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At twenty two years old Sydney is enjoying a great life She's in college working a steady job in love with her wonderful boyfriend Hunter and rooming with her best friend Tori But everything changes when she discovers that Hunter is cheating on her;and she's f. Once again Colleen Hoover has delivered an emotiona

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Ere's something about Sydney that Ridge can't ignore either They soon find themselves needing each other in ways than oneA passionate tale of friendship betrayal and romance Maybe Someday will immerse readers in Sydney's tumultuous world from the very first pa. I need someone who is willing to watch me brave th An Agreement Among Gentlemen other in ways than Multiplied by seven (By and By, oneA passionate tale Chocolate For A Womans Heart of friendship betrayal and romance Maybe Someday will immerse readers in Sydney's tumultuous world from the very first pa. I need someone who is willing to watch me brave th

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Orced to decide what her next move should beSoon Sydney finds herself captivated by her mysterious and attractive neighbor Ridge She can't take her eyes off him or stop listening to the passionate way he plays his guitar every evening out on his balcony And th. I am conducting what I'm shelving as a New Adult N An Agreement Among Gentlemen off him Multiplied by seven (By and By, or stop listening to the passionate way he plays his guitar every evening Chocolate For A Womans Heart out Shadrin on his balcony And th. I am conducting what I'm shelving as a New Adult N

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    Ridge should take some advice from Mr DeppI'll be honestthis book made me shed some tears tears of frustration I guess it all boils down to if you enjoy this type of plot And I personally hated it And now I want to burn the memory of ever reading this book from my brain Maybe I should give it some props since it made me feel albeit they were negative emotionsI should start off by saying that I hate love triangles With a passion So maybe I was already prejudiced going into this book If I hate love triangles that much then why in the world did I read this book? Well The simple answer is that I was curious And I curse that curiosity for making me pick up this book I read some glowing 5 star reviews about how this love triangle is all complex and heartbreaking and I decided I needed to try it out Usually when I don't like a book or stuff happens that I don't agree with I will just drop the book But with this book I just had to know how the author would resolve the love triangle from hellThis rant will just consist of the things I hated in this book Cause I didn't like anything1 There was nothing attractive to me about Ridge From his name to his actions He was a sleaze It was totally okay that he fell for two girls and was cheating on basically both of them NOT The book makes it seem okay but it's fucking not He was emotionally cheating on his girlfriend long before he actually kissed Sydney Did you catch that? He kissed Sydney and didn't even have the balls to tell his girlfriend Maggie what he did He just pretends everything is okay WTF Not okay man2 I hated Sydney too There were SO many things I wish she had done differently One I wish she had dated another guy and shoved that relationship down Ridge's throat like he did with Maggie Then she cried so fucking much Boo hoo cry me a river bitch Then I hated the fact that she just got cheated on and then went on and did that to another girl Like WTF? Who does that?3 I hated watching Ridge with Maggie Because I know they're not gonna end up together why am I being subjected to reading about them? It just cheapens the real romance in my opinion Because at the end when Ridge came to Sydney's apartment and was kissing her all I could think of was him kissing Maggie and professing his love to her and begging her to take him back And that night he even said in his letter that he would go back to her if she asked?? WHAT?? Although he did try to smooth that over by saying that's not what his heart wants Fuck your heart Ridge And I don't want to read about him kissing hugging and fucking Maggie 4 I hated all the shame and guilt they harbored He honestly didn't deserve both of them I wanted Sydney to leave his ass and end up with someone who chooses her and makes her his first and only choice If Ridge had loved Maggie so much he would never have fallen for another girl And it was just so frustrating to read5 They didn't even have any personal goals All Sydney thought about was how much she wants Ridge and how much she should not want Ridge All Ridge thought about was how innocent he is and is doing nothing wrong but why does he still feel guilty?6 The biggest thing that bothered me was that Ridge didn't choose Sydney Maggie made that decision for him And that is why I ended up hating this book I've read love triangles before and ended up not hating them with a passion because in those the character who has the choice between two others chooses one Ridge would have never ever in a million years realized that he is better suited with Sydney I suppose we were supposed to applaud his sense of honor or whatever that was guilthero complex that made him stay with Maggie I wanted Ridge to choose Sydney No external forces just him and his heart But no we did not get that In the end all Sydney ended up being was second best And even though I didn't like her character she still deserves someone who will make her his first choice And how can she be with someone who she knows is a cheater? She just left one cheater for another7 The ending wasn't even satisfying When a couple gets together in the end there should be no doubt in my mind that they are meant to be and will last beyond the last page But I still uestion Ridge's love Does he really love her? Or Maggie ? Even though he said otherwise I don't believe him And I can't stop feeling that Sydney deserves Fuck this shit Love is not a triangle

