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    Once in a while most readers stumble across a book that leads them to ask How was this ever published? For me Hannah's List is that book I'll start by saying I'm not a fan of romance and tend to avoid the genre But I read the blurb about this book and was intrigued The idea is brilliant and had the potential to be an excellent story I also read the reviews on Goodreads and there were some pretty good ones So I thought I'm trying new things how about giving romance a chance? So I did and boy am I disappointedIt's almost a challenge to pick what I disliked most about this book I thought the writing was incredibly poor There was a lot of telling not showing going on in this book with various recaps provided by the author as if the reader was far to stupid to remember what had happened a chapter ago Transitions between paragraphs or memories were poorly done In fact the view point of this book changed throughout also At first we begin in the first person of Michael Everett But then we move into the third person for his love interests I've not seen this done before and I did not like it Perhaps if the writing were better engaging then the the author could've pulled it off But it wasn't and she didn't and it just seemed she was trying to fill the pages with information that really didn't need to be in the story at allMost of the characters were same same showing similar stilted and predictable dialogue I wouldn't say I could identify with any of the characters and I found the massive change in Michael's feelings seemingly over night in the book very hard to deal with In a book such as this I expect a certain level of development showing us how people move through grief While there was a certain element of this it was unrealistic Two of the characters were well developed However one of these could be crowned the most annoying character in the history of novel writing One of the love interests of the main protagonist was incredibly unlikable She was childish and had a poor me the world is unfair kind of attitude not something I look for in characters I want to identify with The other of the well developed characters was repeatedly referred to as 'cantankerous' I swear there's a correlation between the uality of a book and the number of times a particular word or phrase is repeatedIf you like well developed characters who you can grow to like excellent writing where not a word is wasted and a tight coherent story that keeps you engaged do not read this book

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    This is number 7 in Debbie Macomber’s Blossom Street Series I love this series – it is about friendship love and knitting These are fun easy to read heartwarming books that will appeal to most womenThis book follows Michael a man who a year ago lost his wife to cancer Hannah was the love of his life and her death devasted him On the anniversary of Hannah’s death he goes out for dinner with her brother who gives him a letter Hannah has written In it she writes that she wants him to re marry and has suggested three ladies who might be suitable Michael hates the idea of this but to honour Hannah he meets all these woman – and one of them will change his lifeI was reading what Debbie Macomber had to say at the beginning of this book and I was touched to find out that this is based on a true story – she had a friend who did this and I thought that was lovelyI love the Blossom Street books I find I can’t put them down once I’ve started Macomber has a way of drawing me into the story and adding in the characters from other books in the series to keep it all tied together I felt for Michael – how hard must it be to lose your spouse and then to receive a letter they have written asking you to remarry? I felt his character was well written – sometimes he was sad other times angry – at everything including Hannah – and yet we watched him heal so often by the end he was happy – and of course he fell in love which was so nice to readHonestly the storyline is not a surprise The ending isn’t hard to guess but I don’t mind that in Macomber’s books because I get very engaged in the story I liked the characters – all had their own story and I loved reading about their lives and seeing the effect one person could have on them all Hannah seemed so special and friends and family really were rooting were Michael to love againThese books are enjoyable lovely engaging reads I can easily read one straight after the other Macomber is one of my favourite authors and I highly recommend her I love the storyline her books don’t contain bad language or graphic love scenes her writing is easy to read and easy to follow and I love these books It isn’t hard for me to give this book four out of five – maybe next time the ending will surprise me

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    I've been avoiding this author not consciously just with an fairly good idea that what she writes is not really my cuppa Ahhpatio furniture novels But I felt like it was time I tried one so I'd know whether or not to recommend them I tend to be not as interested in what I call 'sweet' or 'gentle' romances This was definitely of that sort I will say that I did not like the choice to mix the 1st person POV of the hero with 3rd person POV for the three women involved Pick one or the other Mixing them is just laziness on the part of the author in my opinion Other than that the writing was competent The plot and character motivations were clear This was a book that depended mostly on the characters thoughts followed next in importance by the conversations the characters had Almost no effort was made to set any sort of scene Descriptions of place or characters were practically nonexistant While the fact that Hannah had died and Michael missed her was sad the writing was not such that for me I felt any real need to cry or whatever The writing style kept me a bit removed from the emotions of the storyThe heroine was an interesting character You knew from the beginning which woman he would choose I liked her ditsy artist style although she was just a bit too insecure I would have liked her to be self assured in her differentness You didn't really seeexperience the couple falling in love they just were which was fine in this light of a romance The secondary characters were well drawn I was almost as interested in seeing the two women he didn't choose get the opportunity to mend things with the men they really loved as I was to see Michel get his HEA I also really liked the old man Harvey If you're looking for excitement drama angst etc not going to find it here If you want a sweet story with people who seem true to life a story that you could see actually happening in real life this is perfect for you This was nice I enjoyed it for myself though I just want a wilder ride in my fiction I can say though that I can happily and confidently recommend DM's books to customers who tell me they want something sweet

