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Online campaign to bring her beloved hero back to life With the help of her best friend Xander actor and steampunk cosplayer extraordinaire she creates #SpartanSurvived a campaign to ignite the fandom But as her online life succeeds beyond her wildest d Full Review on The Candid CoverAll the Feels is an incredibly

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College freshman Liv is than just a fangirl The Starveil movies are her life So when her favorite character Captain Matt Spartan is killed off at the end of the last movie Liv Just Can’t DealTired of sitting in her room sobbing Liv decides to launch an Cute fandom y and a super uniue love interest who's actually

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Reams Liv is forced to balance that with the pressures of school her mother’s disapproval and her mostly nonexistent and entirely traumatic romantic life A trip to DragonCon with Xander might be exactly what she needs to figure out what she really want ALL THE FEELS does in fact bring all the feels Anyone who's e The Enlightenment pressures of school her mother’s disapproval and her mostly nonexistent and entirely traumatic romantic life A trip to DragonCon with Xander might be exactly what she needs to figure out what she really want ALL THE FEELS does in fact bring all the feels Anyone who's e

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    Cute fandom y and a super uniue love interest who's actually an on page bi boy

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    I loved the idea of this book when I first saw the summary of this book And don’t get me wrong I still believe that this book—re written with a completely new cast—has loads of potential among the fan community I just don’t get why this book was ever written with this particular godforsaken cast It’s one thing to write cute and fluffy but one completely other to write a book that borders on childish whiney and worst of all hateful My first complaint with the book—my most pre dominant problem with the book—was the main character Liv I wish this girl had never been written ever and I hope for my sanity’s sake that I don’t see any characters like her We’re talking about a college freshman who stops eating drinking or doing anything at all because her favourite character from her favourite movie series dies unexpectedly Now we’re readers READERS We read than we function IRL Obviously we’ve all had characters die that we never thought would See Red Wedding Remus Lupin Charlie Bradbury But beyond maybe a day or two’s time of brief sadness I don’t remember falling into a sort of low and down after readingseeing a particular death And I most definitely don’t remember becoming a constant source of whining Liv is exactly this She doesn’t have any interests that are talked about and she sort of slides into this funk for weeks According to me the girl needs therapy not another instalment of the series I’m a part of many fandoms myself but I couldn’t connect with Liv at all or even empathise with her “problems” Hobbies are important but would you really place them above your studies and schoolwork? The supporting characters in this book were a nightmare A legit walking talking nightmare I couldn’t find one person I liked Xander the best friend was a Steampunk cosplayer but dressed up like a 19th century Englishman for some reason that is beyond me Like how are the two even remotely connected? It is mentioned several times that Liv and Xander met in college but what does he study? Acting? Freak showing? I have no clue whatsoever And the way Xander spoke wascreepy He referred to women as “dearest” and actually used the word “delicious” while talking about Liv’s body It was downright disgusting Calling a girl “delicious while leering at her is not cute or awkward or hot It’s ridiculously creepy and you need to run away from such a person please Major disappointment this one with a third person POV that was only made unbearable by the cast of characters who belong in nothing else but therapy Too much drama too less substance the “romance” was disturbing and definitely not an apt representation of the men and women that make up any given fandom I was provided a free earc of this book by Swoon Reads through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This did not in any way however influence the content of this review

