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The Lives of Women

Read ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í Christine Dwyer Hickey

And maternal dutiesWhile the women are distracted Elaine and her friends find their own entry into the adult world The result is a tragic event that will mark the rest of Elaine's life and be the cause of her long and guilt ridden exileInsightful and full of suspense this is an uncompromising portrayal of the suburbs and the cruelties brought about by the demands of respectabili. Thoroughly enjoyed this It's a dual narrative with chapters alternating between past and present set in a stifling suburban cul de sac Both strands slowly edge towards revealing the tragedy that changed everyone's livesI love this structure in a novel The writing is excellent and the characters well rounded and believable particularly the middle aged Elaine in the present

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Following a long absence spent in New York Elaine Nichols returns to her childhood home to live with her invalid father and his geriatric Alsatian dog The house backing on to theirs is sold and as she watches the old furniture being removed she is taken back to a summer in the 1970's when she was almost sixteen and this small out of town estate was an enclave for women and child. I was given a review copy by the publishers after showing an interest I thought the premise of the book sounded interesting and it definitely lived up to my expectationsThis is in a sense a coming of age novel but it is also a retrospective We are introduced to the character of Elaine who has returned to her family home to care for her father after the death of her mother We are made aware that Elaine hasn't been home for uite a while and hasn't had much contact with them either because of something that happened in the past Told through alternating past and present chapters what happened in the past is slowly revealed although it was left slightly open about what did happen and certain things were speculated but never directly answered which I likedCalled The Lives of Women the author reflects on how a young girl perceived the role of women in her small community and how they interact with men The men generally headed off to work each morning whilst the women led secretive lives And the women had to keep secrets for fear of being shamed in society The arrival of an 'artistic' American and her causal attitude led to afternoon drinks parties and growing sense of confidence which I thought was to be dampened by the events later Overall this is a very enjoyable read Difficult to not give too much away and spoil the story for other readers Enjoy

Read ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í Christine Dwyer Hickey

Ren while the men are mysterious shadows who leave every day for the outside worldThe women are isolated but keep their loneliness and frustrations hidden behind a veneer of suburban respectability When an American divorcee and her daughter move into the estate this veneer begins to crack The women learn how to socialise how to drink martinis how to care less about their wifely. Ending a little abrupt for my taste otherwise a very well constructed story that sheds light on what it meant to be a woman in Ireland in the times of the Magdalene laundries

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • The Lives of Women
  • Christine Dwyer Hickey
  • English
  • 09 July 2018
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About the Author: Christine Dwyer Hickey

Christine Dwyer Hickey is a novelist and short story writer Her novel Tatty was short listed for Irish Book of the Year in 2005 and was also long listed for The Orange Prize Her novels The Dancer The Gambler and The Gatemaker were re issued in 2006 as The Dublin Trilogy three novels which span the story of a Dublin family from 1913 to 1956Twice winner of the Listowel Writers Week short story