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    Review copy provided by publisherIt's been one year since Hannah's death Hannah was just 36 years old when she passed away from ovarian cancer Her husband Michael was at her bedside when she passed Hannah and Michael had been trying to start a family when she was diagnosed After 18 months of trying unsuccessfully they saw a fertility specialist only to find out that Hannah had stage four ovarian cancer The cancer was terminal and taking over very uicklyDuring the year following Hannah's death Michael has been living his life filled with sorrow and grief just going through the motions of day to day tasks He goes to the gym in the mornings with Ritchie Hannah's brother and Michael's best friend After which he goes to work as a pediatricianOn the one year anniversary of Hannah's death Ritchie hands Michael a letter; a letter from Hannah My darling MichaelI know this letter will come as a shock to you and I apologize for that It's been a year now and I imagine it's been a difficult one for you as well as our parents and Ritchie I would've given anything to have spared you this grief In the letter Hannah's urges Michael to marry again and have children and be the father he is destined to be She goes on to list three women that would make a good wife and companion each with her own uniue ualities and attributes The first woman on the list is Winter Adams Hannah's cousin who owns a french cafe Winter has a big heart and loves children She also cooks incredible meals Second there's Leanne Lancaster Hannah's oncology nurse who is divorced and going through a rough time of her own Hannah had admired her emotional strength Leanne is kind and caring And lastly there's Macy Roth whom Hannah describes as funny and clever and multi talented Hannah believes that Macy will make him smile and bring balance to his life Hannah's List is told from first POV Michael and 3rd POV narrative everyone else I didn't realize this until about 4 5 chapters in but it helped me experience Michael's emotions first hand I have to admit I was emotionally spent after reading the first couple of chapters My chest ached from my uncontrollable sobbing Have the tissues ready But Hannah's List was definitely worth all the tears I shedAt just a bit over 400 pages Hannah's List appears to be long but I was so wrapped up in the story that it went by pretty smooth and fast Macomber's writing got me emotionally involved and attached to the characters And I'm pleased to say that I'm happy with Michael's final decision The only thing I found missing was sizzle; there is no seduction or love scenes in Hannah's List which I was okay with After all the focus of this book is about emotions and relationshipsUntil now I hadn't heard of Debbie Macomber I am glad that I was given the opportunity to read Hannah's List The premise grabbed me and Macomber had me from the very first couple of pages I will certainly be checking out her other novels Nicholas Sparks fans will surely enjoy Hannah's List

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    If you've read any of my old reviews you know that I'm a big Debbie Macomber fan She knows how to weave a good story and tug at the heartstrings So when I was approached by Big Honcho Media to help with their media blitz to promote Debbie's newest release I jumped at the chance Today you're getting a review of Hannah's List And tomorrow we're starting a contest that will give away 3 copies of the book as well as an extra special prizeBut today is about the reviewOccasionally we get an opportunity to change our lives—whether it’s another chance at love changing the path we’ve chosen or going back and making amends for the past Hannah's List is the story of a widower who is given an unexpected letter from his wife on the first anniversary of her death In a remarkable act of love Hannah includes a list of three women for him to consider marrying With a uniue twist and intriguing element readers will be in for a wonderful story of a love that transcends time hope that is exceptionally unselfish and the possibility of a future otherwise unfathomable An unexpected letter An impossible reuest The gift of a second chanceDebbie Macomber has written another tear jerker From page one as Michael is reflecting on the loss of his wife and how hard the year has been without her I was drawn into the story And I didn't want to put the book down as Michael struggles to follow through with Hannah's last wish to fall in love againNow the book could've expanded a little on Hannah's battle with breast cancer And Michael probably gave in to Hannah's list a little too easily and uickly But overall I really enjoyed the story and the uirky characters Ms Macomber sprinkled throughout the novel I recommend Hannah's List for those looking for a sweet romance that is guaranteed to produce a few tears

