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Cam Jansen and the Summer Camp Mysteries

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Id them back In The Basketball Mystery Cam and Eric discover that all the sports euipment has been stolen along with the prizes for the end of season banuet Can Cam solve the case in timeThese three Cam Jansen mysteries are super special indeed and make for perfect summer readin. i really like this book because i love mystery stories and there were three cam jansen mystery in one book it had the missing blue box i think the raid and the missing baseball and basket balls those are all the mysterys in the book

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Cam Jansen and her best friend Eric are spending three weeks at Camp Eagle Lake and they couldn’t be excited But mysteries seem to follow supersleuth Cam everywhere and it isn’t long before she’s using her photographic memory to “Click Click” and save the day In The Fi. Super Sleuth Cam Jansen goes to Camp Eagle Lake for three weeks She and her best friend Erick experience all the camp activities they go swimming make new friends go canoeing and even solve three mysteriesReviewed by Debbie Hersh Circulation Vernon Area Public Library

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Rst Day of Camp Mystery Cam’s and Eric’s parents have just brought them to camp when the lockbox with everyone’s spending money goes missing Can Cam find the thief Then in It’s a Raid Cam’s bunk is raided She and her new friends search out the culprit and might even ra. its fun to read the book i liked it it made me laugh and happy

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