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    Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner Beware spoilers aheadI received this E ARC via Macmillan Children's Publishing Group and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I am also participating in the Sunday Street Team for this book I had heard about this book through GR At the time I didn't really pay attention to it Then when I joined the Sunday Street Team for the author's other book Edge of Wild I noticed that the author was having another book coming out this year Honestly the first time I read the synopsis I thought I would hate this book because at the time it sounded really dumb But I decided to give it a shot There are a lot of books that I now love and at one point I thought I would hate I am happy to say that I enjoyed this bookThe book begins with explaining us a movie The only thing you know is that it's an alien movie The main character whose name is Spartan is trying to kill the aliens With him is a little girl who is attempting to help him When the two reach an escape pod Spartan tells the girl to run while the countdown is going off The girl is able to reach the pod and escape Meanwhile Spartan dies in the explosionWe are then taken to Liv and Xander The two are both in shock Although Liv is in much worse shape Xander gently tells her that they need to leave the theater and guides her out He goes to get the car meanwhile Liv waits inside She has an emotional outburst and takes it out on the workers Eventually she leaves still very upset The minute she reaches her house she goes to Twitter and tells some of her friends that Spartan died Spartan could have made it out as there was one pod leftThe following week Liv remains depressed Xander has tried his utmost to help her and get her out of the house Her mother has tried to same although she doesn't do it very nicely Then one day when her mother's boyfriend comes over and Liv's mother wakes her up Liv changes and goes downstairs to find her mother and her boyfriend going out somewhere Liv's mom asks her to tag along but Liv declines noticing that Gary the boyfriend doesn't want her to come They leave and she opens the fortune cookie's they left her Taking the fortune as a sign Liv comes up with #SpartanSurvived and enlists Xanders helpWow I seriously did not expect to enjoy it that much The book is written in third person which I found surprising considering it's a contemporary book But luckily I liked the writing style I found that it suited the story It is divided into two parts Before Dragon Con and during Dragon Con There are text messages twitter conversations and some fanmade pictures This was really cool I've never read a book that's formatted this way The chapter titles are uotes from things like Harry Potter and Doctor Who I think that added a nice touch the to overall storyI completely understood where Liv was coming from While I haven't been an active member in fandoms I have loved so many tv shows and books and mourned the characters that died While I never let it take over my life I can see why some people wouldLiv's only connection to her father was through the Starveil films and when Spartan died her whole world feel apart It wasn't much help from her mother who viewed fandoms to be dumb and also internet friends She isn't close to her mother because of this Xander and his girlfriend Arden helped whenever they could Xander and Liv's friendship was adorable He was so sweet to her and understanding He agrees to help her with #SpartanSurvived and eventually gets sucked into the fandom This in particular was amusing to read about I was really glad that for a majority of the book they remained friends The romance was really slow burn but I liked itI thought it was brilliant when Liv came up with #SpartanSurvived and it was awesome watching it grow and become such a big deal to the fans that Liv talked to I would never have come up something like that And I absolutely loved reading about Dragon Con It was amazing and I so need to go there one dayThe author did an excellent job writing about being in a fandom It was so much fun reading and it reminded me about how I converse with my friends on GR While Liv loved Starveil Xander loved steampunk and cosplays The author did a good job fleshing out the two different fandomsThe characters in this book was realistic Liv eventually finds the confidence to get out there and explore the real world and try to make friends with people in her classes Xander was her support system as was the other fans of Starveil She grew into a strong and likable character Xander was a doll I loved how he said things like 'dearest' He's so different than the other male love interests It was refreshing reading about himI only had three problems with this book I would have liked to see her of Liv and her mothers relationship When she goes to Dragon Con you're not shown her mothers reaction and I really wanted to read about that And when she reached Dragon Con Liv only called her mother once I'm surprised that her mother never called her And like most contemporaries Xander and Liv get into a bit of a fight which I didn't understand Thankfully it was resolved uickly While the epilogue was sweet I felt that it was rushed and somewhat unnecessary Nonetheless I still liked this bookOverall I enjoyed this book I recommend it to all fangirls and fanboys And anyone trying to understand fandoms

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    I don't understand why so many fluffy books have to include so many harmful cliches Female on female hate Liv HATES Arden Main Love Interests MLI's cute perfect blinde perky GF for NO reason Supporting characters goodness with a world full of horrible characters Seriously EVERY male that isn't MLI is a horrible rotten asshole Another possible love interest who is kinda sweet? Big asshole in an unrealistic over the top manner Liv's mother's boyfriend is so redneck and cartoonishly rude and evil Every other guy on the planet is so rude to Liv but there is Xander MLI to SAVE THE DAY Isn't it awesome how the world is filled with horrible rude people except for Xander and Liv? They are SO unlike all of the other assholes of the worldFat hate A character that is pretty well liked previously to in person introductions is discovered to be middle aged and fat and her pushiness and her weight become a joke such as using sausage fingers for her descriptionAll the Hate This book totes so much hatred Girls wearings too tight shirts and yoga pants are scoffed at and called unfeminine by MLI to help poor belittled Liv feel better about her looks The person that Liv just adores HATES her because that makes real love so much better you know? Liv's mom is just so mean to her even though she has a great point; if your hobbies are causing you to fail school work then there is a problem Even though the ending is just perfect and ideal and fuck schoolwork that isn't idealistic and supporting the idea that it is okay to blow off school work because you want to act like a slobbering fangirl online is concerningImmature characters These characters act like they are fresh into middle school not college kids Liv mopes for weeks when a character from a show dies Like mopes and falls into a depression and whines to her friends how depressed she is that a character died And Liv has seriously no other interests It is even brought up that she has no other passions outside of her ONE fandom and that is never resolved Seriously this book makes me worried about Liv I felt no connection to her issues It was like the great big book of white whineSupports Abuse The book supports that actors are here to only serve the fans that they are only put upon this Earth to meet the demands of the audience Like entertainment slaves Seriously MLI tells Liv that the only opinion that matters are the ones supported by the fans and the audience It doesn't matter if an actor is unhappy with a role or ready to move on it isn't their call to make Even earlier in the book there is a death threat against a real person because a movie didn't end the way the fans wanted it to This was the main reason why the book is at a one star I hardly ever rate books I finish at one stars but here it isThis book was a heaping pile of horrible The characters were flat and unrealistic and the book wasn't even really about fandom but how unfair life is for Liv even though she made her own issues