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    I saw the premise of this book and was intrigued Dr Michael Everett had been married to the love of his life Hannah for 12 years until she died The book starts on the one year anniversary of Hannah's death Hannah's brother Ritchie gives Michael a letter she had written before she died asking Ritchie to give it to Michael after a year had passed In the letter Hannah tells Michael how much she loved him and that she wants him to be happy She then goes on to ask him to start dating again going so far as to list three women she thinks would be good candidates to settle down with and start a familyOh my gosh I can't lie the first few pages made me teary eyed Ms Macomber just drew me right in to the pain and anguish Michael still feels at losing his wife even a year later His feelings for his wife are so sweet and raw and good You could tell he'd gone back to living his day to day life again but he was just going to the motions After much introspection and gentle and not so gentle coaxing from his brother in law he decides to at least attempt to honor Hannah's last wish The three women on Hannah's list areWinter Adams Hannah's cousin and friend Winter owns a french bakery and is on a break with her on again off again boyfriend Pierre When Hannah originally wrote the letter Hannah and Pierre had broken things off Now a year later they're taking a break again after trying uncussessfully to make things work again Leanne Lancaster who was one of Hannah's oncology nurses Leanne had been married but around the time Hannah had started chemo Leanne's husband an accountant had gotten into huge trouble for unscrupulus financial reasons and Leanne had divorced himMacy Roth is an artistmodel actress who was friends with Hannah but Michael didn't know Macy is a bit of a free spirit someone who takes life as it comes and loves people and animals She's never been married and has a cantankerous old neighbor whom I lovedAll three seemed to be kind smart generous women I liked two of them and thought they'd be good for Michael one got on my nerves a bit okay a lot And poor Michael he was so out of practice with dating and he'd sort of jumped in with both feet; at one point he found himself trying to remember who'd cooked which meal for himI breezed through this book It was such a sweet story the characters were likeable and Ms Macomber's style of writing put vivid pictures in my head as I read I really liked Michael and his love for Hannah was so sweet The secondary characters' stories were woven in nicely As I mentioned above I loved Macy's neighbor Harvey and Michael's brother in law Ritchie they were just good people if you know what I mean It wasn't until about Chapter 8 that I realized Michael's story was told in 1st person POV and everyone else was told in 3rd person POV It seems like that would be awkward but it wasn't; I don't think I've read another book written like that but I liked it I feel like it made me feel closer to Michael While Michael didn't end up with the person I would have chosen for him Ms Macomber wrapped things up nicely and everyone did get an HEA Now if you're looking for sexytime in your storytime you won't find any but if you're looking for a light sweet read then this is a book you'd enjoy I give Hannah's List 4 out of 5 stars

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    I understand that this is a contemporary romance so it's going to be a little sappy but this book was ridiculous I liked the premise Hannah knows she's going to die of cancer so she writes a list of 3 women who might make a good wife for her husband after she passes I especially liked that it was inspired by a real woman and I think that's a very interesting idea; however I did not believe any of the characters at all I felt like this was happening in a fake world There was absolutely no grit no rawness or sense of reality Which again is fine I suppose if that's Macomber's style But then don't try to urbanize it The husband is a dr and volunteers at a community clinic where one of his patients Shamica read black woman is a victim of domestic violence This part felt trite at best offensive racist at worst The other thing that bothered me was the way everyone spoke These 3 women were supposed to be in their twenties and early thirties in 2010 and they all said Oh Michael I'm so glad you phoned times than I can count What 20 something year old woman says phoned? And then his feelings switched on a dime one moment he's in such deep mourning he couldn't even imagine marrying again the next he's buying an engagement ring for a woman he barely knows What? Again I don't mind a healthy helping of romantic cheese but gimme a little substance underneath

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    Hannah's List is another first for me This is my first book by Debbie Macomber Debbie has such a good sense of how to manipulate the reader to really care about the characters I love this book I read it in 2 days That's how good it isLet me start off that the main character in this book Michael loses his wife Hannah to cancer And on the year of his wife's death his brother in law gives him a letter from his dead wife Hannah wrote a letter for Michael before she died explaining how she wants him to marry and have children She knew he wouldn't go out and date so she wrote him a list of 3 women she feels would have a good impact in Michael's life But how can he remarry when he is still in love with his dead wife So at first Michael wasn't interested whatsoever But with the encouragement of his brother in law he meets the ladies his wife put on his listSo he meets them one by one and they all help him start moving on and letting go of his dead wife They teach him to enjoy life again to laugh to smile and most of all ONE special one teaches him to love again A feeling he thought he'd never feel again but he was wrong and Hannah was right Finally happy once again all thanks to Hannah's List

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    This wasn't up to Macomber's usual standards It was a uniue premise and rather uniue that a man is the center focus of the romance novel However before half way through you knew exactly how it would end and who would end up with who All that was missing was the details of how they'd get there It wasn't bad It was okay But okay was all it was because I got bored because the ending was so predictable and I had half the book to go to get there It was good enough I wouldn't tell anyone not to read it but I wouldn't go so far as to recommend it either It's not a blossom street book per se but fleeting appearances are made by some blossom street regulars

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    From the very beginning this book had me in tears It was so sad and hard to read I just wanted to cry But finally it got better and better By the end I had a smile on my face It was such a sweet read I love stories like this