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  • Paperback
  • 524
  • The Labyrinth of Flame
  • Courtney Schafer
  • English
  • 09 February 2017
  • 9780990789901

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The Labyrinth of Flame

Courtney Schafer µ 6 Review

Is planning a brutal revenge one that will raze an entire country to blood and ashes Kiran is the key to stopping Ruslan; yet Kiran is dying by inches victim of the Alathian Council's attempt to chain him Worse yet Dev and Kiran have drawn the attention of demons from the darkest of ancient legends Demon Labyrinth of Flame is almost double the size of the two previous books but none of that is extra fluff The tension keeps ramping up and the stakes on both personal and world levels fitting have as well Of the three settings the mountains and forests of Whitefire Crossing and Ninavel in Tainted City I loved the desert in this book book the most All are exceptionally well described and feel very real as you might expect from an author who spends so much time outdoors but the lure of the desert is strong for me and there's something about having the additional character vs environment conflict along with the standard in fantasy character vs antagonist conflict that I deeply appreciate All of the new characters we meet in this book are excellent and they contributed to the story in sometimes very surprising ways which I definitely liked This also has one of my favorite endings ever The entire series is a joy

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Dev's never been a man afraid of a challenge Not only has he kept his vow to his dead mentor rescuing a child in the face of impossible odds but he's freed his mage friend Kiran from both the sadistic master who seeks to enslave him and the foreign Council that wants to kill himBut Kiran's master Ruslan Demon's MawGreat ending to this wonderful adventure fantasy trilogy Since it’s the last book it is really difficult to say anything about the plot without major spoilers Suffice to say if you take all the action adventure mystery sense of danger and magic from the previous books – crank up the suspense the pace the intensity and level of threat – this is what you get Highly recommended Veiled TempleMy only minor grumble is that some of the beautiful friendships that formed through this series I would have preferred to remain friendships without any romantic undercurrents That said there is very little romance in this series and it doesn’t affect the plot so don’t let it discourage youThe PortalThe imagery in this last book is incredible and I couldn’t resist the temptation to find fitting pictures to some of the places and characters I hope it will make up for the lack of reflection on the plot Enjoy The Hunters Ssarez kai

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S whose power Dev knows is all too real and that he has every reason to fear A fear that grows as he and Kiran struggle to outmaneuver Ruslan and uncover the secrets locked in Kiran's forgotten childhood For the demons are playing their own deadly game and the price of survival may be too terrible to bea I just pledged to the kickstarter and you should too After problems with Night Shade Books the whole kerfluffle with the buy out and all that Courtney Schafer decided to self publish the final book in the trilogy This is a great series I highly recommended and we have the chance to help make it happen Please consider pledging Do it for me if not for Courtney I need an endingLink to Kickstarter

About the Author: Courtney Schafer

A voracious reader Courtney Schafer took up writing when she found that fantasy books weren't published fast enough to satisfy her craving for new worlds full of magic and wonder When not writing Courtney figure skates climbs mountains sueezes through desert slot canyons and skis way too fast through trees To support her adrenaline fueled hobbies and writing habit she received a degree in