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Ng with his Neighbor friend Yuma he’ll do whatever it takes to defend life on Earth as we know itBorder headuarters wants Yuma’s powerful Black Trigger and they want it desperately enough to send their top three suads to steal it The. Really disappoint


Destroy thy Neighbor A gate to another dimension has burst open and invincible monsters called Neighbors invade Earth Osamu Mikumo may not be the best among the elite warriors who co opt other dimensional technology to fight back but alo. 100 million stars

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Tamakoma branch is one step ahead having already safeguarded Yuma Osamu and Chika by recruiting them to their group of eccentric and talented agents And Jin’s precognition powers put him two steps ahead he ambushes the thieves en rout. This was a pretty

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    100 million stars 😍RTC

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    I'm really starting to love this story

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    This one kind of won me over with the background stuff and the inclusion of a capybara

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    Really disappointing Characters are obnoxious than I remember and the plot is getting convoluted Sub par

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    This series is getting better I can confidently say that now A goal has been introduced the conflict between the Border factions has intensified and fun characters have been introduced which heightens the suad interactions There are two problems hat have with the series so far though and both are completely subjective the main character Mikumo isn't interesting and the art style work is bland With the former he's only interesting when he's interacting with others but when he's alone he's pretty average I would be interested to see how he grows but his character is simply uninteresting In terms of the art style maybe I'm biased because I'm used to art from series like Magi the Labyrinth of Magic Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba and My Hero Academia but in terms of art this series is easily one of the weakest The character designs aren't bad but they lack emotion most of the time The expressions the characters make are pretty standard as well and don't add anything to the scene which is disappointing considering expressiveness is what makes manga so much fun to readAm I going to continue the series? I'm honestly not sure I'm interested to see where it goes but my library system only has the first 3 volumes so I'd have to buy the rest I'll have to think about it for now but I am glad that I pushed through to see where the series is going Even if I don't continue with the series I still recommend picking this up It's fun light and a good sci fi shounen series if that's what you're looking for

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    Time for a background info dump 1 We get a look see at the command hierarchy and political factions within Border And Jin gets to be really cool2 We get a rundown of the soldier ranking system of Border and how it works3 We find out Yuma's goal and tragic backstory Including his awesome side effectNow it's time to form a team and join the army We'll work our way up from the bottom and get promoted to go on missions to the Neighborhood except the guys in charge still don't like having a Neighbor join Border especially one with a black trigger so we're in for some interdepartmental suabblingNeedless to say we get introduced to a bunch of new characters Hope you're taking notes

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    This was a pretty good vaolume and it fills in a lot of confusing details Great story so far and looking to continue it

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    Review by DH I liked how they introduced a new character that made a change to the whole plot in general My dad and my sister would like this

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    Yuma Mikumo and Amatori have joined the Tamakoma branch of Border and their hope is to rise to the level of S Rank so that they can be chosen for a mission to the Neighbor home world We learn that Yuma as well as Jin possess Black Triggers the strongest of all triggers and Border wants to take Yuma's trigger from him But Black triggers are made when someone sacrifices their life for you so transferring of Black Triggers is nearly impossible Yuma and Jin both tell the story of who sacrificed for their black triggers for Jin it was his mentor

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    More reviews and no fluff on the blog World Trigger continues to surprise and impress a great blend of sci fi battles interesting characters and twisty turning politics The art is solid and I really appreciate all the background inforeminders put into the drawings and dialogue so readers don't get lost Honestly every chapters makes me want to rush right into the next to see what is going to happen nextStory Mikumo Chika and Yuma are at an impass but they can't stand still Orders are given to Jin to apprehend the black trigger owned by Yuma but he's playing his own game thanks to his precog ability He'll make an offer to the trio that they can't refuse but in doing so he'll upset the balance of power in the border agencies Certain parties have a vested interested in making sure Yuma's black trigger doesn't end up at TamakomaWe get a lot information about Yuma the neighbor in this volume I have to say I'm impressed that it is Jin not Yuma who will end up having the mysteries and the secrets But what stands apart for me is the great cast of characters with the trio of Chika Yuma and Mikumo but also all the people in the different border suads Instead of a lot of stupidity the author is willing to give his characters intelligence and logic in their actions So it isn't about an idiot kid flying off the handle and getting lucky like so many titles of this type It's really about the team and their diverse talentsThe art is solid and battle scenes are as well rendered as emotive ones This volume doesn't have any battles with the neighbors but there is still plenty of action as well as the introspection And well I have to laugh every time I see Yuma's pursed lipsThis is definitely one of my favorite titles Viz has put out this year and I eagerly await each new volumeReviewed from an ARC

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