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NEW STANDALONE NOVEL FROM  NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF THE HONOR HARRINGTON SERIES DAVID WEBER A Man of Two Worlds   Doctor Benjamin Schröder was far from a man of action In fact he was a history teacher Chairman of the Castle Rock University history department and if his life wasn't perfect it was close Until that is the discussion of his star student Elzbietá Abramowski's dissertation on Operation Yellow Brick the Pacific Allies' invasion of Vladivostok staged through occupied Japan to meet their Imperial German allies was brutally interrupted  The psychotic episode that turned his entire world upside down struck with absolutely no warning and it was terrifying than anything he should have been able to imagine leaving him with a complete incredibly detailed set of false nightmare memories Not just of his own life but of an entire ghastly world in which Operation Yellow Brick had never happened In which millions of helpless civilians had been systematically slaughtered in extermination camps that were horrific beyond belief In which there was still a Soviet Union In which the Chinese Communists had succeeded the Korean Peninsula had been permanently divided thousands of nuclear warheads had spread their deadly threat across the entire Earth and the Middle East was a festering sore of bloodshed fanaticism and terrorism The knowledge that those false memories had come from somewhere inside his own psyche was terrible but with the help of Commander Abramowski a highly decorated Navy fighter pilot who’d been forced to deal with her own PTSD after cri. This was so horrible I stopped reading after 15 minutes and deleted it

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Moves as inexorably as the Star Kingdom’s Grand Fleet commanded by series protagonist Honor Harrington Weber is the Tom Clancy of science fiction His fans will relish this latest installment ” Publishers Weekly “This entry is just as exciting as Weber’s initial offering The result is a fast paced and action packed story that follows our characters as they move from reaction to command of the situation Weber builds  Shadow of Freedom to an exciting and unexpected climax” Daily News of Galveston “Weber combines realistic engaging characters with intelligent technological projection and a deep understanding of military bureaucracy in this long awaited Honor Harrington novelFans of this venerable space opera will rejoice to see Honor back in action”– Publishers Weekly “This latest Honor Harrington novel brings the saga to another crucial turning pointReaders may feel confident that they will be Honored many times and enjoy it every time”– Booklist  “everything you could want in a heroine Excellent plenty of action”– Science Fiction Age “Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant”–Anne McCaffrey “Compelling combat combined with engaging characters for a great space opera adventure”– Locus “Weber combines realistic engaging characters with intelligent technological projection Fans of this venerable space opera will rejoice ”– Publishers WeeklyAbout Jacob Holo An entertaining sci fi action novel with light overtones of dystopian and political thrillers Kirkus on  The Dragons of Jupiter Thrilling sci fi adventure Kirkus on Time Reaver. Review of Gordian Protocol by David WeberFor those who are impatient my opinion is that Gordian Protocol is the best time travel novel since the Pliocene Exiles novels by Julian May If that's all you wanted to know go read itSPOILERS AHEADDon't read on if you don't want spoilers I'll try not to disclose the plot and story details but in order to say why I like the book certain important details need to be dealt with You have been warnedBecause of the complexity of the ideas on the book first of all lets clear up some important points1 The book begins with one protagonist dealing with Social Justice issues at his place of work If you persevere in reading you will uickly discover that these matters have absolutely nothing to do with the main story and only act to establish the mundane world of our hero2 Although this is a time travel story it is established very early on that the theory and experience of time travel is that you cannot change history no matter what time travellers do in the past Thus the main use of time travel is archaeological and for historical research It also leads to some fairly unscrupulous and immoral activity which is the first conflict point of the book This concept of time travel is important to the story as it eliminates the time paradox problems and what in the novel series Time Wars was called time fugue In other words I go back and make a change in time to fix something I don't like in today's world Then someone else goes back to prevent my change and I go even further back to stop their fix and they go further back to fix my fix ad infinitum In the world of Gordian Protocol this doesn't work BUT this all changes when the critical event of the plot occurs and suddenly everything changes although there is still no time fugue I won't go into detailHowever time travel even under this no effect status does also have military and criminal implications The past becomes a limitless hiding and staging place for rebels and criminals They can go back in time build up and prepare move physically to their target location and then jump back into the present to strike Obviously some kind of militarised time force would be needed if the world was one where rebels and terrorists still existed But note this force is not a Time Patrol in the sense of protecting the original history because as stated above you cannot change timeAll right With that covered what did I like about the bookFirst of all I liked the nuanced and well thought out time travel premise The main characters are historians not military men there is an ex military woman who is a main character which is a refreshing change from Space Marines or even Time Marines The time travel machinesships are interesting and impressiveNanite technology plays an important part both good and bad and is applied to everyday life as well as having military uses It actually changes the way things are done without being magicDue to the changes in the universe of the novel due to the Gordian Knot concept of things going very wrong in the time stream AI is portrayed intelligently both as being good and bad in a nuanced way and not the usual AI revolts idea that is so heavily over used in SFThe concept of digitising the human mind and personality is also explored in an intelligent and sort of Altered Carbon way but with an interesting social twistUnlike many time travel stories there is a lot of combat between time machinesships manoeuvring through both space and time simultaneously In the military realm weapons drones and even synthetic bodies are used in interesting and sensible ways If you like military SF which I do you will like this bookThere are well written and interesting personal relationships ranging from romance and friendships to soul crushing dilemmas and sacrifices on the part of both the good guys and the nuanced baddiesIn general I liked the POV of the story told mainly through the eyes of two historians who are forced to become action heroes and a huge and swirling landtime scapeWhat did I not like about the bookThe start was a bit confusing due to characters being introduced in several time periods and with one character actually seeing two versions of history including his own life leading him to think he had a mental breakdown However once the main story gets going everything is explained in a satisfactory mannerBoth Russia and China are basically written out of the book's world in a somewhat wish fulfilment manner with the only concession being the use of Mandarin in one character's hybrid language The entire concept of the Soviet Union is basically wiped out by the military brilliance of the Western powers It simplifies the world building and I'm sure satisfies the views of the authors but I would have preferred to have seen current day Russia and China somehow worked into the world of the future rather than having Stalin and Mao both conveniently exterminated On the other hand I did like how Hitler was handledSo in summary great book Read it especially if you are a fan of military SF and time travel A very rich back story and no over powered heroes

