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Naked Shall I Return

Summary Naked Shall I Return

Ross Duncan is in San Francisco and is given an unusual assignment by an intriguing couple who agrees to help sell his ‘hot’ jewels in return for finding an ancient mythical Blue Orb linked to immortalityHis search takes him deep into the antiues world and the heart of Chinatown where he has to enter into an uneasy alliance with Mr Josephine who controls most of Chinatown’s.

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Cold and honed concentrationThis is a crisp noir thriller set in 1934 where no one can be trusted and betrayals by even those close to Duncan are ever presentThis book is in another league altogether Its use of language reader engagement raw poetry and prevailing sense of courage amid a world of uiet despair make it a firm contender for one of my books of 2015 crimefictionloverco.

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Criminal activities Duncan who is still set on finding an old enemy Fingers Pete manages to dodge an ambush by the Federal Agents whilst those who had information for him are being killed As the stakes get higher with the competing factions prepared to kill for the valuable treasure Duncan finds himself in the middle of betrayals and violence and to survive he has to maintain a.

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    Rain Cigarettes Smoke Fog GangstersAdd Chinatown San Francisco and Thompson machine gunsWe know this world a noir gangster hardboiled mashup and it’s beautifully handled by Christopher Bartley in Naked Shall I Return the second Ross Duncan novel I’ve read after They Die AloneThe atmosphere and language channel Chandler Hammett and Cain The latter two are name checked by our protagonist within the story Our hero searches for meaning and substance amid the slow burn mayhem A dame? Why yes We know her well Or do we?It’s all familiarAnd fresh at the same timeNaked Shall I Return starts with a bank robbery blazing guns and a car chase It’s 1934 The robbery is in Illinois And a couple months and a brisk few pages later Ross Duncan is in San Francisco He’s arrived with very little in the way of possessions His girlfriend has less And he’s being asked for help Duncan is told by potential new clients that he has “special talents” and the “right heart”A package of “great value” has gone missing The package includes a special Blue Orb And soon there’s another encounter This time a woman She’s waiting to talk to Duncan about her husband who has vanished She won’t share all her suspicions about the “complications” of her husband’s strange life Her name is Jennifer It used to be AfsoonAnd down goes Duncan into the fray dragging his humanity along at every step On the trip back from Sausalito to San Francisco his ferry slips past Alcatraz Duncan thinks “It was easy for me to imagine the indignities and lack of ordinary freedoms the men in the cell blocks endured I’d been in a place like that before Relative to the boundless possibilities that surrounded me in every moment that I wasn’t a federal prisoner it nearly broke my heart”Ross Duncan knows he has choices He thinks deep thoughts He sees the big picture—or at least contemplates what it might or might not beThe shoot em up bank robbery beginning is a bit misleading Most of Naked Shall I Return is point to point uasi detective work There are many thoughtful moody conversations interrupted by flashes of PG 13 violence The story weaves in human refugees It plays off the waning era of silent films There’s a famous cliff house and what happened in a fire in 1907 There’s a thread about the secret to immortality There’s a mysterious Chinese mistress and a discussion about Judas Through it all Duncan carries the weight of the world He is ever wary of ambition hubris and greed Down in the places where Ross Duncan does his best work he witnesses extreme manifestations of those traits and isn’t sure he likes what he sees He ponders an alternative self“Standing in the shadows of the clouds that passed over me on Market Street I thought about my mother and the times she’d expressed hope that I would become a priest Before her early death she had been sure the calling would find me There were times I almost wished it had I had grown weary of other people’s pain hurt deceit and bad fortune and I couldn’t help but wonder if a white collar and a black suit might have provided an effective layer of armor against the tribulations of the world”Worldly temptations include the girl of course and Bartley serves up a classic here Beguiling of course Helpful to Duncan of course and encouraging She is desperate And appealing “The scent of her lavender perfume caught my nose and tickled some ancient part of my brain that knew only one way to respond”But we know where this is going Right? She seems so well intentioned we are lured into forgetting She can’t be that woman Can she?Duncan rides events down to the gritty final showdowns The time period is perfectly evoked and yet in other ways the period doesn’t matter Duncan may have immediate problems to fix and people to figure out but he’s eternally aware of his place in the big scheme of things and the “ancient force” bearing down Ross Duncan's rich interior is as seductive and serene as a cool fog wrapping itself over the City by the Bay

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    Noir mysteries set in the 1930s are delicious Noir mysteries set in the 1930s in San Francisco’s Chinatown are as tasty as a platter of Peking duck In this complex novel protagonist and career criminal Ross Duncan is launched on a mysterious uest An an elusive couple wants him to locate a thing—they've never seen it and can’t really describe it—called the Blue Orb which legend says holds the key to immortalityWhether Duncan believes this or not is immaterial The couple also agrees to help him fence a load of stolen jewels that will bankroll him for a good long while and for that reason alone he’s game He encounters a succession of interesting characters—opium den impresarios antiues experts people whose legends precede them—whose help he might be able to use in locating the Blue Orb Too bad they keep being murdered before they can provide much assistanceThis book has shady characters galore a beautiful dame out to bed Duncan and a plot with twists and turns than a Chinese Dragon As it happens he keeps meeting people connected to Adolph Sutro's Cliff House who were present when it was destroyed in the famous 1907 fire That the Blue Orb was smuggled out of tunnels under Cliff House on that fateful day is just one theory about its fate that Duncan must run to ground

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