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Wandering Jew

SUMMARY Wandering Jew

Is tracks In this revealing 'psycho geography' Dennis Marks makes a journey through the eastern borderlands of Europe to uncover the truth about Roth's lost wor.


Joseph Roth whose many novels included The Radetsky March was one of the most seductive disturbing and enigmatic writers of the twentieth century Born in the Ha.

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Bsburg Empire in what is now Ukraine and dying in Paris 1939 he was a perpetual displaced person a traveller a prophet a compulsive liar and a man who covered h.

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    This book is a analysis of the work of Joseph Roth It was lent to me by a friend and despite never having read any of Roth's work I found it very interesting I see from the cover that it is published by Notting Hill Editions who focus on the publication of extended essays in book formDennis Marks' book is about Joseph Roth but it is also a historical work looking at the last years of the Austro hungarian empire and then what happened in 'Mittel Europe' after the first world war Austro hungary is presented as a multi cultural supra state or benevolent and often confusing empire in which minority groups including Jews enjoyed a certain degree of recognitionRoth's work is then interpreted as exploring what happened to people when this empire was dismembered after WW1 and several new sometimes transient nation states were created For many it was a time of displacement and vulnerability of loss of identity and a search for new lives In his novels Roth views these times through the eyes of ordinary people from the margins of societyDennis Marks provides a useful glossary of Roth's work translated into English I will definately be reading one of these in the not too distant future

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    In Russian and in Ruthenian the nineteenth century term for the local Slavic vernacular U kraina means 'at the border' It is neither one place nor another Ukraine is one of the most displaced places in Europe and Joseph Roth was its unreliable laureate 8His language is German but his subject matte is often Slavic sometimes Jewish and always extra territorial 25 6He writes in German but he is not really a German writer 75The dream is the pre lapsarian Hapsburg Empire where everything and everyone have their own space by the grace of the commander in chief This is where Roth is almost alone among early twentieth century Austro German writers even his friend Stefan Zweig It is also where the two halves of his creative personality the ironic and the romantic underpin each other 82What could be perverse than to apply for Austrian citizenship when Austria was on its knees and his native Galicia was being absorbed into a reborn Polish Republic? Even in the midst of inflation and political murder it was better to be supra national than live under a mutant species of nationalism When Austria followed the same path he continued his restless pursuit of paradox in the Weimar Republic and Soviet Russia The greatest irony of his life was the way in which his very despair opened his eyes to the darkness around him 131 2

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    Intressant och givande Måste läsa mer Joseph Roth

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