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T and so she fled all the way to Paris unchaperoned If anything went amiss on her journey she would be utterly ruined Of course everything did In fact Tranuility was soon in dire need of a heroThe Maruis de Beaulieu had neither the time nor the spare francs to save a spoiled English beauty He needed to tend to hi.

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A daring escapade lands a lady in trouble and in love Tranuility Hartford yearned for romance and adventure Instead her mother decreed she must be married within two weeks Tranuility who was anything but serene always had the ton a twitter over her last bit of mischief Now she was as desperate as she was defian.

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S crumbling castle and that meant resisting the desire to take Tranuility in his arms His solution Install her in a convent until he could dispatch her home But the very handsome unusually obstinate nobleman had underestimated the power of amour As for Tranuility she didn't know just how dangerous a kiss could be.

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