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    ASK HOW OLD THEY BELIEVE THEY'LL LIVE TO BE In relation to the end and looking back ask how they want to be viewed Have them do a self assessment in each area physically mentally financially relationship wise State back to them what they just said and ask so if you did all these things do you still believe you would die at that age or is there a new age where you believe and added to that number They will tell you a new number either 10 or 15 years later and then you repeat that in 15 minutes I just took you through an exercise that added 10 or 15 years to your lifeNow we have engrained a new belief This completely changes the Paradigm of how I view time now how I eat and work out now and that I have lots of time to get massive massive resultsThen ask with those extra years we got you how are you going to spend them? What will you do with them?Then link this to their self actualized person and ask when do they want to use that time? Do they want to use it at the end of their life or start using it now? How do you measure success so it is duplicable and can be achieved again and again and again?IDEALS ARE MENTAL CONSTRUCTS THAT ARE USED FOR REFERENCE POINTS WHERE THERE IS A PERMANENT GAP BETWEEN YOU AND IT IDEAL ORIENTS US TO TIME AS WELL AS ENABLES US TO CREATE GOALS ASK IF THEY ARE AWARE THEIR NOT ABLE TO EVER REACH THE HORIZON AND IF THEY BECOME EMOTIONAL AND DEPRESSED? Disc 1 Track 9 A tual and The GaoYou overcome this by writing out where you are Actual 1 and then where you are moving toward Actual 2 MUST BE MEASURABLE NUMBER OR EVENT TO MEASURE MUST KNOW WHAT MUST HAPPEN TO BE VIEWED A SUCCESS MOST THAN MEASURE ACTUAL 2 TO THE IDEAL AND CREATE MISERY THE GAP Training your happiness is from having an ideal realizing where actual one is currently setting up where you want to go which is actual two and then once you achieve it look back at actual one to see where you came from and celebrateDISC 2Uniue Ability Focus only on your strengths and have other people work on your weaknesses fat those are their strengthsThe things to us that are easy in life aren't easy to others but are our uniue ability Life does not need to consist of a series of struggles When you focus solely on your uniue ability life becomes easy and enjoyableWhat most people do best actually spend the least amount of time on The goal is to spend the most amount of time in the area you do best atDISC 3DISC 4Be sure you have a high level of refer abilityBe on time Do what you say you'll do Finish what you startAlways say please and thank youDISC 5Ask yourself the uestion what am I really good at or is my uniue ability that I can charge people for giving that uniue value DISC 6Focus on results and not the time and effortThe factory time system is what Society has been conditioned to work and that's because it was humans who ran the factories However entertainers and athletes and entrepreneurs don't subscribe to this system and make the most moneySplit days into buffer days watches all the prep and leg work free days what just time off to regenerate and focus days which is game timePre plan your free days so you can be entirely free and your business will run itselfAsk if the company focuses on time and effort or results Ask how much leeway and individual has to work in order to get the resultsThen ask what kind of results you are responsible for and how creative one can get to achieve and maximize those resultsSpend a little time each day in gratitude and share with those close to you of how an enriched your life is for having them in it and what rate of a job they doHOW TO GET GREAT SERVICEAs soon as you're seated in an airplane or establishment ask for a feedback card and call the person by their name If they ask what's wrong say oh nothing actually I found you guys have treated me so well in the past I like riding to the company calling you guys by name of how amazing you are and how well you treat me each time Continue to say their name and it is amazing how you get first class serviceFEAR DEFINED a great General once His soldiers that fear is pissing your pants but courage is carrying out your orders with what pantsLive in a state of simplicity

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Pure GeniusDan Sullivan's Lifetime Focusing System for Total Self mastery

Free download Pure GeniusDan Sullivan's Lifetime Focusing System for Total Self mastery

That's the challenge Dan Sullivan extends to the thousands of entrepreneurs who attend his worl renown Strategic Coach Progam In this exclusive workshops and consulting sessions Sullivan reveals time tested principles that enabl. Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing: Self Study Workbook principles that enabl.

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Cess in all aspects of their lives In PURE GENIUS you too will learn how to effectively apply the proven concepts and techniues of life success that Sullivan shares with the members of his elite program This cd set includes 7 cd. Moksha: Writings on Psychedelics & the Visionary Experience proven concepts and techniues of life success that Sullivan shares with the members of his elite Breaking into Information Security: Learning the Ropes 101 program This cd set includes 7 cd.

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E individuals to double triple even uadruple their personalincomes More importantly they undergo a profound transformation focusing the skills that have brought them financial prosperity on a newfound commitment to acheiving suc.