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    Once again Colleen Hoover has delivered an emotionally charged masterpiece that will capture your heart Maybe Someday is not your typical romance but I promise you it is one of the most deeply passionate and uniuely beautiful books I have ever readPure perfection 5 stars “I never realized how powerful desire could be It consumes every part of you enhancing your senses by a million When you’re in the moment all you can do is focus on the person in front of you” Maybe Someday was utterly uniue and refreshingly original I honestly do not have a single other book to compare it to nor have I ever read a plot line even similar to this one Everything from the way the characters met to the twists and reveals all took me by surprise and kept me guessing the whole way throughColleen Hoover's writing has this beautifully gripping compelling uality to it that draws you right into the lives of her characters From the first few lines I was fully immersed in this story and stayed connected until the very last wordRidge was the kind of guy who everyone will fall in love with a gorgeous sweet talented musician with a heart of gold and who was also hiding a big secret Everything about him made me either swoon or meltSydney was one of those heroines who I just immediately liked She was kind endearing and earned my respect than once with the way she handled the situations she was put inI truly loved everything about this book and about their romance the texting the flirting the slow but powerful build of their connection the music the song writing the heart ache and also the pranks The strong emotional undercurrent that ran throughout the entire book was so intense that you could just  feel it in every single sceneThere were moments that made my laugh so hard that I had to stop reading until I could recover and moments that broke my heart so completely that I just sat there with tears streaming down my faceThe way Ridge and Sydney connected through their music was hypnotic beautiful and downright hot They each had something that the other needed and pretty soon the lines between making music and falling in love began to blurThere was also an incredibly awesome feature worked into the book where real listenable songs that had been written and recorded specifically for this book were integrated throughout the story in such a way where you would be prompted to listen to them at the exact right time And holy wow were they just out of this world incredible For me the most special part of all was being able to listen to the song after watching them create it from scratch together It was truly just a magical experienceThe story is also told in alternating POVs so the reader really gets to see all the different sides of the story and is really able to connect to each character individuallyNow here's the thing that you can't really tell from the blurb of the book this is actually a forbidden romance but just so not in the typical way If you want to go into this book entirely blind then just stop reading here All you need to know is that this book is absolutely incredible beautiful and uniue It's truly a must readBut if you want a little idea of what to expect from the story then read on I don't reveal any major twists and I don't tell you how the story ends but because of the complexity of the situation I felt the need to talk a little about how it made me feelHere goesI'm just going to lay it right out there's a love triangle But this is not your average love triangle Just like the rest of the book this one is completely different and uniue and despite the fact that as a reader I'm not usually fond of triangles I absolutely adored the way this one was writtenWe actually found out very early on in the story that Ridge had a girlfriend Maggie and it was abundantly clear that she wasn't just a random girl he was semi attached to No this was a girl who he was completely and totally til the day I die in love with She was kind sweet loving and honestly just a beautiful character both inside and out But when Ridge and Sydney met they too had an undeniable soul deep connection Now before you ask this is also not a cheating book either Ridge loved Maggie and would never want to hurt her and Sydney had just come out of a relationship where she was betrayed by her boyfriend so in no way would she ever want to put another girl in the situation she was in But despite their best intentions that connection between her and Ridge grew stronger and stronger even though they both fought it with everything they had Having her so close feels as though we’ve created our own personal space and nothing from outside our world can make its way in and nothing from inside our world can make its way out Emotionally my heart was all over the place I genuinely did not know what to feel I was so conflicted because there was no right or wrong here No good guy or bad guy I knew that this was Ridge and Sydney's story so my heart was rooting for them but I couldn't help but wonder what if this had been Ridge and Maggie's story? Because in that case Sydney would have been the bad guy for representing a threat to their relationship I mean as much as I hated to admit it didn't Maggie deserve to be with Ridge just as much as Sydney? And it didn't help that both Sydney and Maggie were such wonderfully sweet people and neither of them had any flaws that made it easy to justify disliking them for any reason Hey Heart  Are you listening?  You and I are officially at war This is not a book where you can hate anyone You can't be annoyed with anyone you can't fault anyone and there is no one to blame There's nothing that makes you feel better about or justifies what you're feeling I didn't want anyone to get hurt and I couldn't pick a side It just hurt But I had no idea who I was hurting for The best answer would be everyone  Nothing in my life has ever felt so good yet hurt so achingly bad There were no 'teams' No black white or even grey zones There were just people And feelings Strong powerful all consuming feelings And choices Impossibly painful heart wrenching choices and still no right answer But honestly the fact that this book was able to mess with my emotions so strongly was one of the things I  loved  most about it God I hate feelings Or I hate my conscience The two are constantly at war and I'm not sure which one I'd rather turn off The thing is you can't help who you fall in love with No matter what the brain insists on at the end of the day the heart calls the shots and no matter how much we try and fight it or deny it it's the one thing that can't be covered upI loved that the author had the guts to write a story where there was no bad guy because it meant that there was no easy way to justify your feeling and with the way it was written I truly felt each character's conflict as though it were my own Especially Ridge I swear I spent half the book just wishing I could hug himThis was one of those rare books where I never once not even for a single moment was angry or annoyed with anyone Not to say that I wasn't conflicted about their actions because holy hell was I ever torn and utterly unsure of everything I was feeling but at the same time every single thing that happened was understandable I was rooting for everyone's happiness and I loved that I was never not even in the end made to hate anyoneThe ending was really just brilliantly laid out and incredibly well paced leaving me with the most wonderful feeling knowing that every single part of the story had been wrapped upThis book kept me up reading til 430AM I couldn't put it down couldn't glance away from the page and as desperate as I was to find out what was going to happen I just didn't want it to endIt was fresh uniue and unpredictable I felt fully connected to each of the characters and I honestly don't have a single complaint to make This book is perfect Truly perfectI can't recommend it highly enough Read this book Live it Love it Allow it to take over your heart It's an unforgettable journey that every reader should take5 starsThis is a standalone novelRelease date March 18 2014Also on a side note I really strongly visualized every single thing in my head as I was reading Every scene every character every location is crystal clear in my mind so I'm going to pray to the movie gods that this story ends up on the big screen because it would make one helluva movie D Please note that all uotes were taken from an advance copy of the book and are subject to change before publication For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

