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Some Like it Rough

Delilah Fawkes µ 3 characters

KingstonSurrender the Wolf by Victoria FoxxeJungle Fever by Sara PierceSudden Chemistry by Delilah FawkesErotic short stories that hit below the beltWarning Lots of rough explicit sex including anal play bdsm and naughty language Enjo. Honestly I liked

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Sometimes rough love is the best love Whether it's a spanking the sensation of rope tying you to a bed or a lover's hard thrusting sometimes being ridden rough is exactly what you need This original collection of rough sex stories feat. Really the cover

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Ures authors Delilah Fawkes Stella Kingston Sir Jaerls Victoria Foxxe and Sara Pierce Warning Rough HOT sex withinCheck out the following rough sex stories in this stimulating erotica anthologyDeal by Sir JaerlsVacation Whore by Stella. Deal by Sir Jaerl

About the Author: Delilah Fawkes

Delilah's not dreaming up sexy bad boys she's enjoying nature in the Pacific Northwest with a sexy bad boy of her own; feeding birds suirrels and deer that visit her yard or exploring haunted places off the beaten pathShe adores hearing from her fans so don't be shy Connect with her on Facebook Twitter her blog or send her an email any time through her website

10 thoughts on “Some Like it Rough

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    Okay first of all this book needed an editor The formatting was off in the third story which made reading difficult Second I don't want to read male on male erotica That should have been in a book of like kind stories or sold on its own Now the break downThe Deal This is a short office revenge story Definitely sits in well with the title of the book well written I'll probably read it againVacation Whore What was this story doing in the book? I kept waiting for it to do something deserving of the anthology title Didn't happen Well written just didn't belong in this bookSurrender the Wolf The author had no idea what she was doing with this story It's a werewolf tale tail? but superfluous to the plot such as it is with these types of short stories This is the one where the formatting is messed up No indents to separate out the paragraphsJungle Fever The male on male Not my cuppaSudden Chemistry Also not my cuppa Girl slips guy a roofie ties him to the bed makes him call her mistressum no thank you But now reverse the roles and I might give it another read Maybe minus the roofieSo of all the short stories The Deal is the only one I'd read again

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    Deal by Sir Jaerls this is a hot little office fantasy story and gave me high hopes for the entire book A good starter story for the anthology Vacation Whore by Stella Kingston Was nice but lacking I would have liked Surrender the Wolf by Victoria Foxxe this story was weird I didn't feel the wolf part was really important Jungle Fever by Sara Pierce This was not my cup of tea and I ended up skipping through most of it Sudden Chemistry by Delilah Fawkes This was good and even though it was really short it felt completeOverall its not a bad read but from the title and cover art I was expecting so much

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    Really the cover is hot The stories are just ok None of them standout to me as anything super special

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    Deal by Sir Jaerls some dirty office sexVacation Whore by Stella Kingston sexy short about two people who are meeting for the first time after only dirty talking on the internetSurrender the Wolf by Victoria Foxxe this was good but I felt like the werewolf bit was totally unnecessary and didn't add anything to the storyJungle Fever by Sara Pierce loved this short about two army guys with a surprisingly sweet endingSudden Chemistry by Delilah Fawkes not really into female dommes and it was awkward at first but it picked up and had a cute ending

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    I came across this free book on my iBooks app and decided to give it a try as I work on expanding my reading interests It was also short but not to short which I appreciated The book is exactly as it describes and is rough Many of the stories did a lot of telling and not showing with the writing The book could have used some editing as there were still some spelling errors which distracted from the story Jungle Fever was my favorite story from the book and overall done well It helped to bring the book up from two to three stars I couldn't vibe with Taking Him by Force due to the use of date rape drugs

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    Reasonably GoodThe majority of the short stories in this collection well written and eroticSome of the stories well deserve to be expanded upon

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    Honestly I liked most of the stories in here and LOVED Jungle Fever I have never read a MM story before but frankly it got me realizing that its an entire genre I may like it was done just rough and just soft enough I will also say that the rough sex was very mild if you're into any real bondage kink The only one that really did tying up was Delilah Fawkes' piece unless it was also in the one I skipped because of poor editingMy other thoughts are if you're going to put together a compilation have an editor go through all the pieces so they're of the same uality Perhaps it's a simple advertising techniue for these authors but there is a story I couldn't read because of formatting and editing issues it hopped tense so many times I couldn't understand what was going on and I got frustrated and skipped itwhich sucked because it was the werewolf erotica and I had wanted to read that one mostIn the end I chose to give it 3 stars because I had to skip 15 of the stories most were clean enough to read and mildly enjoy one was pretty good I remember it but waver on the details and one was hot enough that I'm writing this review even though I read it almost 2 weeks ago I was going to review Jungle Fever alone for 5 stars but couldn't find it

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    I am not sure why the disclaimer for this book mentioned dark erotica and somewhat unwilling participants i don't think that was the case with ANY of the stories well maybe the first one Otherwise nothing rough about this one pretty standard sexy storiesFirst 2 were pretty good the last three not so much The Deal I liked this one the only one that fits in with the title of the bookVacation Whore I liked this one as well but why is it in a book called Some Like It Rough???? It's a vacation romanceSurrender the Wolf Pretty stupid How does a werewolf story fit into this? Also the fact that the guys shifts into a wolf has NOTHING to do with the story and it's barely even mentioned so why bother?Jungle Fever Ummm no Male on male struggle over who's on top whatever Sudden Chemistry If a guy did this to a girl it would be called rape and abusebut when a girl does it to a guy it's just stupid and silly

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    Anthology with short stories filled with BDSM I thought it would be better but mehThe two first ones was very short no fluff and don´t expect any cuddles either When i finally started one promising SS great intro really sets the scene with the jungle rawr it turns out to be a MM and not what i wanted to read atm sigh The last one was a female Domme and not what i wantedThe only reason i managed to finish it was because the stories were shorter than usual and very easy to skim through That´s one hour i never get back

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    Another dip into the world of free Kindle erotica and another disappointing outcomeI didn't appreciate how characterless this would be the people are mere cardboard cut outs simply ciphers that the acts happen to I've learnt that bondage erotica certainly doesn't push my buttons or at least in this guise it doesn'tI hope there are betetr examples of the genre out there than this if only because I would find it a depressing thought if there wasn't

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