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Receiver Leslie must use experience intuition and love to talk her young caller through his ordeal The hushed conversations lead to a shared intimacy which forces Leslie to take a closer look at the boy's domestic situation which makes her peer unwillingly into the darkened corners of her own life and state of mind As the intruders get clos This was a fast

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Leslie Calloway is a twenty eight year old volunteer at a 1 800 line designed as a call center for children whose parents are out of the house One snowy New England night she receives a panicked phone call from a young boy named Justin He says There's a man in my house and Leslie is the only person who can save him Armed with only a handheld After reading t Men on the Edge eight year old volunteer at a 1 800 line designed as a call center for children whose parents are out of the house One snowy New England night she receives a panicked phone call from a young boy named Justin He says There's a man in my house and Leslie is the only person who can save him Armed with only a handheld After reading t

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Er to Justin and become all the threatening Leslie realizes that despite the frigid weather she must get the boy out of his house and to safety Danger soon takes an unexpected personal turn By then it's too late to turn back Leslie is part of Justin's life and she will stop at nothing to keep an innocent child safe from monsters of the night I found the plo

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    First and foremost let me just report to you a phenomenon I WON THIS BOOK I WON THIS BOOK I joined a giveaway for this book and the kind and awesome author picked me as one of the lucky winners of a physical copy of the book delivered right at my doorstep I’ve never had much luck in these things until now so really thank you so much Mr Dan KrzyzkowskiI won’t even attempt pronouncing your last name but thank you Now onto the review I joined the giveaway contest for the book for a reason and that’s mainly because the premise of the novel really caught my interest It promises of a thrilling suspenseful read and I did get what I was promised Once I started reading the book I couldn’t put it down In fact I read it in one sitting not only because it was a short read but also because it was fast paced and rather uniue It’s been so long since I’ve read a book where all the events take place in a single time setting Yes there is a prologue and epilogue but the very meat of the story takes place in a single time when on a stormy night on the year 1994 when technological access wasn’t as awesome as it is now seven year old Justin at his house calls Call A Friend hotline where Leslie a volunteer takes his call believing all she’ll have to do is cheer up a child on a lonely night It turns out Justin needs so much than cheering up because his house is being invaded GASPSThus like I told yah once you start reading the book there is never going back It doesn’t matter if your heart may fail to beat or that you may forget to breathe; you just have to read it through the end The author surely knows how to build suspense and how to fully grip the reader with his impeccable and imaginative writing style The only thing that kept me from giving it five stars is the excessive use of the term view spoiler Cyclopean eye Perhaps use third eye or Gray eye or Superman eye too Lol hide spoiler

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    After reading the Mara Dyer series and after watching the movie of one of my favorite actorsJohn Cusack's CELL I'd never thought I'd plunged into yetanother heart poundinggripping story But as I've started reading thisI am once again hooked from the first page 'til the lastbracing myself for the suspense that's sure to happen in this book which you can read less than 3 hoursThis is a story of a 28 year old female volunteer at a 1 800 linedesigned as a call center for children whose parents are out of the houseThis female operator is Leslie Calloway a mother to a 5 year old boy named Patrick One nightLeslie received a panicked phone call from a 7 yearl old boy named Justin telling her that there's a man in my house And this is where the tension beginsThis is the kind of book I also love reading because it's like you're watching a thriller movieAnd it kind of reminded me of Halle Berryone of my favorite actresses in her movie THE CALL Onlyit has a different story What I liked in this book is that it isn't just about who Leslie is trying to helpbut who she was in the pastand what she wasn't able to do And now that she's the only one who could save Justinshe's now a part of Justin's lifethey both feel the same thingextreme fearI want to congratulate the author Dan Krzyzkowskifor a job well doneas well as my sister Aj the Ravenous Reader for winning this book when she joined the giveaway contest for the book I'm so happy that she's the lucky winner because I got lucky tooI've just read it Somany thanks to the author and to my sister for letting me read this awesome book So lucky to have a fantastic sister^^