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    5 out of the box stars Maybe Someday I'll come across a Colleen Hoover book that doesn't knock my socks off and push me to scope out life from a profound perspective But I highly doubt it So shots all around for another CoHo favoriteThe power of pine sol babyWhat I love most about Colleen Hoover books in conjunction with her beautifully mapped out stories is the fact that none of them are the same They're all so richly uniue to one another and each one becomes something I've honestly never read before This book was no exception Or maybe it was THE exception Because it became the ultimate reading experience It had everything — and I do mean everything — that allows me to fully connect with a story to the point where I'm breathing in its words And by the end I was utterly breathless Our heroine Sydney — a creative and loving girl with an adorably dainty violent streak — has been betrayed and is left to pick up the scattered pieces of her now lonely life Enter our hero Ridge a musically inclined selfless compassionate sexy and well I just dare you to not fall in love with him and we'll leave it at that Sounds like the groundwork for a typical new adult love story right? Well I can assure you it is NOTIn this case I cannot give away plot details because not knowing is a vital part of the experience but I will say that this story incorporates a topic uniue to anything I've read and definitely places a heartwarming spin on the plot Best part is I never saw it comingSo here are some gentle details The plot really narrows in on the connection between its characters; a connection formed through the medium of music There are moments that will make you laugh and there are moments that will break your heart However its unpredictable twists will only make you that much invested in the story The romance is slow building and as intense as it is complicated The story is delivered through alternating dual perspectives so we really get a solid feel for the journey of both characters There's plenty of sexual tension to go around but not offered to the point of frustration Everything is delivered in the perfect dose and this book really persuades you to open your heart and your mind as a readerTo except what you typically wouldn'tTo understand what you normally couldn't To see things from a new unbiased perspective To leave all judgment at the door while stepping into this book because you WILL be granted a view to both sides of the coin There is no wrong or right way to fall in love it just happens And sometimes certain obligations take precedence over that lovewhich makes the person who denies himself selfless not selfish I'm not giving away the story here but if you only desire only a happy story that leads seamlessly into a perfect relationship consider looking elsewhere for your next read Although this review has been intentionally vague I can almost guarantee that you'll fall hard for this incredible cast of characters and that this book will stay with you long after reading It does everything BUT disappoint and if you give this amazing story a chance you'll see why However if you want some in depth plot details that I promise will remain major spoiler free click here view spoilerThere is a love triangle but it's not your average one by far The level of angst isn't magnified and there are no bad intentions There is no one person who is mean whom you wouldn't mind having out of the picture Simply said we tend to root for everyone in this story But in different ways The love triangle is at times heartbreaking but also beautifuland with reason To repeat myself it does not DISAPPOINT ;; hide spoiler

