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The various classes and the huge myriad of color schemes that have been used throughout the years from the great days of the British Rail to the era of Privatization The contrast between the cash strapped British Rail from an almost universal blue and grey color scheme to the well funded privatized multi colored system seen today is well portrayed in this c.

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Rails Across Britain is a collection of full size color photographs of trains that have operated in Great Britain over the last thirty years Compiled by a well regarded author of several successfully published books showing many varying classes of trains throughout the world this book covers the period from 1986 to the present dayIt brilliantly illustrates. Informal Work Talks and Teachings years Compiled by a well regarded author of several successfully published books showing many varying classes of trains throughout the world this book covers the period from 1986 to the present dayIt brilliantly illustrates.

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Omprehensive album in which than one photo of a class is shownThis selection of photographs have been specifically chosen to demonstrate an undeniably wide range of locations from Fort William in Scotland to St Austell in Cornwall and of course in a variety of British weather conditions The emphasis is therefore on the beauty of the train in its surrounding.

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    A collection of photographs of locomotives and various multiple units over the past 30 years that make up a history of our railways in Britain A reflection of the move into privatisation and the varied colour schemes of the franchaises vying for a piece of the trackWhat I appreciated is the time taken to balance this collection to include the many classes of locos some of which joined the preserved railways during this period as push me pull yous became the order of the day in rail trainsport The author records this change with regret when he pictures a DMU working where a class 33 perhaps previously took the strainThis isn't a book for train spotters although there is no doubt anyone lover of all things train will purr like a Deltic Class 55 looking at these shots which I would like to see as jigsaw puzzles to maximise my enjoymentI used to take photos of trains in the period 10 15 years before this book begins; some of these were even in black and white What David Cable has managed to portray in colour photography is the remarkable look a whole train can provide in a company's branded designs and hues He has been merticulous to vary his locations and subject matter; if the same class of engine is shown it is in a different colour scheme The author has also varied his objectivity from trackside to platform and from bridge to embankmentEach picture have one or two sentances describing the motive power its journey and what the train is made up with in terms of coaches or freight being pulled All are dated and therefore as the book unfolds you get a pictorial history of the railways in terms of signalling station architecture as well as techical progress in the train designs themselves So after a while a yellow line will appear on the platform near the edge something that has become ubiuitous on our busy stations where through trains speed byI loved the framing of many photographs whether rural or of an industrial setting The author hints at some of his pride when a sun beautifully reflects on the subject rushing past and frustration when a cloud mars a perfect setting There is no second chance it is point and shot This was seen in the video of the flying scotsman shown on the news where one enthusiast's shot was taken away by a passing train in the opposite direction and all they captured was the smokeThere are a few steam engines at the close of the book that were running and seen during this 30 year period from about 1985 onwards We will all have are favourites this collection will remind us and perhaps make us observant on our next railway journey For me it was the Peaks classes 4445 46 not enough left running at this time alas but I was delighted with a couple of class 20s and on the second photograph had a tripple header to further enhance my joyIt may only be a photograph but it recaptures my own youth and childhood hobby that has never left me This book is one of the best examples of a collection of train pictures and locations to see trains that I have read and enjoyed

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    I love trainsMore especially I love steam trainsAlthough the majority of photos were of diesel units they still evoke a time long past when my cousins were avid train spottersOf course being a girl I laughed at them and their notebooks but one day seeing the Mallard gave me a Road to Damascus thing Now every chance I get I'm travelling on heritage railways most notably the Llangollen Railway near where I liveAs I said I love steam trainsVery highly recommendedI was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Pen and Sword via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review

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    I love trains When one is going through town I will purposefully go stop at the tracks While I am in the United States I still enjoyed this book It was exciting for me to look at the different styles and colors of trains and cabs for the British rail system The pictures are usually clear and crisp to see what the description is wanting you to zoom in on Personally I think there could have been of a description of each picture but it works for the purpose of the book I am glad to see the pictures in chronological order rather than based on design or useThank you for the digital ARC Pen Sword and NetGalley to give an honest opinion

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