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    A free 7 page comic from 'interstellar' universe penned by Christopher Nolan describing the lonely and hopeless days of Dr Mann on the frozen planet While the writing is spectacular the very short length of the story fails to make an impact and leaves you wanting

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    Interesting companion to Interstellar Great on thematic material Especially for how short it isFor those of you wondering where to find it I read it here

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    Absolute zero climate absolute zero results absolute zero data absolute zero companionshipand absolute zero hopeIf fear that I might transcribe some type of partial review about this comic because I am a madfan of Nolan but I cant possibly dig any flaw in this brief comicIf one just shuns the aspect of the story because it is connected to the movie Interstellarand one ought to watch the movie before reading this comic and merely focuses on the text then no doubt that one is thrilled by the kind of wording of the comicThe images were a bit vague at some points but I guess there were bestowed to the scenarioof the scene There were only two characters but still Kipp was making me laughOver and about the comic is named absolute zero but I ought to rate it absolute hundred not only because I am a mad fan of Nolan but also because it deserved it

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Absolute Zero

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