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    I am conducting what I'm shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I'm going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here's hopingYou know I promised myself something before starting this book either I would decide it wasn't for me and DNF it without a review or I would be pleasantly surprised and continue to the end and write a glowing oh my I can't believe it positive review Neither actually happened I finished this book and I enjoyed parts of it I hated others I only picked the arc up out of curiosity because as much as I disliked both the author's other books there was a HUGE improvement in the writing between Slammed and Hopeless In fact I even mentioned in my review of the latter that it was almost a good book What stopped it from being a good book was the glorifying of control freaks and stalker ish behaviour I felt a similar way about Maybe Someday It was almost a good book and it was definitely better than the other two I've read I'm starting to think that if this pattern persists Hoover might actually write a book I love in about five years time There's a reason I managed to read every single page of this with ease and it's the same reason I made it through Hopeless the author writes in an addictive engaging style Some people just manage to pull this off and make it seem effortless It's so easy so palatable that you manage to finish it without realising where all the pages went Hoover definitely deserves credit for that if nothing else I think I keep returning to this author because I know she writes so well The main things I liked Apart from what I mentioned above about the author's addictive easy to read style I also liked the guy in this a lot than in Hoover's previous works Dean Holder from Hopeless managed to freak me out and piss me off simultaneously He was a tall gorgeous message to teen girls that stalkery predatory behaviour is absolutely fine when the person doing it is hot I mean how much stupid is in this uote My instinct is telling me to run and scream but my body wants to wrap itself around his glistening sweaty arms But Ridge isn't like that He's sweet he's a musician he's completely free of Douchebag Syndrome Oh and he's also deaf Personally I thought this was an interesting and original touch that was explored well and sensitively Very few hearing impaired protagonists exist never mind sexy love interests and I really liked this uniue view of a relationship where one person is unable to hear the other They communicate a lot via text and facebook which was also different Where did it all go wrong? The same place it always seems to go wrong in the New Adult genre the way every woman but the MC is portrayed I admit that I almost DNF'd this book after the prologue because Sydney the MC calls another girl a whore on page one and then a few pages later has an encounter with a bitchy girl who surprise is wearing a Hooters uniform I don't know why she's complaining about getting wet when there isn't much clothing to get wet She's wearing next to nothing I glance at her shirt which is missing its entire bottom half and realize she's in a Hooters outfit Could this day get any weirder? I'm sitting on almost everything I own in a torrential downpour being bossed around by a bitchy Hooters waitress But unfortunately it doesn't stop there I'm starting to wonder if this whole slut shaming thing in NA is a group conspiracy It seems to be a defining feature of the genre Once again every woman is Sydney's enemy and they are all whores or sluts who are unfavorably compared to our good girl MC The book is saturated with language that either openly shames other women or snidely implies it Like for example calling Tori Barbie a word which is meant to emphasise the difference between the sexualized depiction of Tori and Sydney's good and pure behaviour At one point Sydney even doubts that Bridgette Hooters girl has it in her to love anyone There is often a direct connection in these kind of books between being evil or bitchy and sleeping around I feel like I'm being hit in the face with Sunday schoolYou will probably like this book if You liked the author's other books You tend to like NA contemporary romance You are not pissed off by 1950s style portrayals of women

