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Tiopa Ki Lakota

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Rust into a terrifying and foreign culture where she must learn to survive The sacred white buffalo brings Anpo and Kathleen together As their relationship develops Anpo wonders Can she change her destiny or is she fated to wound the woman she lov. It's so hard to f

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Wi Ile Anpo is a girl born to Lakota warrior Wanbli Zi But the tribal shaman has a vision that Anpo is wicakte a two souled person embodying both male and female spirits She will become a great warrior and a great asset to her people During a visi. As a lesbian and


On uest Anpo finds that her life will be intertwined with the lives of a sacred white buffalo and a pale skinned woman with yellow hair yet both will be wounded by her actions Kathleen McGlashan Stevens has been captured by renegade Indians and th. This was sooo goo

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