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When Worlds Collide

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Mmitted to a three fold purpose Help every Christian become a watchman on the wall in order to recognize the ways in which the enemy attempts to infiltrate and gain deeper footholds within individual lives and the local church Provide a deeper understanding of the rights and authority Christians have over the world of evil and the evil one Illuminate what the Bible reveals about living in divine health as t.

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He temple of Holy Spirit in order to grow in grace and live in peace Fulfilling the Great Commission reuires preaching the Good News healing the sick and bringing deliverance to those who are broken by heartache and tragedy Waging effective spiritual warfare is about recognizing open doors and potential enemy strongholds then declaring the truth of the Scriptures in order to live in freedom and divine healt.

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The Christian walk is an ongoing battle in a war of two colliding worlds There are battles being fought daily on a spiritual plane against an enemy of pure evil Supernatural terrorist insurgents are cunning and devious in their assaults against the righteous by influencing their minds their thoughts their actions their beliefs and their health The intent of this book is not to focus on evil Instead it is co.

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