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    Rather an odd book the first 23 or so comprised of various incidents in the life of the title character an almost heroric figure who was destined for a career as a gangster It's a very rugged no holds barred tale of the way it was in the underworld of the 1920s and it doesn't try to romanticize anything or to pleed for symphony for the main character The final 13 of the book does focus on one cohesive story and presents the hero in a sympathetic light though there is never a hint that he has become a reformed character I found this book to be sometimes unpleasantly realistic and often fascinating

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    This is a crime novel originally published in 1929 the story of the title character Louis Beretti a son of Italian immigrants in the early 20th century who grows up on the tough streets in pre World War I New York City He serves with the Army in the war and returns home to find Prohibition has become the law of the land He becomes a successful bootlegger and restaurateur in the context of the Prohibition era gangs of New York What stood out to me was that there was no mention of the Italian Mafia The gangsters were as likely to be Irish or Jewish Don't know whether that was because the author Donald Henderson Clarke didn't really know much about them or whether he felt it was better not to mention them After all for years J Edgar Hoover the FBI director at the time and who remained in that position until his death in the early 1970's denied the existence of the Mafia for most of his years as director Regardless it is a fast paced and entertaining story of the 1920's

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Louis Beretti

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This is the story of a kind of American success that is seldom mentioned It is the story of a tough Italian kid from the toughest part of New York's East Side a boy who was a natural leader and who grew up in the pat.

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Tern set by his environment When Louis Beretti was a tot hardly able to walk he searched for money in the shoes of drunks sleeping in the hallway Later he went through the gamut of crime from juvenile delinuency to m.

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Urder He became affluent and respected outside the law And in the dramatic climax of this gutsy realistic novel he faced a situation which he never could have understood or solved had he been brought up any other way.