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    I really love how this book deals with present day issues involving teens especially teen girls This is a rough read but a good one and one I would recommend to reader teens and adultsStacey is a bright talented girl who battled weight trouble in her past She has so many inner demons due to some traumatizing moments in her young childhood and she can't seem to shake them Because of this she isn't comfortable in her own skin and while others see her as pretty she just sees fat Her friend Zoe is on a diet and continuously encourages Stacey on her dieting journey However Stacey takes things to far with her dieting and begins purging food She becomes clever in her ways of hiding food and making it seem like she is eating when she isn't and nobody is none the wiser in her presence She wears baggy clothes to hide her weight so nobody needs uestion her In love with her boyfriend Calvin she fears losing him most of all but can't get her thoughts and actions straight enough to make all well between them Calvin is a teen boy who helps his father work their farm Recently losing his older brother he has his own demons to battle in the sense of emotion and loss Hardly wanting to deal with life's harsh realities his dirtbike and girlfriend Stacey are his only moments of release and happiness His dirtbike is ancient and begins to have problem after problem If that isn't enough of a worry for Calvin his girlfriend Stacey begins to act unlike herself He notices a few signs where she doesn't eat and he begins to worry about the amount of weight she is losing When she starts passing out and he figures out some of her secrets of hiding or getting rid of food it's like a punch in the stomach He urges her to see a doctor and stop the madness but she shrugs him off He just can't bear to lose another person he loves in his life so he struggles with what should be done to save StaceyMy favorite thing about this book is that the author hits a major issue head on Anorexia bulimia eating disorders etc is something a lot of teens these days are going through Media tends to portray beautiful as super skinny We see it everywhere magazines commercials movies fashion etc In reality few realize that everyone is beautiful and nobody was created to be the same but due to everything our impressionable teens are seeing it's hard for them to realize that they are all beautiful in their own way Teens do not understand the dangers of eating disorders and generally become good at hiding them from loved ones Not only does this book show some of the beginning signs of anorexia and health risks but it shows that if someone you love needs help you have to just be there and get them help Often teens with these disorders do not see them as a disorder and they do not see anything wrong with their train of thought I love that this book does not sugarcoat anything of the teen lifestyle but keeps things at a clean level without getting too graphic I felt this is a novel very real and down to earth The author does a fabulous job of writing so you find yourself lost in the story and charactersI love the balance between these two main characters Stacey is passionate and outgoing while Calvin is reserved and laid back The characters are so different but mesh so well and reading that was wonderfulI was hoping to read about some of the other characters in the book I felt left hanging when it came to Stacey's sister Renee as well as with Calvin's friends Tyler and Flannery I would have liked just a little bit when it came to them but maybe they will end up with their own stories who knows?I love the faith in this book No matter how hard things get and no matter how often a lot of these characters want to give up they pray and let God lead them It's a great way to show teens that God can always overcome any obstacle and with God they can overcome anything Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher for review purposes I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255

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    Running Lean is a book that I’ve treasured for years I’ve watched it grow and change I’ll confess that I was once critiue partners with Diana Sharples long before either of us were published authors This book was good back then I knew it And I’m so thrilled that it’s finally found a home with Blink It’s been years since Diana and I were critiue partners so I was excited to buy and read the final version of Running Lean I'm so glad I did It turned out even better than those early versions She’s really done amazing work This is an outstanding first novelThis is the story of a teenage couple Calvin is one of eight kids and he recently lost his eldest brother in Afghanistan His girlfriend Stacey has been there for him like no one else these past months but lately something is weird with her She’s paranoid she’s changed her clothing style completely and she’s not eating At allCalvin tries to talk to her about it but she clams up then gets defensive then mad And so goes the story as Calvin tries to figure out what’s wrong and Stacy tries to pretend everything is fine I’ve read some negative reviews of this book on other sites and here’s what I think the problem is This is not a froufrou romance novel There is some romance in it yes but this is a book about real people And real life isn’t always pretty and doesn’t always fit a feel good romance plot Diana Sharples writes characters who are so realistic I think I’ve seen some of them in my youth group Only mine don’t speak with a southern accent But they have personalities and problems They’re funny and sometimes say the wrong thing They’re young and learning how to do life as best they can They're a delight to read aboutThis book is real life and well worth the read especially for girls who think they’re somehow less than others

