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Dance Discourses Keywords in Dance Research

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Of central themes and areas of concerns in the field the book is then divided into three partspolitics explores 'Ausdruckstanz' an expressive dance tradition first formulated in the 1920s by dancer Mary Wigman and carried forward in the work of Pina Bausch and others gender examines eighteenth century theatrical.

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Dance a time when elaborate sets costumes and plots examined racial and sexual stereotypes identity is concerned with modern danceExploring contemporary analytical approaches to understanding performance traditions Dance Discourses' pedagogical structure makes it ideal for courses in performing arts and humaniti.

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Focusing on politics gender and identities a group of international dance scholars provide a broad overview of new methodological approaches with specific case studies and how they can be applied to the study of ballet and modern danceWith an introduction exploring the history of dance studies and the development.

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