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Marillion rock band Their life and career Marillion emerged from the short lived modern rock renewal of the very early '80s to become one of the most enduring cult acts of the era The team formed in Aylesbury England in 1979 and embrace

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The Web an instrumental demo they recruited singer Fish born Derek Dick and bassist Diz Minnitt Prior to tape recording their debut single Market Suare Heroes keyboardist Mark Kelly and bassist Pete Trewavas replaced Jelliman and Minnit

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D its original name Silmarillion from the title of a JRR Tolkien book At first Marillion were comprised of guitar player Steve Rothery bassist Doug Irvine keyboardist Brian Jelliman and drummer Mick Pointer however after tape recording

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    I have had paid £385 for this book This is the worst book I have Ever read on this group full of spelling mistakes in the first half of the book when mentioning the first album Script for a jesters tear instead of putting tear was the word RIP When talking about season end album was the word season was replaced with period The second half of the book just repeated the first half I did not expect to learn anything new from the book but this was just dire she mentioned misplaced childhood and said it was good It took me an 11 minutes to read I feel this is a lot of money for 18 pages followed mistakes and just repeating itself in the second half of the book

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