could be hi Fast little paran

8 thoughts on “Playing with Fire

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    I was disappointed but probably have only myself to blame I have loved Christine Pope's space romances well at least the first few and really liked her retold fairy tales I should have known better than to read about a demon who goes around seducing women Seriously Christine is a great writer I just do not enjoy romances where the main characters fall into bed with one another after having barely met And demons? Shudder Please Christine use your talent for good

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    It's God's intervention that helps true love grow between 2 people It was really good book but the only I have with it is that it's way 2 short I hope there's 2 come if this is a series

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    It's all the rage to fall for the bad boy but this seemed a little too far to fall so I wondered how Pope was going to resolve the challenge she orchestrated I've read hundreds of paranormal romances and there are very few surprises that I don't see coming Pope's resolution totally snuck up on me however It wasn't a cheap trick resolution or a neat tying of bows in an epilogue; it was reasonable plot and character development A uick waiting room book

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    Samael is a demon that spies Felicia from his perch on a rooftop He's intrigued and a uick but rocky relationship ensues Good prevails and they get a happily ever after A freebie short read that wasn't too bad I wasn't running to finish it off but I also wasn't avoiding the book Not very steamy On a scale of one to five five being the hottest it was probably a one

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    I enjoyed this romp through the heavenhell fantasy realm It left me tingling for The storyline of redemption is always enticing

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    Fast little paranormal read For my blood boilinghehe Read the book you'll get it

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    Enjoyablefast read

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    GoodThis is a good short book it is done well and is a complete story The characters and the idea is an interesting take on a demon who falls in love and finds salvation