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Every Love Story Is an Apocalypse Story

SUMMARY Every Love Story Is an Apocalypse Story

“Love that dark song married to footsteps is pulled between ecstatic fulfillment and loss in Vorreyer’s poems With her gift for indelible images a blood red heaven.


A hand on a lover’s ribs like a harpist a white whale painted on a beloved’s lips Vorreyer creates the sensual portents for a doomed desire The body and its pleasur.

Donna Vorreyer ✓ 1 REVIEW

Es constantly manifests in new and surprising ways and with those new delights something to lose This love and its inevitable ending how I feasted on it” Traci Brimha.

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    Often I pick poetry books based solely upon the cover art but I bought this one just because of the title It sounds jarring at first but of course every love story does end in ruin even if only because of the death of one of the partners after a lifetime of happiness And when you consider that what apocalypse actually means is revelation then the title takes on another meaning because every love story is ultimately about how two people find out the real truth about each otherThere's something else going here though Our culture seems dedicated to the pleasant fallacy that romantic love is as pink and fluffy as cotton candy but if you've ever been in love for real you know that simply isn't true Falling in love is very tumultuous as your body fills with raging hormones that take you up way too high and then down too low that sometimes even make it impossible for you to eat or sleep Just seeing the person you love can be almost too much to bear but when you're away from them for any length of time you start imagining everything that could possibly go wrong and worry that you will somehow never see them again The sweet agony of falling deeply in love is the real subject of this collectionThe first section No uick Misery is about the roller coaster ride of early love My favorite poem here is I Put False Hope in Celestial Bodies which starts out Your orbits are erratic strange parabolas of leaving and returning vast galaxies of lapis and ashes There is the promise of communication but I have not seen it no flares no comet tails no meteor showers Although this is the only poem where Vorreyer uses this cosmic imagery all of the poems are this dramatic Her most freuent images come from the wild forest of folktales full of bears and wolves Even something as commonplace as grass seems malignant in this worldview In In the Night Cathedral Vorreyer writes I should be splayed on the lawn every blade of grass a deserved flagellationIn the second section There Has Been Damage the poems deal with loss after a break up or separation These poems are desolate in their imagery and many of them are prose poems as if the whole structure of the world has suddenly been lost in the lover's absenceThe third section We Feast on This Believing are poems of reunion One would expect them to be joyful but they are not The last poem Redux ends like this Each day we wake and test the stitches darn the tears We thread our limbs lace our fingers We hang on The sense here is that things will never be the same again but that it is still worth it to try anywayI suppose it would be unfair of me to complain that a collection with a title like this was too dark Certainly it made me feel a lot while I was reading it which is probably why it took me a whole week to work my way through Vorreyer's imagery here is so lush and captivating that I'd love to read one of her other collections and see what she does with a different subject

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    I particularly liked the second and third sections of the book they were darker than the first but also seemed multi dimensional and often surprising in their imageryDefinitely worth a look and I will be looking for from this poet for sure

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    Donna puts feelings and emotions into words that she then turns turns into vivid images in the reader's minds in her poetry

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