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Delores Fossen kicks off her new series Sweetwater Ranch with a Texas lawman a beautiful district attorney and the child they'll risk everything to protectSaving a little boy's life reopens painful wounds for Texas sheriff Cooper McKinnon This could be his son whos. MAVERICK SHERIFF by Delores Fossen is an exciting Western romantic suspense full of intriguing characters A good beginning for the type of series I will consider continuingWhy was it in Dorine’s TBR Several of my reading friends enjoy Fossen’s books so I wanted to try one That’s why I grabbed this freebie along with a couple others even though I’m not an avid Harleuin Intrigue reader Not that I don’t like suspense – I do but I lean toward thrillers with a lighter romantic element I’m also partial to law enforcement heroes since that’s my husband – I love it when they get the bad guys as well as the love of their lifeMy main problem with spicy romantic suspense is how in the middle of danger the H H can’t wait to tear their clothes off one another This just seems unrealistic to me especially when their child can be harmed by some psycho Although MAVERICK SHERIFF did have some of those elements it wasn’t over the top or constant so I didn’t get frustrated with it The attraction was nicely done and mostly believableI had already DNF’d two books from my freebie TBR prior to starting this one for out “series” TBR Challenge so my mood wasn’t exactly agreeable I had 24 hours to get my TBR book read and review written so I hoped the third was the charm Fossen had a lot to prove to keep me reading and she successfully kept me riveted until I finishedMAVERICK SHERIFF is a complicated plot with a variety of likeable characters and suspected villains Cooper McKinnon and his large family are well established law enforcement of various kinds in Texas Their stance against lawlessness is a formidable wall for evil to penetrate But evil runs deep with no boundaries This is what they’re up againstDistrict Attorney Jessa Wells needs the McKinnon family’s help when threats are made against her adopted child She had paid dearly for this little boy and her love was all encompassing But the losses the McKinnons have experienced in their lifetime are brought to the forefront as they reluctantly help Jessa That’s because Jessa is prosecuting their estranged mother for murderCooper has AB negative blood and is called in when Jessa’s son needs it after their car accident Cooper and Jessa are at opposite sides of a legal battle well sort of since Cooper isn’t exactly happy about seeing his mother again but that doesn’t stop this couple’s attraction to one another It may make them ponder it a bit but they just can’t help themselves But this small town’s secrets and the people who need to suash them may end everything before they have a chance to decide on their romantic fateCooper is a definite alpha male so he made me bristle with his high handed ways toward Jessa sexually Jessa annoyed me sometimes when she forgot her professionalism because she was too busy swooning from the alpha’s kisses For a smart woman she sometimes seems like the “little woman” who can’t think straight when the man is around That just seemed off to me for her position as a district attorneyThose were very small annoyances on my part because overall Cooper treated Jessa with love and respect Jessa won me over when her mama bear instincts roared to save her son as well as Cooper I wasn’t sure I liked this one at first but the hero’s loss and discovery got to me This family is huge and dysfunctional – I couldn’t wait to find out what happened nextAs far as first books in a series this one does introduce a lot of characters and a mystery to be solved in future books Fossen does that well without much confusion on my part The suspense did seem a bit far fetched in places but that didn’t stop me from gobbling it upMAVERICK SHERIFF is a solid 35 rating leaning closer to a 4 so I’m giving it the benefit of my crankiness toward romantic suspense in general with a 4 rating I liked the setting but there wasn’t enough detail for me to get a good feel for the area I’m hoping future books lay that out I am curious about what will happen next because the characters really intrigue me and because these books are such a uick read I’ll try book two If you’re an avid Intrigue reader I’m sure you’ll love this book If you love a series that features a good number of law enforcement heroes then I’m betting this one will be a favorite I lost count how many were introduced male and female so I think it will be fun to see where it goesReview by Dorine courtesy of The Zest uest Digital book obtained for free from the publisher’s promotion through

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Nd the danger's far from over Fighting her desire for Cooper Jessa has no choice but to join forces with the maverick cowboy Jessa knows working together is their best shot at keeping the child safe But it's the possibility of a future alone that breaks Jessa's hea. Hotness Rating 25 out of 5 Maverick Sheriff the first book of the Sweetwater Ranch series by Delores Fossen This book had it's highs and lows I liked it but didn't love it I will definitely read the next books in this series The highs were greater than the lows and there is just something about Delores Fossen's writing style that I can't resistCooper McKinnon lost his son and wife tragically So when he's called to the hospital to donate his rare blood for the son of the woman that is trying to make his life hell it's almost too much It brings back bad memories and opens up a can of worms that will forever change his life Jessa Wells isn't well liked by the McKinnon family But Cooper did step up to help save her son's life Now some things have come to light that have the potential to destroy her and she has no choice but to put her trust into the same man that hates her I loved Cooper His past losses broke my heart especially considering he's such a good man His family has a ton of problems going on right now and hopefully we'll learn about that in the future books I get Jessa's fears and I thought she handled it relatively well It was a terrible spot she was in Some of the events in this book were way too easy and unbelievable But as I said that story was good enough to counter all of thatYou can find this review and others at wwwriverinaromanticscom

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