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By Hook or by Crook A Journey in Search of English

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Ravel observations to create a mesmerising account of David Crystal's encounters with the language throughout the world Accessible highly enga. The thesis of this book can be best summed up as Here are some things I've thought learned andor observed about language Though some of them are interesting the scattered nature of the narrative means the book is doing a remarkably accurate impression of the person you get seated next to at a dinner party who is only capable of conversing about one topic and doesn't care what your thoughts are on the matter DisappointingOH And he also took a dig at TV Why do people insist on putting down an entire medium because they don't like some of the things produced through it TV can be bad yes but it can also be transcendent and both of the above apply to books eually

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A personal journey through the groves and thickets of the English language this title combines personal reflections historical allusions and t. By Crystal’s own admission By Hook or by Crook is a linguistic travelogue Normally a writer of textbooks and dictionaries—utterly self contained literary worlds—this book takes a meandering path through the Welsh countryside while observing and commenting on the road signs leading to contemporary standard EnglishWelsh itself is enough to make one wonder about maps and ancestry Take the name of this rail stop between Chester and Holyhead Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwll llantysiliogogogoch Crystal takes it apart to show the meaningLlan fair pwll gwyn gyllChurch of Mary in the hollow of the white hazelgoger y chwyrn drobwll llan tysilio gogo gochnear the rapid whirlpool and church of St Tysilio by the red caveDon’t worry “Locals never use the long name” Crystal reports “Life is too short”But linguistic calisthenics and world record recording is not at all what this book is about Rather Crystal’s chapters are like dinner conversations first we’re talking about travel then movies then an Anglo Saxon king of Mercia then a shepherd in Welshpool who curls his Rs Back to movies who was the model for the Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady some discussion of food and wine the Hay Festival famously clueless famous authors and on and on deliciously Of course all revolving around or poking at the edges of EnglishCrystal was born in Northern Ireland but grew up in North Wales and Liverpool Author or co author of than one hundred books he is known for his enthusiasm for linguistic diversity and famously wrote in Language Death Cambridge that “All the big trouble spots of the world in recent decades have been monolingual countries—Cambodia Vietnam Rwanda Burundi Yugoslavia Northern Ireland” Crystal’s delight in differences is evident on every page of this new book and both natives and tourists will find the conversation witty and wise ForeWord Magazine


Ging and in a style similiar to Bill Bryson 'By Hook or By Crook' will not only appeal to linguists and scholars but to the bigger broad marke. I have this on my bedside table am reading it slowly savoring it Makes me want to a go back to Wales and b take a linguistics course Lovely writer

About the Author: David Crystal

David Crystal works from his home in Holyhead North Wales as a writer editor lecturer and broadcaster Born in Lisburn Northern Ireland in 1941 he spent his early years in Holyhead His family moved to Liverpool in 1951 and he received his secondary schooling at St Mary's College He read English at University College London 1959 62 specialised in English language studies did some rese

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