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Ppling combat wounds invalided her out of service he’s put his life back together With Elzbietá's support he's learned to deal with the nightmares to recognize that they are  onlynightmares that can't and won't be permitted to rule his life Until that is a lunatic named Raibert Kaminski knocks on his door one afternoon with an impossible and horrifying story about alternate realities time travel temporal knots and than a dozen doomed universes which must inevitably die if the temporal storm front rushing towards the distant future isn't stopped He has to be lying of course Or completely insane But what if he's not a madman after all What if he's actually telling the  truth That possibility is the most terrifying thing of all Because if he is the false memories aren't false after all and that other world is just as real as the one Schröder has always known And if that's true Benjamin Schröder is about to become the greatest mass murderer in human history because he has to  choose Whether he acts or refuses to act Benjamin Schröder is the one man who will decide which universe lives and which dies along with every star system every galaxy and every single human being in it Including the woman he's discovered he loves than life itselfAbout David Weber “a balanced mix of interstellar intrigue counterespionage and epic fleet actionwith all the hard and software details and tactical proficiency that Weber delivers like no one else; along with a large cast of well developed believable characters giving each clash of fleets emotional weight” Booklist “. David Weber had gone from one of the best Science Fiction writers to one of the worst hacks to ever write His last books have been so bad I am unable to finish most of them and I no longer purchase first edition hardbacks for my library I don't understand how someone can go from writing books like A Beautiful Friendship In Fury Born and The Apocalypse Troll to writing books like Midst Toil and Tribulation He totally destroyed the entire series after releasing that title and I dumped the series and have never purchased another of his books since Any others like The Gordian Protocol I get from the library and have been unable to finish because of his new writing style introduced in the book Midst Toil and Tribulation I don't know if he changed editors his editor died or he is developing Dementia like AE van Vogt did in trying to finish his series on SLAN Whatever his problem he has lost me as a fan There are to many new and upcoming authors to waste reading time on David Weber

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