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Sex Lies And A Charter School

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Sex Lies and Scandal Oh My Did that actually happen in the teachers’ lounge Not to mention the mishandling of school funds What should have been a liberating teaching experience turned out to be a journey of a d. Easy to see why this is such a popular book The story unfolds about a man who gives up so much to be a school teacher and is happily hired at a Texas charter school Of course he's not expecting crazy class rooms crazy kids and even worseadministrators that only care about the money they are siphoning away from the schools tax funds instead of about the kids themselvesThe story involves Jacoby White's transformation from elated teacher to frustrated demoralized coach and administrator who can't fix what's broken


On This is not the book for you if You are looking for a feel good story You believe that the education system is fine You do not care about the future of our country You do not mind your tax dollars going to wast. This book reads like a memoir The incidents seem genuine It would take enormous imagination to write them as fiction I assume they’re fictionalized versions of personal experiences with names changed to protect the characters innocent and otherwise That said I found the book incredibly interesting and to use a reviewer’s cliché hard to put down The book is written from the perspective of “Mr White” a bright idealistic young man with a positive outlook who wants to do something meaningful than he’s been doing as an engineering consultant He leaves his job to teach in a new charter school for disadvantaged kids temporarily housed in a church building He soon faces challenges and experiences ups and downs as he finds his way His positive outlook falters as he deals with troubled kids their parents and teachers and administrators who are variously incompetent dishonest beaten down indifferent political and otherwise ineffective at performing their jobs Gite introduces the characters in the second chapter with nutshell descriptions and revisits them in subseuent chapters showing them in action We soon get to know them and their foibles well The incidents are compelling first day in class an imaginary friend a girl fight sex on a school bus missing money an argument with a paranoid or possibly demented teacher angry parents coaching basketball a disheartening meeting with the superintendent and others All are different and all are engaging Concluding Gite offers a prescription for improving such schools Highly recommended

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Ifferent sort Jacoby White left corporate America to make a difference by teaching and mentoring inner city youth at a charter school Little did he know that he would be the one taught an invaluable lesson Attenti. This book is shocking So sad to see a man ready to turn his life from successful well paid businessman to a teacher and get kicked in the teethIf you think everything is fine in our educational system especially with regard to charter schools you've got another thing coming when you read this book

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Dikombi Gite is a native Houstonian and has worked as an IT Project Manager directing large scale projects in the airline telecom and oil and gas sectors While working in the private sector he also spends his personal time speaking at local inner city schoolsMr Gite grew up in inner city Houston and understands the meaning of hard work and succeeding when the odds are stacked against you be

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