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    This was where she felt like home She needed this like she needed air Reading All the Feels was like coming home Why do I say this?All the Feels was a lovely heartwarming book about a college fangirl Liv Walden for whom the Starveil movies are her life Refusing to accept the death of her favorite character Matt Spartan in the latest movie Liv starts a #SpartanSurvived movement online that makes her Internet famous With her best friend Xander actor and steampunk cosplayer extraordinaire Liv creates videos featuring Xander as Major Malloy calling for fans to come forward with any evidence of Spartan's survival The campaign succeeds beyond Liv's wildest dreams and now she has to balance schoolwork her mother's disapproval and her non existent and traumatic love life When she decides to make a trip to DragonCon with Xander Liv finds out what she really wants When I read this I felt like Danica Stone was reaching into my head and capturing all my reactions all my emotions to the exact detail Liv was relatable to the last degree I understood her pain and her happiness and how fandom was where she truly belonged I knew the exact same despair and disbelief she felt at the death of her favorite character I remembered with fondness the same joy I'd felt when meeting my online friends In short Liv was cut from the same calibre as me we were both ardent fangirls except I didn't start an online fan movement like she didFandom is and has always been a crucial part of my life It has shaped me into who I am today and I just cannot describe the joy of finding a new fandom Returning to old fandoms always feels like coming home and the hours spent obsessing over new favorites are something I will cherish despite all the sacrifices I've made There is just something about devoting your mind your heart your entire soul to a book character or even a fictional cause I loved this book because I could relate to Liv so much I remember suffering my first character death It was the notorious ending of Allegiant where view spoiler the main character Tris Prior dies hide spoiler

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    Full Review on The Candid CoverAll the Feels is an incredibly relatable book about you guessed it fandoms This book has everything from cosplay to fanfiction and a main character who leads an online rebellion An epic friendship made the book even enjoyable and I would definitely recommend itAll the Feels is the ultimate books for fangirls Literally all the aspects of being in a fandom are there I loved reading about the forums the fanfiction the cosplay and the conventions Honestly Danika Stone really understands the life of a fangirl This book is one the only fandom books I have ever read and I definitely enjoyed itLiv is such relatable main character in All the Feels She is a fellow fangirl who is so crushed by her favourite character’s death that she actually leads an online rebellion It was a nice change to have a modern main character who spends her life online rather than a cheesy character who has so many adventures outdoors Though I feel like Liv was a little too dramatic at times I still found her to be likeableI loved the theme of friendship in All the Feels Xander and Liv have such an amazing relationship where they collaborate on fandom videos even though they aren’t really into the same fandoms The fact that they are always there for each other typically at the coffee shop or McDonalds was just so sweet They just have the kind of friendship that is actually goalsAll the Feels is a book all about fandoms starring a main character who is a major fangirlThe friendship in the book was so adorable and a relationship that I dream of having I would recommend this book to fans of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell as they have similar fandom elements

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    This was a fun and relatable uick read and I loved the inclusion of a fandom For those that loved Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell or even Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout I would recommend this novel Both centre around a character that has a true passion towards fiction whether it be fan fiction in Fangirl or a book blog in Obsidian Personally I relate and I loved reading of a character that had that same passion towards fiction Often I don't see that in novels and I really liked how it was included I can definitely say that I wish this book was around when I was in high school when I felt a little alone in my passion towards literature Along with being able to relate to the main character I liked how the story included mixed media in the photos that were created to represent this fandom along with text messages The mixture of the verse formatting with the photos and text messages kept me reading in interest to see what would come next Also I have never attended a convention related to any fandoms and I felt like I gathered of a perspective of the chaos and what goes on at themIt wasn't necessarily a predictable story but I did have my guesses on what would occur Those guesses did eventually become true but it was an interesting journey to get there I know that I will be picking up from this author because this story and her writing style has definitely piued my interest

