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Schnickelfritz in Love Canine Cupids #6

summary Schnickelfritz in Love Canine Cupids #6

Industrial electrician Jake Rasmussen has traveled too much to make a lot of friends but he finally gave in to impulse and acuired Snick a feisty rescued mini schnauzer Detective Boz Corwin similarly obtained Athena a retired racing greyhound and a total l

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AdyBoth men adore their canine partners but when the pets meet at the dog park and develop an instant love affair all hell breaks loose between Jake and Boz opposites in many waysMeanwhile valuable material and components are vanishing from the constructio

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N site of a new medical complex where Jake is working Boz is assigned to the case and the two must work together Can they make this and much work between themOnly their faithful canine companions know for sureGenres Gay Contemporary Mystery Detective Serie

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  • Schnickelfritz in Love Canine Cupids #6
  • Deirdre O'Dare
  • English
  • 15 May 2018
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About the Author: Deirdre O'Dare

Deirdre O'Dare who also writes milder roughly PG 13 rated romance as Gwynn Morgan has loved reading and writing since early childhood Writing came naturally to DeirdreGwynn who scribed her first simple verse at age eight An avid reader she devoured hundreds of books while growing up and later as an adult Somewhere along the way she found romance and then romance with explicit and de

2 thoughts on “Schnickelfritz in Love Canine Cupids #6

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    There were dogs but I still didn't enjoy it

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    Unlike with the other five volumes of the 'Canine Cupids' series the characters in this one didn't capture my imaginationThe story is well written and there is some action when Jake and Boz try to discover who is stealing supplies at the construction site where Jake works But to me they both felt 'flat' and lacked the emotional development of the previous books

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