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It's Christmas in Donna Alward's Cadence CreekTaylor Shepard has come to Cadence Creek to organize her brother's Christmas wedding Organizing such a special event might be a little bit stressful but she can. Her smile grew Had she really ever thought him plain and unremarka


't deny she's swept away by the town's holiday charmand by brooding rancher Rhys BullockLoner Rhys has been burned far too many times in the past He's sure he has city girl Taylor all figured out she'll be. Very good book Taylor has come to town to plan her brother's weddin

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Hightailing it straight back to the city in a few days But as the snow starts to fall Rhys and Taylor embark on a tentative winter romance Could Taylor be the Christmas present Rhys never even knew he wante. Taylor Shepherd is organising a wedding in a cowboy town Her black

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 256
  • A Cadence Creek Christmas
  • Donna Alward
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9780373742660

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    Her smile grew Had she really ever thought him plain and unremarkable? There was a humor in the way he set his mouth the way his eyes glowed that set him apart wasn't there? 64%I can't say I enjoyed this book Rhys is an asshole and Taylor is not exactly a prize herselfPREMISETaylor is the big city heroine who comes into town to plan Callum and Avery's wedding Rhys likes her? I guess?ANALYSISRhys is a dick He's bossy he's an asshole What amusement are you getting out of this? she asked From what I can gather you don't approve of me but you do enjoy bossing me aroundWhy would you think that?Oh I don't know Because so far you've found fault with everything I say or doThen why did you come with me?You didn't leave me much choice She pursed her lipsYou always have a choice he replied unrolling his cutlery from his paper napkinThen I guess because I was hungry she saidHe smiled You mean because I was right 10% This isn't Vancouver or Toronto or New York or LA Rhys spoke firmly This isn't a big city event with a bunch of rich snobs It's just Cadence Creek Maybe it's not good enough for you but it's good enough for Callum and Avery and maybe you should consider that instead of only thinking about yourself 19% Thank you Clara she said but when Clara had gone she turned on Rhys Don't ever answer for me againYou were being rude 21% She didn't like being handled 22% Rhys watched as Taylor's eyes shone Maybe he'd misjudged her Maybe she'd just been stressed because the snooty perfectionist he expected to see wasn't in attendance just nowOr perhaps she understood she was in a sticky place and was making the best of it He suspected that faking it was in her repertoire of talents 23% Yeah Exactly like that Look you're a novelty Taylor An adventure A safe one because in a week's time you're going to be gone 50%This is his idea of what to say to a woman he wants to bed oO We're adults he stated We're both wondering It doesn't have to go any deeper than that 58%Any man who says We're adults we're both adults or we're both adults here in a asshole attempt to badger a woman into sex is on my shit list ONLY assholes say this DO NOT say thisHe also just tears into her at 73% in a way that is completely not justified I can't understand why she puts up with this shitAlward the author must be viewing this differently though She seems to think it's sexy banter You Fear crowded her breath She was getting in way too deep You don't even like me You criticize everythingYou're not the only one who enjoys a challenge he replied his thumb making circles against her tailbone You know as well as I do all that baiting was just foreplayBeing an asshole is not foreplay Being an asshole to someone is not challenging them It's just being an asshole Despite what romance novels have you believe most people do not want to date assholesBut Taylor's got her own problems She's an ambitious type A personality and thinks every person has to be a boss or aspire to be a boss She's critical and judgmental of Rhys's happiness working on the ranch So what are your plans then?What do you mean?She wiped her mouth with a paper napkin I mean do you have any plans to start up your own place or business?Not really I'm happy at Diamondback Ty's a good bossShe leaned forward You're a take charge kind of guy I can't see you taking orders from anyone Don't you want to be the one calling the shots?I have a job doing something I like and I get a steady paycheck every two weeks What could I want?She sat back apparently disappointed with his answer Too bad Living up to her expectations wasn't on his agenda 11%I hate this idea that if you don't want to be the boss or don't want to be in management you are a lazy unmotivated unambitious loser It's hurtful and also stupid There are a lot of reasons people might not want to be Boss Less stress less responsibility Having not to think about work when you go home is a special kind of luxury Perhaps the person values family and family time above getting ahead Perhaps the person values their free time or weekends Perhaps the person enjoys having a lower stress lifestyle It's PERFECTLY FINE to be a worker and not a boss IT'S EVEN FINE not to WANT to become a Boss ever There's nothing wrong with that Punching a clock made for a lot less stress in the end Taylor had no right to judge him for it 52%I guess Taylor's priority is men who are chasing dollars and chasing power I resent this I resent the implication that people MUST chase money and power constantly or else they are worthless losers It's gross It's ignorant I personally prefer laid back type B unambitious men It's false that women always want type A go gettersINSECURITY Rhys isn't as insecure and weak as say Cooper in A Cowboy to Come Home To but sometimes he startled me with his low self esteem which of course expresses itself through assholism This wasn't such a good ideaBecause I'm a small town hick right?She frowned brought up short Did he really think she was such a snob? 30%It's not that you're a snob You're not It's that he's insecure and weakPLAINAlward flirts with the idea that Rhys might be a plain hero See the opening uote and stuff like this Maybe his face would never be in a magazine but there was an intensity to it a magnetism that she couldn't deny 40%I was left unclear as to what this man really looked like Besides two or three off hand comments about how he was plain otherwise he sounded really cute? I couldn't really grasp what Alward was trying to get at here But good for her for trying to create a hero who isn't a cover model HORSE WOMAN COMPARISONSLike many CowboyWestern romances I have to put up with gross women are like horses rhetoric It's not only untrue it can cross over into gross territory VERY UICKLY UghHOW'S THE SEX CARMEN?Off page sexTL;DR Don't botherROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceCowboyWestern RomanceHolidayChristmas RomanceNon Virgin HeroineHe is a Horse Expert Specialist? on a Ranch; She owns an Event Planning CompanyNAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerTaylor fJack m Jackson Frederick Callum mRhys mNell fAvery fSam mTyson mMelissa fAlicia fJim mKathleen fMartha fTom mMarty mJosh mClara fMolly fMelissa fAmy fJean fAngela fHarry mSherry fDenise fJohn mKeith m hide spoiler

