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Crack the Case System

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Of candidates CTCS includes over 150 bonus videos on mbacasecom 42 practice cases homework and drills About the author David Ohrvall is the global expert on the topic of case interviews A dynamic and sought after speaker he trains several thousand MBAs and undergraduates each year at premiere business schools around the world including Wharton Stanford Harvard Business Sch. If you don't have a case partner this is one of the best case prep books out there Even if you do have a case partner this is still one of the top case prep resources out there If you're short on time jump straight into the cases at the back of the book and skip the super extensive framework he tries to teach at the start

Free download Crack the Case System

Ool Chicago Booth Duke's Fuua School of Business INSEAD Oxford and Cambridge David also has an extensive private coaching practice that has helped launch hundreds of candidates into consulting venture capital and a variety of industries David is a former management consultant Bain Company and a graduate of the Wharton School MBA undergrad Learn about David at wwwmbacasecom. I found this book and the online materials incredibly helpful in preparing for case interviews and building my confidence The structured approach also makes it easy to keep working on your case interview skills even on days when motivation can be hard to come by Highly recommended

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Crack the Case System is a complete training program covering every aspect of the infamous case interview favored by top management consulting firms and a growing number of Fortune 500 companies David Ohrvall's step by step approach combines practical instruction on structuring analytics and communication as well as insider tips and insights gained from training thousands. Didn't really like it Not very well structured to be helpful It's just a bunch of frameworks one after another put in a book Instead I would recommend case interview secrets by Victor Cheng

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