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    Daniel Hardfield is a young man with a seemingly well ordered and happy life Living and working in Houston being a lawyer on the rise euipped with the perfect girlfriend and with a solid and reliable mother having his back everything seems to be going his way He has overcome any hardships life might have thrown his way in younger years and not even an unusual and unnerving experience in a cab or a number of bad dreams can rock his euilibrium Soon however a number of mysterious events and a tragic accident pull him back towards Lilac Hill; the happy home of his childhood As the story unravels Christy Elkins takes the reader on a journey that’s both unexpected and excitingMy first attempt at reading this book failed not due to any shortcomings in the book itself but because of my own far too hectic life Nothing less than a natural disaster could have held my attention and it was unfair to the book even to try to read it So as soon as everything settled down I decided to give it another go After skimming through the chapters I actually read my first time around just to refresh my memory I found the book increasingly difficult to put down Every time I thought I knew what was going on Elkins surprised me with a turn of events I could not have anticipated The story is high paced which I personally like and there isn’t much filler Some books have me browsing through many pages chapters even trying to get past the filler material back to the action but this author doesn’t do that She keeps her eye on the story and keeps it moving There were events and people that confused me early on in the book but it all came together towards the end and the things I did not understand at once fell in place as Elkins tied it all together with a completely unexpected endingSome commas would have made the material easier to read and the book could have used one proof read but this is nitpicking If you like an exciting story that will surprise you “Lilac Hill” is well worth looking into

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    What a great book Very exciting and moving The authors descriptions are breathtaking I could practically smell the lilacs in the meadow This is a great story of fear from a Christians perspective and it had me guessing the whole way through I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone

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Lilac Hill

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Y seeks Each passing moment is the difference between staying alive and death What happens when the one thing you fear truly is fear itsel. Un baiser sucré pour le coeur d'un garçon one thing you fear truly is fear itsel.

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Daniel Hardfield is tortured by his past and present When a horrific murder occurs he is forced to unravel the truth in a twisted tale of. Un baiser sucré pour le coeur d'un garçon occurs he is forced to unravel the truth in a twisted tale Vogue Goes Pop: Coloring Book of.

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Voodoo mystery and deception Upon discovering a man who holds the key to answers Daniel must race to find the information he so desperatel.