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    maybe someday i will finally get over how much this story ruined me but today is not that day this is my fifth CoHo book and she is 55 on making me ugly cry ugh every single time her stories and words make me uncontrollably weep with every emotion i had no idea i was capable of feeling goodness this woman what amazes me is how uniue and different each of her books are romance books can feel a little formulaic to me but i never know what im going to get each time i open a new CoHo book except for it ending with me ugly crying thats a guarantee this story in particular really got me because it very gently crossed some lines that i never thought i would understand let alone condone but i truly felt for these characters my heart was eager to back them up and support their actions because i understood everything little thing they did and felt and wanted and hated and needed by the end my heart was just as deeply in love as they were this book has the power turn even the most cold heartedly independent person such as myself into a silly puddle of lovey mush and who knows maybe someday i will even find a ridge of my own ;↠ 5 stars

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    5 Someday stars Maybe not right now Maybe not tomorrow But maybe someday Colleen Hoover is one of those authors that never disappoints I don’t think she has it in her to write anything other than perfection I loved every chapter every page every word of Maybe Someday Sydney and Ridge’s story was so different so original and due to the nature of the story it’s going to be hard to review I’m going to hide all my spoilers and I would highly recommend NOT reading any of them unless you’ve read the book Go into it without knowing what it’s all about it will make the story that much powerful Sydney just caught her boyfriend of two years cheating on her With her best friend She doesn’t know what to do or where to turn and ends up on her neighbor Ridge’s doorstep There is something about Ridge that draws Sydney to him She’s not in a place in her life to jump straight into another relationship but it’s no secret she’s attracted to him Ridge doesn’t know Sydney well He see’s her sometimes on her balcony listening to him play guitar He’s just an all around good guy and wants to help her out She becomes the fourth roommate in a uniuely crazy trio until she can get back on her feet Sydney and Ridge spend time together and connect over music She is a muse to Ridge inspires him to play and helps him with lyrics They work well together They are determined to keep it platonic let it just be about the music but it’s not easy to fight this powerful attraction I’m convinced that people come across others in life whose souls are completely compatible with their own Some refer to them as soul mates Some refer to it as true love Some people believe their souls are compatible with than one person and I’m beginning to understand how true that might be As their relationshipfriendship develops I found myself conflicted than I ever have while reading here is the part of the review to read ONLY if you’ve read the book view spoiler There is an unusual love triangle here I say unusual because you LOVE all three people in it Who do you root for? Everyone is trying so hard to do the right thing but you can’t fight feelings that intense There were parts that broke my heart Ridge’s devotion for Maggie I will never ever leave her I love her I’ve loved her since the moment I met her and I’ll love her until the moment I dieHow much he fought his feelings for Sydney Despite how hard we tried to fight it all those things happened between us because our feelings for each other are becoming so much stronger than our desire Desire is easy to fight Especially when the only weapon desire possesses is attraction It’s not so easy when you’re trying to win a war against the heart ‘It shouldn’t be possible for the heart to love than one person at once’And Sydney’s part in all this ‘Hey heart Are you listening? You and I are officially at war’
I loved how Sydney or Ridge never wanted to sneak around and be the cheaters Sydney liked and respected Maggie and never wanted to go there She also never pushed Ridge to break up with her It’s hard to talk about their situation But by the end I was left in happy tears I don’t know HOW she pulled it off but the ending worked itself out in the best possible way “I need you to hear this I will never regret you” hide spoiler

