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Getting medical tests performed on her to pay the rent staying up all night with her scarred and strange friends sharing beds with her boyfriend and whoever else comes along Ymo's is a world so infused with sex that it's become an identity Ymo is a woman That is until diagnosi.

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S with a life threatening illness leaves her no chance of survival except in the gender neutral body of a robot What follows is her struggle to stay human while existing as a sexless object Ymo's final role as guinea pig will be to answer the uestion What if people didn't dream. Magicalamity pig will be to answer the uestion What if Search for the White Moon people didn't dream.

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Fiction A toxic shock torrent of bad energy and beautiful language Colette Phair's 'Nightmare in Silicon' is recklessly brave and driven writing brimming with fluorescent style and startling ideas Here is a strong new voice that demands and deserves to be listened to Alan Moore.

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