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    This is a uick and fun read It's fast; you can probably finish it in one sitting if you've got some time I had to work a full day and I still pretty much finished this almost in one dayI think probably my favorite part which is weird considering it's fast paced is that it takes place in 1994 No cellphones no internet no satellites with constant connection to the outside world A lonely boy is a lonely boy because he is stuck inside all day with nothing else to do He's bored of playing his Nintendo who gets bored of playing Nintendo? It was a change of scenery from contemporary works and isn't a decade that's generally chosen to write about At least not yet anywayI enjoyed the ending I liked the twist at the end though it seemed to come out of nowhere And importantly I liked that all of Leslie's decisions were actually explained She didn't make stupid decisions that had no basis anywhere which can be pretty usual with action or thriller books Serious kudos for that I have a friend who would most likely enjoy this so I'll spread the love and pass it on

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    I was engrossed in this book for the most part but the ending had a lot to be desired Super uick read you could probably read it in 2 hours but half of that is side story that may be interesting and yet has nothing to do with the main plot

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    Leslie Calloway’s life did not necessarily follow the path she had anticipated but all in all it was good She felt fortunate so she wanted to give back in some way Events in her past made volunteering at 1 800 FRIENDS a call center for children whose parents are out of the house a good fit It’s a call center set up in the basement of church with outdated phone systems a standing protocol not to call 911 there had been some crank call issues in the past and manned on a totally volunteer basis On one particular night with a major winter storm brewing outside Leslie wonders how she herself is going to get home to her son and to relieve the babysitter when the phone rings Seven year old Justin is on the line and he has just told Leslie that there is a man in his basementSo begins the hours long ordeal for Leslie on one end of the phone and Justin on the other Leslie does everything she knows how to do but eventually she decides protocol be damned and calls 911 the storm must have brought down the lines and no one answers with her heart pounding she realizes it’s just her and Justin and despite the storm she needs to get him out of that house As she is trying to save Justin the crisis takes an unexpectedly personal turn and her panic escalatesAt 164 pages this is not an exceptionally long book but it sure does pack a punch Told in Leslie’s first person narrative the reader finds themselves sitting right there in the room as she continuously tries to move Justin to a safer place The suspense is nerve tingling If you pick this book up make sure you set aside a block of time because you are going to want to read it from the first page to the last in one sitting I know I didThis story takes place in 1994 I did not think anything of that until it came to my attention that this was not just a choice by the author to maybe explain some of the “dated” phone euipment but due to the fact that this book was first published about ten years ago According to some other reviews he has revised the book tightened up the editing and added some sections possibly fleshing out Leslie’s personal side Whatever compelled this revision it worked I’d like to thank Mr Krzyzkowski for sending me a copy of this book at no charge in the hope that I would post an honest reviewI read library books previously gently loved books brand new books where no one has cracked the spine yet and I read on my ereader as well as my tablet so I don’t often speak to the physical attributes of the books I read However I want to add here that for a paperback edition this was a lovely book to hold and read The book has nice crisp white better than average uality paper with a clean font that made reading this page turner even enjoyableI am definitely going to check into Mr Krzyzkowski other book “One Lane Bridge”

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    This was a fast read It kept me at the edge of my seat and when I was interrupted and had to go about my day I felt bad leaving the characters hanging

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    The Caller is a TRUESuspense Story fromthe Start to the Finish4 Hand Clapping StarsListened with TTSCleanishFoul Language

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    I found the plot of this book pretty boring I didn't feel any tension or anxiety over Justin's predicament because the writing was so flat If it were an audio book I imagine it being read by a robot in monotone from a teleprompter It lacked the reuisite intensity I didn't care about Pat because I didn't get to know him or get a sense of his relationship with his mom He was an abstract a plot device only I was also hoping for a dark twist but I guess it was not that genre The one plus is that it was a short read breezed through it uickly

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    Lonely latching kid or scared 7 year old alone and with intruders in his houseLeslie volunteers at a center where kids can call if they are home alone and scared or just lonely As snow begins to fall her next call is a young boy left home alone while his parents had gone out His claim that intruders are in His house has Leslie on edge She talks him through to several hiding spots looking toward an eventual escape Will he find his way out before the bad men find him?

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    Gripping storylineOverall good book but ended rather abruptly A 7 yr old boy left home alone by his parents When he hears an intruder he calls a crisis hotline for children the operator attempts to keep him safe until help arrives amidst a snow storm The crisis hotline operator doesn't give up easily as she tries to keep the boy calm and safe until she can reach a 911 operator to summon help Heart pounding read

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