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Midnight Prince Harleuin Intrigue Series

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Kelly O'Donnell was anything but a damsel in distressBut after her father's murder she found herself strugglingto save the family business Of course she wanted answers But first she needed a champio.

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Notorious bad boy disguised himself as James Prince Kelly's rich sexy and mysteriously unseen partnerA flawless plan until he found himself falling in lovewith the very woman he'd pledged to protec.

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N someone wealthyand experienced enough to help her succeedWhat she got was pure intrigueReece Maddox was not about to jeopardize his cover asa special agent or his mission to catch the killer Sothe. Earth A Visitor's Guide: Weird, Strange, Bizarre... and True to help her succeedWhat she got was pure intrigueReece Maddox was not about Trusted Advice Your Healthy Pregnancy to jeopardize his cover asa special agent or his mission Everlasting Covenant to catch Las correcciones the killer Sothe.

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    Reece Maddox international playboy and all around rich guy is leading a double life His international easygoing player persona is a cover for his spying gig in the employ of the US governmentHis newest mission is firmly tied in with the previous one The flash drive containing sensitive data about a terrorist cell he's transfered to the US is missing the courier dead Reece isn't the only one after the flash drive and the only person that might lead to it the courier's daughter Kelly O'Donnell But Reece is the only one who doesn't want to see the woman get hurtHe never planned to fall for her which makes it that difficult to keep her safe and keep her from learning the truth that he was responsible for her father's deathAnother new author for me and an utterly pleasant surprise This was a tad longer that the usual HI story but once I started reading the style the voice and the superbly crafted plot pulled me in immediately and I was hookedIt was rather tame both romance and suspense wise compared to other books in this Harleuin line but there was that elusive little bit that extra oomph that propelled the story forward without the author having to resolve to titillation by sex or blood and gore There was only a brief mention of a dead body and only before and after in the bedroomThe plot the characters the chemistry and the tension of all those half truths and heavily veiled lies kept the story interesting and the reader guessing who might the villain be I guessed it immediately but I ain't complaining and hoping that Reece would finally come clean and the repercussions of the truth would not be direOn that note I loved Reece and Kelly together the chemistry between them was amazing the banter entertaining and sharp There was something there from the very beginning in chapter one when he's watching her from afar without her knowledge That scene was a great portent on what was bound to happen and I loved it how Reece didn't put up much of a fight when he saw the edge of the precipice coming He embraced his imminent fall with grace and started promising wedding invitation to all who would listen I absolutely adored the guyAnd Kelly was his complete eual Tough determined stubborn with a resolve made of steel she was no pushover and she let it be known Yet she wasn't stubborn enough not to acknowledge when she was out of her debt and let the experienced party take over the reins Not that she knew of Reece's experience from the get go but she trusted him enough to keep them both safeWith great characters well developped with surprising depths and insight wonderful chemistry nicely written romance wellthough out pacing great supporting cast one or two red herring thrown into the mix and subtle yet powerful suspense and intrigue this book is bost definitely a keeper5 stars

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