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Apres Satie -- For Two and Four Hands

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Species of songbirds 'contemplating grief in the absence of song' By turns tender wry playful and fierce the poems in Dean Steadman's second collection APRES SATIE FOR TWO AND FOUR HANDS use surreal i

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Poetry Poems that echo Satie's haunting music and refract the ironies of the Parisian Dada movement A man who might be Erik Satie floats a la Magritte above Paris rooftops thinking of a newly extinct

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Magery recurring characters and cyclical themes to evoke the repetitive nature of much of Satie's music as well as the artistic and intellectual temperament of Paris during Satie's most creative years

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    Compelling poems a lot of mini stories with rough parallels to Satie and a lot of vivid evocations of a world 100 years in the past Because I'm also reading Geoff Brock's translations of Pavese I couldn't help but see parallels in how Steadman approaches his characters in this collection though his people tend toward the urban while Pavese's are mostly rural Still something of that clear eyed but affectionate attention is similar Helps if you have a bit of French to catch the witty titles and epigraphs that are lifted from Satie's absurdist orchestral directions

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    Definitely too smart for me but a delightful read nonetheless

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