SUMMARY ☆ Tailspin Phoenix Rising#2

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  • Tailspin Phoenix Rising#2
  • Denise Rossetti
  • English
  • 15 July 2019
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Tailspin Phoenix Rising#2

Denise Rossetti ´ 1 SUMMARY

E power of his personality and her desire to be mastered Fledge gives herself up for lost But she can't help thinking if only she had wings she'd soar with Mirry in a Mating Flight for the ages If onlyMirry has lots of things on his oh so clever mind An ageless demon captured his friend Janarnavriel the Noir and it's using the dark warrior's beautiful body for a. What can I say I absolutely adore Mirry 3 3 3 What's not to love about a handsome hero with wings pointed ears and a prehensile tailSyneca's cover art caught my eye immediately in my first foray through Ellora's Cave bookshelves back in 2007 After reading the blurb which ended with In between he needs to kill a deathless demon sort out his complicated feelings for Jan and show Fledge the secret of an Aetherii orgasm Not to worry He's made a list I knew this was a book written just for me As a longtime SciFi Fantasy reader with a soft spot for dragons and other flying characters I lusted after Tailspin for almost a year before I had online access to money and could purchase it I bought Gift of the Goddess and devoured it first to get to MirryI fell in love with Phoenix the world Denise Rossetti created while reading Gift of the Goddess and in Tailspin to my delight even of its culture flora and fauna is introduced Against this rich backdrop the story of Fledge Story Witch of the Ten Nations Fair Miriliel the Burnished and Janarnavriel the Noir Aetherii Scholar and Warriors had me enthralled Denise's writing style is a perfect blend of image provoking descriptions exciting well crafted plot arcs easy to love believable characters an exotic but familiar setting hot hot erotic scenes and lively dialogue A definite keeper and one of the few eBooks I have in paperback as wellSo if you are looking for a story you can enjoy from the opening paragraph till you close it's last page do buy Tailspin and the other three books in the Phoenix Rising series I do not believe you will be disappointed


Perverted playground All Mirry has to do is rescue his friend finish his encyclopedia and educate Fledge By the time he's finished she'll know how to read write and submit for her pleasure and his In between he needs to kill a deathless demon sort out his complicated feelings for Jan and show Fledge the secret of an Aetherii orgasmNot to worry He's made a lis. Loving a wee re read of Tailspin on to Strongman now and then looking forward to reading Guilty as Sin for the first time

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Book 2 in the Phoenix Rising seriesFrom his magnificent tawny wings to his wicked feathery tail Miriliel the Burnished is masculine perfectionOne glance and Fledge knows she's outclassed After all she's a small ordinary circus girl with no education no looks and no prospects Mirry's not only a warrior of the Aetherii but also a scholar of renown Mesmerized by th. This is my second book by this very talented author and as the previous story had a sci fi setting this is very much a completely different kettle of fish and yet if possible surpasses all my expectations A cross between fantasy and erotica and featuring uite a complicated ménage and if I'm brutally honest I'm not a fan of MM story lines but this book gripped me and didn't let go until the end Fledge is a story witch traveling with a fair and it's an inhospitable not to mention dangerous place to live When out one day gathering fresh meat she comes across the corpse of the most beautiful male she has ever seen but he is most definitely not human This dead man has wings and a tail and Fledge uickly realises that he is not uite as dead as she first thought Fledge is determined to help him but knows those in charge of the show she travels with would keep and exploit such an unusual male so attempts to hide him until he can safely travel What Fledge is totally unprepared for though are the wanton thoughts that arise in her and hiding her lust from the ever curious Mirry is no easy task especially when he seems determined to pursue herMiriliel the Burnished awakens to find himself left for dead by those who attacked him and his dearest friend Janarnavriel the Noir Believing that Jan is dead he is determined to locate his body and find out just why they were ambushed but the alluring Fledge is stealing her way into both his bed and his heart He wants nothing than to help her escape her lonely life but Fledge is a stubborn one and determined not to take advantage Mirry finds a way for them to be together and starts hunting down his attackers but what he finds is not what he expected at all Jan is not dead and is in fact held prisoner and his captor has now turned their attention to Fledge Will Mirry find his friend only to lose his new lover or can love prevail I loved this story and as I read it I imagined a world that was a cross between Grimms fairytales and Neil Gaimons Stardust It's such a wonderful world that Ms Rossetti has created and although it is magical I really liked that it's the characters that take centre stage Mirry and Fledge are both such stubborn characters and it's lovely to watch their relationship bloom as their mutual trust grows Yes this is erotica but at heart it's a love story with a really interesting plot twist and these two characters are so sweet together but it's Fledge and her personal growth that really stood out She is a heroine who has been abused in the past and yet willingly opens her heart to Mirry even though she believes his interest in her to be temporaryNow no review would be complete without mentioning Jan and as previously mentioned this was the area that I thought would most likely disappoint me Mirry is first and foremost completely heterosexual unlike his friend who is open to explore other options but Jan truly loves Mirry There is no doubt in my mind that these two belong together but convincing Mirry of that is no easy task Enter a very passionate Jan and importantly a woman capable of binding a loving relationship together There may be a submissive side to Fledges nature but she does not lack courage and uite literally helps those guys take a leap of faithSo in conclusion two hot angel type guys with prehensile tails oh my and a brave heroine with such a kind heart Amazing world building that is painted vividly with words This was a very good story and completely surprised me as I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy a fantasy ménage but I'm so pleased I gave it a go I will still prefer the usual hero and heroine type romance but I think with Ms Rossetti writing it I would try another MMF type book I recommend to anyone who loves a good story and is open minded

About the Author: Denise Rossetti

When I was very small I had an aunt who would tell me the most wonderful fairy tales all original I grew up as little girls do but the magic of story still dazzles and enthralls me On the good days I like to think of myself as Scheherazade's sister On the bad days not so muchI remain an incurable romantic who loves happy endings heart pounding adventure and the eventual triumph of goo