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    Sydney did go through all of these emotional states because of RidgeI’m not saying that it’s a bad thingbut there sure was a lot of drama in this story I didn’t see much of the exterior world or even the music industry It almost felt like Ridge being apart of a music group was not even the reality since not much actually proved it except for him playing guitar writing songs and sharing some related info with his brother who was in of the group as wellRidge is a good guy really He’s loving caring thoughtfulbut also acting in a contradictory way now and then which is not necessarily a problem but the moments he chose to act that way were infuriatingBasically I did not like the love triangle and that’s not because I don’t like love triangles in general No I found this one heartbreaking and not in the good sense Also I didn’t appreciate how the author made us love Maggie Ridge’s girlfriend and make us see how they both care for each other especially Ridge when we all know that having Sydney coming into his life after her boyfriend cheated on her and needed a place to stay was not going to do good in that relationshipI can’t deny that Sydney and Ridge have a beautiful chemistry because they do have one A wonderful wonderful one But so do Ridge and Maggie Putting the love triangle element aside I must admit that the romance was cute and adorable Plus very realistic I really felt how much Sydney and Ridge care for each other and that what they have is rare Still I was always a little unsure of if I should really agree with them connecting so much since it felt unfair to MaggieThe writing was very pretty and a little fast paced than Hopeless which was very slow even though I did like it better Though I’m not going to compare Maybe Someday to Hopeless since that would be crazy; they’re both such different stories There weren’t many side characters really present in the plot and I to be honest wanted to meet Sydney’s parents because she mentioned them two or three times and I was curious to witness what kind of relationship they really share and see how they interact with one anotherI loved the song lyricsThey’re different from song lyrics I listen to normally And the fact Sydney has such a natural talent in writing them was incredible She was born with this giftI do recommend it for readers who look for a romance filled New Adult story an emotional one and for those who think that this kind of love triangle won’t bother them at all

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    I need someone who is willing to watch me brave the ocean and then dare me not to drown First off December has been the month for good reads Everything has been so good Second I've been on a total Colleen Hoover kick Third I think going into a book completely blank and with the smallest amount of information about the novel is the way to go I picked up Maybe Someday only knowing that it was a story about a girl who falls in love with her musician neighbors and I assumed they hit it off This book was so surprising The story and the characters were SO far off from what I thought All were such a pleasant surprise Sydney and Ridge’s story was so different and so original It’s going to be so hard to review this book due to the fact that something right away was such a surprise I'm going to give NO hint too what it is regarding because not knowing and the fact that others kept it such a secret really made this story amazing This book seriously starts off with face punch Literally Sydney catches her boyfriend of two years cheating on her With her best friendroommate When her neighbor broke the news to her about her friends romance she ends up staying with him and hes roommates The two bond over music and instantly become very close She becomes a muse to Ridge and helps break his writers block From there a friendship starts to become than that They however try so hard to keep it platonic because Sydney clearly just got out of a tough relationship and because Ridge has been in one of his own for years This is the thing about Maybe Someday that I loved It was all about building a friendship then turning into a relationship It's so hard to say it wasn't a typical relationship because it's not but at the same time it is The characters are both so well written I love stories where either the girl is super sassy andor the guy is kind of a jerk turned nice guy Neither of them are these things and I thought I was going to hate that NOPE They are nice compassionate natural people Colleen Hoover is the ueen Bee of building up stories sprinkling it with little surprises then when she thinks you're not looking she reaches into your chest cavity and pulls out your heart

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    Maybe someday I'll forget that I read a sorry piece of literature where the writer tried to poetise cheating but today I'm so pissed that I'm gonna rant to my heart's content Ms Mary Sue Sydney can't decide if she should feel guilty about carrying on with Ridge while he's in a relationship with someone else or revel in her new found love Inspite of repeatedly dissing her bestfriend for sleeping with her ex Hypocrite much? Ridge can't decide if he should stay with his girlfriend of 5 years or take up with a girl he met weeks ago Apparently both of them are two halves of his pathetic heart This guy is the very definition of fickleI can't decide who I hated in this fucked up love triangle Maggie was wise bless her to dump Ridge's sorry ass when she came to know of his unintentional cheating And Sydney was only happy to take him back even though she knew she wasn't his first choice These two deserved each other what with both of them being cut from the same shitty cloth and all Also Warren singing extremely different tunes to Sydney was getting on my nerves What exactly did she do to inspire his instant loyalty?And that sappy ending made me cringe UghI hated the book with everything in me I despised the poorly written cardboard characters the cloying bullshit songs and weaker than sydney's will promises the insipid romance and the two timing asshole protagonistWhy doesn't Goodreads have a 0 star rating? Just why??

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    Really enjoyed this one as I do with every Hoover book Here's my full reviewbooktalk

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