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No School Today?

review No School Today?

No school today Homeschooling How does that work Are you a teacher When do you teach themEnter the world of Jess Spinner homeschooling mom as she leads her family through everyday learning adventures Her li

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Fe isn't black and white Sometimes things go smoothly sometimes the day gets away from her but she takes it all one day at a timeTen years ago Cristina started drawing her cartoon counterpart Then she struc

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K her handful of strips in a drawer Eventually they escaped found friends in the homeschooling blog community and multiplied Now for the first time the first two hundred comics are available in one collecti

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    A couple of years ago I was searching the Internet to find comics about homeschooling and I was not finding much but doing an image search I discovered a delightful but virtually unknown comic strip artist Cristina Ramos Payne She not only devoted her talents to portraying the lighter side of the homeschooling lifestyle but had a blog Home Spun Juggling where her comics could be viewed by the publicNow the really interesting thing is that Cristina does not just juggle her life at home but she really does juggle Since I have found this delightful woman I have spent hours giggling through her older posts as well as waiting in anticipation for her latest rendering of homeschool humor I have even featured a few posts on her work with links back to her website in the pastI highly recommend No School Today? A Home Spun Comic Strip Collection to all homeschooling parents First of all any homeschooling parent would get it and probably has lived through it Second true to the backbone spirit of homeschooling Cristina published the book herself Third it is only 10 for about 200 comic strips in a book that you can take anywhere even where computers cannot go and she has some in the book that had never been published on her blogNow if I could just get my copy back from my daughter I could use a laugh today how about you?

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    Fabulously funny A must for homeschoolers

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