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    CalvinTalks to best friend about bikesStacey Cries I love Calvin but he doesn't even notice me anyCalvin Please eat something I miss youStaceyScreams You don't understand Get out of my life CriesCalvin I'm so sorry I made you mad Stacey Cries some You don't understand I hate youRuns back towards Calvin still crying I'm sorry I got mad I love you so muchrepeat for rest of novel Running Lean is so boring Both of the main characters are stiff and whiny Stacey cries over every little thing Calvin does and Calvin always caves and they both say sorry far too much Honestly I thought this would get better and something interesting would happen but nothing cool happens and Diana L Sharples poorly executes getting a teenage girl's voice right Through the whole book of what I've read Stacey sounds like a whiny annoying pre teen instead of a sixteenseventeen year old girl Calvin is supposed to be going through a rough time as well but very little actually proves his problems His brother died and there are only few moments where Calvin shows sadness because of it His life pretty much surrounds Stacey and her problem which is fine but I was promised than that

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    Stacey and Calvin are an adorable couple that you can not help but fall in love withI really enjoyed that the author gave us the insight of both of the main characters minds letting us know what each character was thinking and feelingSelf esteem issues plague and young girls everyday with the constant media influence of what the perfect girl must look like in order to be noticed and loved Calvin is every girls dream He loves unconditionally Despite of his own grief he risks everything to save her life A true modern day knight in shining armorThis is a must read book for teen girls and their mom’s to help gain insight on the mindset that one has when suffering from an eating disorder To have understanding and compassion is the first step in helping someone I feel this book would give great insight into the mind of one who is sufferingI also think that there are few guys out there that could learn a lot from the character Calvin on how to treat a young girl even when he can not understand why she does the things she doesPut this book on your MUST read list You won’t regret it

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    I am not one to read chick lit often but I was intrigued by the premise of this book Many publishers seek to shield their readers from difficult content but I must applaud Ms Sharples and the imprint Blink in the handling of eating disorders as a topicTo her credit Ms Sharples avoided the temptation for melodrama and audience manipulation which many lesser voices tend to gravitate to She also avoided tasteless and gratuitous description in her handling of a difficult disorder I found the male voice of her characters authentic and believable while she opened up the inner view of a troubled soulThought this book is in no way a hopeless tale she deals frankly and honestly with the outcomes of such disorders As a scholar of YA and Children's lit I applaud her debut novel and applaud Zondervan for stepping out the Sunday School genre and into the real world

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    Running Lean isn't a book to read for pleasure and anyone who expects it to be will be disappointed It's a believable story about a serious problem and I found it impossible not to relate to and be concerned about both Calvin and Stacey The title is especially appropriate in that it relates to motorcycles eating disorders and spiritual matters as well Running Lean is well written Diana Sharples knows her teens and her motorcycles and she knows how to write Let's have Diana

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    Stacey Varnell had some very real and very deep seeded issues Memories from her past keep rushing back An uncle that made passes at her claiming he like chubby girls and kids at school making fun of her weight even her own dad calling her chubbikins After losing weight and meeting Calvin Stacey thought her life was going great until the voices in her head kept telling her she was going to be fat again and no one would love her It was a battle the voices intended to win even if it cost Stacey her lifeBook uoteCrazy Stacey bubble buttNever keeps her big mouth shutChubbikins ChubbikinsHow much does she weigh?End uoteWhen Calvin Greenlee lost his brother Michael to the war in Afghanistan he thought he would never smile again until he met Stacey Varnell She comforted him and listened to his hurts giving him a shoulder to cry on She made his world right again and he loved her for it But when Stacey starts getting sicker Calvin realizes a whole new kind of heartbreak If he tries to help her he might lose her if he doesn't he could lose her anyway As Calvin fights his fears of losing Stacey she is fighting agonizing fears of her own Can they both win the hardest battle of their lives?Stacey fought some very serious demons Her perception of herself was so distorted Where she saw ugly fat and unloveable others saw only beauty The voices in her head screamed she was fat when in actuality her clothes hung loosely on her body She was a sixteen year old girl full of anguish and fear who was scarred from unkind words in her past She had OCD tendencies and she was fighting a very verbal killer anorexia nervosaCalvin I loved Calvin and Calvin loved Stacey He loved her with everything he had When she was at her worst he would tell her how beautiful she was He did his best to love Stacey through her battle with anorexia He had a huge heart and such a cute way of tugging on his hair whenever he was upset or flustered He loved riding his Yamaha and the hum of the motor helped him forget his worries for a little while I loved the way he turned to God even when deep down he couldn't bring himself to completely rely on God to handle the situationBook uoteCalvin found a relatively flat spot and cut the Yamaha's engine He set the kickstand and swung his leg over the seat The sound of rippling water and a breeze in the leaves gently drowned out the ringing in Calvin's ears and the echoes of a song he now hated He sat cross legged at the top of a ridge that fell down to the river's edge and pinched a chunk of papery bark off a birch tree Sunlight sparkling on the water dazzled his eyes He mindlessly toyed with the bark while his heart reached for some kind of peacebut couldn't find itHe was supposed to pray at times like this Pain clamped down on his heart againGod Desperate hurting frightened confused angry What could he say? Please I don't know what to do Show me what to do Taking deep desperate breaths to ease the pain in his chest Calvin looked at the sky and grimaced the prayer felt meaningless like all the words he'd used trying to save Stacey from herselfEnd uoteI remember watching a TV movie once that starred Tracey Gold as an anorexic teen entitled For the Love of Nancy That movie has stayed with me ever since just as this book will stay with me for a very long time I could literally feel Stacey's and Calvin's fear and anguish for two very different reasons Stacey's struggle within herself was so heart wrenching while Calvin's struggle of how to save her was heartbreaking I found myself wanting to reach out and hug them Anorexia nervosa effects millions of young adults and the stark reality of this horrible disorder is vividly portrayed in the effect it has on the person's life and those that love them I can't begin to describe the emotions she wrung out of the characters and me I found myself crying several times throughout the book and I am certain you will need tissues too The story line was just spot on from beginning to end Absolutely perfect I also loved the way the term running lean connects the three majors themes in this book Stacey's battle with anorexia Calvin's love of motorcycles and not letting God have control of our lives I don't believe this book could have been any better and I can't say enough about it If you don't fall in love with the characters and the story itself something definitely wrong Anorexia nervosa is a devastating and very deadly disorder If you are battling this disorder or know someone that is please read this book I believe Stacey's struggles might help in some way But even if you're not effected by this disease in any way I still highly recommend it because it is an amazing story from beginning to endDisclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review The opinions expressed are mine alone If I recommend a book it's simply because I loved it I received no monetary compensation for this review

