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  • Paperback
  • 98
  • Trashland A Go Go
  • Constance Ann Fitzgerald
  • English
  • 04 August 2017
  • 9781621050025

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Trashland A Go Go

Constance Ann Fitzgerald Ù 5 review

Alice in Wonderland with garbage and a dead stripper Coco takes off her clothes for a living until some nasty little bitch kills her while she's dancing Thrown in the dumpster by her sleazebag boss Coco awakens i. After a pole dance goes horribly wrong Coco Darling is tossed into the garbage and wakes up in a land of garbage Can she find her way home without running afoul of ueenYeah I may have unearthed the gem of the 2011 2012 New Bizarro Author seriesIf the Wizard of Oz starred a stripper and took place in a land of garbage it would be very much like Trashland A Go Go Coco is a strong leading lady not waiting for some guy to come along and save her She's also tough as hell Could you dig your way out of a room that has walls made of dirty diapers Yeah me eitherCoco's journey is full of funny moments as well as disgusting ones Imagine a woman walking across a trash filled landscape wearing an ugly bridesmaid dress and interacting with her talking fly sidekick The villains are vile the trash world is utilized to its full potential and there are parts of the book that will make you want to laugh or puke or both at the same time That's pretty much all I can say without giving away too muchTrashland A Go Go is one of those first books that you're astonished is someone's first book The writing is polished the pace is great and there aren't any missteps It's also pretty accessible for a Bizarro book If you're looking to give the Bizarro genre a shot you can do a hell of a lot worse than Trashland A Go Go

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N a land of trash With her new friend Rudy a dying fly and her knight in garbage armor the undead dancer tries to find her way home But first she must escape from the evil ueen of this trashscape a jealous and in. Spoiler AlertI for some odd reason read this book and watched the movie “Sucker Punch” in the same week Both are very “girl power” and depict men as creepy slimy rapistsThat being said the aforementioned rape is what I didn’t like about the book I just have a hard time reading about rape However it is brief undetailed and gracefully done So I didn’t deduct any stars I felt it necessary to comment on as so often it is inserted into a story unnecessarily and for shock value This is not the case here Other then that LOVED the book Very well written the world it’s set in is very original and creative as with most bizarro books But most of all the main character is very loveable and much like the girls of “Sucker Punch” displays random acts of girl power that makes you go “Ya Bish Kick his ass” inside your head A must read for girls and creepy dudes alike

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Sane Ruler of Refuse who has an intense fear of flies With hints of The Matrix and The Whiz this heady trip will satisfy your cravings for twisted fairy tales rotting garbage and charming weirdos Long live the ue. 35 stars