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Reflections on the Russian Soul

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Hev recounts the fortunes of people with whom he came into contact and produces the air of passed years in Russ.

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This compelling and often traumatic book is the memoir of one of the most important figures in modern Russian h.

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Istory Is is an incredible account of of an intellectual's turbulent journey through 20th Century Russia Likhac.

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    Memoir is the key word This is a set of reminiscences of a Russian literary scholar from St Petersburg Leningrad Dmitry Likhachov who lived from 1906 to 1999Arrested for no good reason the overwhelming norm Likhachov experienced months in prison and several years in a Soviet labor camp on the White Sea where Stalin had decided in 1931 to build in a hurry with forced manual camp labor a canal from the White Sea to Lake Onega so connecting the White Sea indirectly to the Baltic Sea Around 15000 of the workers died thus Likhachov also survived the 872 day siege of Leningrad which was isolated by the Germans during WW2 resulting in up to 100000 deaths per month from starvation He somehow maintained his good morals and strength of character His survival was largely a matter of luckDuring these experiences Likhachov met many other intellectuals 95% of whom even the well read in Russian literature and history will never have heard of It seems that much of the book was about those people and so was of minor interest Of the remaining 5% little of note is reportedLikhachov's experiences in the labor camp and the Leningrad siege were of interest but there are a number of books about those that are absorbing and informative Thus this book is apparently of substantial interest only to Russian readers familiar with the Russian intellectuals whom Likhachov reminisces about They may read it in RussianThus I don't understand why this was translated into English As to the writing style for a memoir it is satisfactory but for a book of possible interest to the general reader it is as if composed by a commonplace writer in serious need of an editor There is very little about Old Russian literature the writer's primary academic interest or about the author's other considerable work dedicated to preserving the best in Russian culture

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