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    This was such an enlightening read I don’t know where to start There was just so much you can get out of this book; especially if you are in the YA age group or have children that age It was especially effective if you are or know someone who was struggling with coming to terms with an eating disorder I was surprised with the underlying faith displayed by various characters in the book and it added another layer of depth in my opinion There were so many good things about this book it was hard to describe them all The characters although probably not the most mainstream teenagers were realistic and very believable Your heart breaks for Calvin and Stacey over and over again as they try to work through their past and current struggles with each other and with their families and friendsCalvin shows a lot of strength of character in trying to research what he feels is happening to her and then trying to support her and help her get better; even as she’s in denial Stacey has been through so much it’s easy to see where her fear and low self esteem come from and you just want to hug her and take care of her I wasn’t a big fan of her friend Zoe but both of them are young and impressionable and neither really knew what they’re doing The author does a great job of giving insight into the thoughts fears and insecurities of teenagers and how easily this could happen to them A definite recommended read of any mom of a teenage daughter or son for that matterRating 45HEAT Rating NoneReviewed By Daysie WReview Courtesy of My Book Addictions and More

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    When I started this book I really didn't have an idea of how it would end Would it be the 'tied up in a pretty bow' ending? Or would it be a sad ending? Diana Sharples did an amazing job with the book The ending was perfect Of course I'm not going to tell you the ending you have to read This was a great YA book with issues that so many teens face I've personally not dealt with these issues but I felt Stacey's struggle and Calvin's as he tried to help her This is a book I would recommend Well written characters that act true to their situations Passion heartbreak sadness joy yeah it's all there

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    Review later No one has to anticipate it because this isn't going to be recommended I spent all of the book yelling break up with her break up with herNow it's later so here I go Buta review isn't really needed because my feelings about this book is the second comment Since I did read the whole book you can take my opinion as a couple grains of sand but we all know that if you really want to read this book what I have to say wont matter in the least Like how we all ignore what people say about our favorite book Anyway eat cookies today

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Running Lean

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Euilibrium That’s what Stacey and Calvin found in each other He is as solid as his beloved vintage motorcycle and helps uiet the constant clamor in Stacey’s mind She is a passionate creative spirit and a lifeline after Calvin’s soldier brother diesBut lately the balance is off Calvin?. Running Lean isn't a book to read for pleasure and anyone who expects it to be will be disa

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Running Lean run·ning leenA term referring to a deficiency of fuel in the fuel to air ratio of an internal combustion engineA physical condition where not enough caloric fuel is present for optimal performance of the bodyA spiritual condition in which a believer relies on his own strengths. I really love how this book deals with present day issues involving teens especially teen g

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??s grief is taking new and dangerous forms Voices of self loathing are dominating Stacey’s life When struggles with body image threaten her health Calvin can’t bear to lose another person that he loves Taking action may destroy their relationship but the alternative could be much costl. Stacey Varnell had some very real and very deep seeded issues Memories from her past keep r

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With a degree in art combined with a love for storytelling Diana Sharples has won numerous awards for both her art and her writing She writes clean contemporary young adult fiction Her first novel Running Lean was published in 2013 by Harper Collins In 2015 her publishing was temporarily derailed by a battle against cancer but she's back in 2018 with five new books including the long aw