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Extended beyond mere rugby fans With the help of comedian Max Boyce the culture of Welsh rugby and valley life permeated Britain’s living rooms at the height of prime time reinforcing the sporting brilliance that lit up winter Saturday afternoons In Nobody Beats Us David Tossell who spent the 1970s as a schoolboy scrum half trying to perfect the Gareth Edwards reverse pass interviews many of the key figures of a golden age of Welsh rugby and vividly recreates an unforgettable sporting er

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Nobody ever beats Wales at rugby They just score points  Graham Mourie former New Zealand captainIn the 1970s an age long before World Cups rugby union to the British public meant Bill McLaren rude songs and most of all Wales Between 1969 and 1979 the men in red shirts won or shared eight Five Nations Championships including three Grand Slams and six Triple Crowns But the mere facts resonate less than the enduring images of the precision of Gareth Edwards the sublime touch of Barry John t

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He sidesteps of Gerald Davies and Phil Bennett the courage and extravagant sideburns of JPR Williams and the forward power of the Pontypool Front Row and Merv the Swerve Davies To the land of their fathers these Welsh heroes represented pride and conuest at a time when the decline of the province’s traditional coal and steel industries was sending thousands to the dole ueue and threatening the fabric of local communities Yet the achievements of those players transcended their homeland and

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    This is an indepth look at the Welsh rugby team of the 1970s from their origins through their highs and lows and to where they went and where they are now This is packed full of behind the scenes tales and stories told by the people involved that show the dedication that the players coaching and support staff put in to putting Wales on the rugby map once again and how they all lived up to the reputation of never losing just not scoring as many points as their opposition

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    Like the author I grew up in the 1970's in an English school where football was the main sport the rugby team was a side line and my obsession with the Wales rugby team was a bit odd This book was pure nostalgia as it catalogues a decade of rugby with descriptions of the games and anecdotes from the players which had me going on to you tube to relook at the tries Every sports era has to be viewed in its context thus the viewer wonders how Best McEnroe Ali would manage in the modern game and particularly in Rugby the contrast is extreme as the forthcoming five nations and world cup will see players bulked up to the extent that they do not resemble the ordinary man however the players of the seventies do resemble the average bloke enjoyed a pint and were not paid a penny for the joy of representing their country but I still reckon players like Gareth JPR Merv the Pontypool front row Barry John Phil Bennett Gerald Davies et al would hold their own in the modern game This was definitely an era of tough men playing a tough game for little reward most of them had their origins and family in the traditional industries of South Wales such as mining and steel and the book portrays the era really well A definite for any rugby and sports fan

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    Though a child of Rugby League I was a huge fan of the Barry John Gareth Edwards era Welsh Rugby Union side The story is fine; the telling is disappointing

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