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Ng Gordon plan the seduction of another manWhen events collide to reveal Ben's true colors Gordon's heart is trampled in the process and it's left to Dennis to pick up the pieces Will Dennis finally find the courage to seize his own second chance at love And with the stardust falling from Gordon's eyes will he finally see the real star who has been in front of him the entire time Gordon has been in love with the idea of Ben who is a star and he knew him before but not really the guy of his dreams he doesn't realize that His friend Dennis has always been there for him Too blind too see his love for him Will Gordon open his eyes and see the love right in front of him Cant wait to read of this series im sure their is heaps lonely guys whos hearts have been broken

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Nd chance with the man he never got over the star struck Gordon plans a romantic dinner for two that he hopes will set the stage for much Dennis and Gordon outwardly agree love affairs and work relationships shouldn't mix Inside Dennis' heart however it's a different story Too shy to press past Gordon's defenses he settles for being the best friend he can even when it means helpi I really love this series All of them are short simple books that pack just enough punch to give you a satisfying story but also not take long to read I loved Dennis and Gordon although I did hate Gordon for a really long time because of how completely stupid he was being and how starry eyed he was Ugh He came around though and made everything better I'm curious as to when the next in the Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay series will be released I definitely recommend them if you are looking for something short to read but also satisfying

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What starts out as a routine emergency call lands Gordon Flanders and Dennis in the thick of a madcap drag ueen party gone wild Gordon finds himself in a position to save Ben Ryder his old lover from a fiasco that could ruin the movie star's career Gordon volunteers to hide the movie star from the paparazzi until he can get a flight back to LA Thrilled by what he sees as his seco Stardust goes a bit against the flow of the previous 3 books since it’s not a story of a first love never forgotten but it’s the story of a man that has to realize that a teenager love sometime is not the same when you are an adult Gordon is in love with Ben the first boy he had sex with when they were in high school together; but it’s a feeling that is not mutual even if Gordon doesn’t realize it Ben left New York City for Los Angeles to pursue his acting career and he is not a big shot name in the movie industry with a starlet after the other on his arm He is also an egoist and a selfish bastard since even if he is not interested in Gordon Ben has never told so feeding Gordon’s crush with nothing of what an actor would give to a unknown fan Dennis is Gordon’s colleague and silent admirer he is in love ith Gordon but he has never had the courage to admit it; another thing that stop Dennis other than Gordon’s obvious infatuation with Ben is that Gordon professes to not believe in love he is one of the Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay a group that claims real love is only a fairy tale And instead Dennis even if older than Gordon at 42 years old has not yet given up to the idea of finding Mr Right even if unfortunately for him he has the strong feeling that Gordon is his owm Mr Right This is only a short story but I really liked the easiness and the sweet love story between Dennis and Gordon; maybe it’s not a starry eyed love maybe Dennis and Gordon are you average guy than a romance hero but they are so good together that I was really cheering for Dennis against Ben in this case I was against the idea that your first love is your true love the initially theory that is at the basis of this series that to be happy you need to go back to the ONE you first loved in this case is not true and Dennis was for sure the right man for Gordon even if he arrived later in his life

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Claire has been writing for nearly two decades and has published over 70 novels She writes BDSM romance and abduction tales spanning both mf and mm genres She has received numerous awards for her bestselling work including the NLA Int’l Pauline Réage Award and the Golden Flogger Award for best BDSM fiction Her darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes d

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