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    When I started All The Feels I had no idea what I was getting in to but this is actually one of the most fun and swoon worthy books I have ever read in my life Now I'm a bit of a fangirl but I am in no means part of any kind of fandom I love shows but I don't get crazy over them although I will confess that once upon a time I used to read fanfiction about the band Simple Plan Just one story and it was the best story ever but I used to be crazy obsessed with them so when uizilla was still a thing this lass wrote the best Simple Plan stories And I would actually read them again if I knew where to find them Alas they are lost to the internetsIt's so hard to put into words how All The Feels made me feel It made me deliriously happy the kind of happy I used to get reading books years ago where my tummy feels all tingly and you just know there's two characters with that special connection and when they eventually kiss it's just the best thing ever I got that feeling reading this book because Xander and Liv and just the BEST I loved how Xander just went along with Liv's crazy plan to bring Spartan back no uestions asked because that's just what kind of friend he was and alternatively I loved that Liv couldn't care less how Xander dressed or acted which was amazing I legitimately loved him from his crazy clothes to his weird British accent to his mannerisms not to mention his apparently gorgeous half naked chest I was SWOONING all over the place I finished the book and let out the happiest of sighs I literally loved everything about this book Liv's love for fandom for Starveil DragonCon which makes me want to go to a con SO FREAKING BAD Xander Xander Xander Xander Xander their cute text convos the whole #SaveSpartan campaign just the whole lot of it It was everything I love wrapped up in a book but the greatest ever writing in the history of writing Danika Stone is AMAZING She just gets fandom she gets what it's like to fall in love as a teenager she just gets it all I need though More from Danika or from Liv and Xander because oh man I just loved them This was absolutely the perfect read for me it was everything I love about the YA genre and as much as I love serious YA books I also love the light hearted ones I can swoon over and smile at and get so much joy from All The Feels will literally make you feel all the freaking feels You'll love Liv's determination to bring Spartan back no matter what; you'll love Xander's uirkiness because boy is he uirky but he pulls it off the way Ted pulls off red cowboy boots and I'm being genuine Ted Mosby pulled off those cowboy boots the writing will have you flying through the book at a rate of knots I finished it in a few hours and it was the best few hours I have ever spent There was a letter at the beginning of this book from Holly West the editor and she encapsulates everything I felt about this book into that letter she was telling the truth ABOUT IT ALL And I loved every page and every single fandom uote at the beginning of each chapter but mostly the Castiel uote from Supernatural that never fails to make me LOL Buy this book Read this book FANGIRL OVER THIS BOOK

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    ALL THE FEELS does in fact bring all the feels Anyone who's ever been involved in fandom will be sueeing and nodding vigorously from the very first page I know I was I can't tell you how many times I've mourned the loss of beloved characters who died or ignored cannon and insisted they are still alive somewhere drinking hot chocolate and wearing fuzzy socks COMPLETELY SAFE AND ALIVE YES So the fact that Liv fights back against cannon and sparks the fandom flame to create change is thrilling to read The romance between Xander and Liv was great They're already such good friends and know each other so well that the banter and maybe something feels made the story that much fun The will they won't they aspect Plus Xander wears steampunk clothing all the time In real life He owns it I don't want to spoil anything else but MALLOY I love Malloy Hang onto your feels

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    I love love love this bookThings this book has A positive outlook on what life is like as fangirls and guys A relatable and likable main character Liv is EVERY fangirl and guy Her real life is just as relatable as she's still so unsure of herself and what she wants to do with her life A slow burn romance with some great swoon worthy moments Seriously I love Xander He is just THE BEST He's confident charming and incredibly uniue I mean homeboy is bi and proud which is just so great to read about The perfect portrayal of attending your very first con EVERYTHING I love about contemporariesSeriously I highly recommend this book I haven't really been feeling contemporaries lately but this one was perfect Sometimes you just need those books that make you feel good and this one does just thatREAD MY FULL REVIEW HERE