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Saving Baby Doe

summary Saving Baby Doe

Lionel and Anisa are the best of friends and have seen each other through some pretty tough times Anisa's dad died and Lionel's dad  left which is like a death for Lionel They stick together no matter what S What's not to love about this amazing story of a boy Lionel named after MrRichie who must find out what makes a man a man after he and his best friend Anisa discover an abandoned newborn baby in a port a potty As grim as that may be for young readers nevertheless it is a harsh reality that young mothers can and do abandon their babies and it is a harsh reality for Lionel who feels very protective and loving toward the baby but after a misunderstanding with the police and emergency responders is the baby's hero and nothing Having his own father leave him and his mother when he was only seven Lionel understands a thing or two about abandonment too and struggles to define himself in his father's absence Luckily for Lionel and us Vigilante's readers there are a bevy of strong interesting supporting characters in Lionel's community in the Red Hook projects of Brooklyn We are all the better for getting to know them

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A and Lionel spring into action And in saving Baby Doe they end up saving so much Danette Vigilante crafts an accessible heartfelt and much needed story for the middle grade market featuring Latino character When Lionel and Anisa find a new born baby in a PortaPotty everyone's first thought is that it is theirs Instead of being recognized as heroes their parents come down on them hard even when it is proven not to be theirs Finding the abandoned baby brings up all kinds of issues for Lionel whose on father left when he was seven Lionel is trying desperately to be a good person but is in danger of falling in with the wrong friends His heart is in the right place but the wrong choices can change his life forever Recommended for grades 6 8

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O when Lionel suggests a detour through a local construction site on their way home Anisa doesn't say no  And that's where Lionel and Anisa make a startling discovery a baby abandoned in a port o potty Anis Blithely walking pas a ‘no trespassing’ sign usually ends very badly for book characters And while the road that Lionel and Anisa’s walk isn’t easy it’s certainly not as dire as one might think Hearing a noise like a dying cat they find an abandoned baby still warm and covered in blood They’re poor there’s a baby to take care of and they’re in trouble with the law Despite nearly every thing and every adult appearing to be against them Lionel and Anisa maintain a heartwarming enthusiasm for their ability to bestow on Baby Doe a happy and healthy childhood even though “her beginnings are shit” While a uick read this isn’t a light read for the reader adept at finding all of the nuance and sharp criticisms of our modern society Vigilante has the expert eye for inner city setting and side characters as well as intimate picture of growing up while poor and not white that makes this novel a must read

  • Hardcover
  • 240
  • Saving Baby Doe
  • Danette Vigilante
  • en
  • 23 July 2019
  • 9780399251603

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