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    This book tugs at the heartstrings of those readers including me who have left home to make a career choice and physically left their part of the world to carve out their own in another city another world But as I know and as this book shows our heart never leaves our family no matter where they are We're in touch by phone email internet these days but it's the little things we miss out on that we can never get backSo when Taylor is shut out of her family as she hosts a rehearsal supper at the Cadence Creek diner there is one person who noticesAnd thank god he doesTaylor doesn't think he's a pretty man but is attracted to him and his stability His confidence His ability to see right through her Through the bossy and the I'm in charge personality she's honed in Vancouver BC CanadaShe labels him the Big Bad Wolf And she should feel unsettledFor their love is the rock solid kind you can't pretend you have It's real It's defined It's unshakable A meeting of two worlds who don't even know the other one exists until a chance encounter And then the chemistry kicks in This book is hot and yet full of loveRhys is the man I know I've been searching for This book is to be read and re read

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    A lovely sweet christmas Romance

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    Very good book Taylor has come to town to plan her brother's wedding and she's a bit stressed over it Dealing with one of the groomsmen adds stress of a different type Rhys seems to know just what buttons to push to rile her up But there is also an attraction there that she can't denyI liked Taylor She is very good at event planning and she really wants to do a good job on her brother's wedding When some minor glitches occur and she starts to stress it's Rhys who tells her what to do to fix them Taylor is used to being independent and only counting on herself and isn't terribly appreciative at first Her attraction to him is also throwing her off kilter Besides just trying to avoid the distraction she sees no future in it since she's headed back to the city right after Christmas Once the wedding is over and she can relax a little she finds that spending time with him is changing her priorities Taylor had also been feeling a bit burnt out from her business and was hoping to get her enthusiasm back She also feels somewhat unappreciated by her family Being in Cadence Creek gives her a different perspective The interactions between Taylor and Rhys were good I loved the way that she would react to something he'd say and he'd just smile because he knew he'd gotten to her The time she spent with him the she fell for him but she couldn't figure out how to make it work with her responsibility to her business I loved the way she figured it outRhys had come back to Cadence Creek after the death of his father to help his mom After having to close his business he is now working as a hired hand and helped his mom buy the diner where she works When he meets Taylor he thinks she a bit of a big city snob but he can't resist getting closer to her He sees her intensity when it comes to her job and it reminds him of himself He understands what she is going through His attraction to her is strong and he tries hard to ignore it I loved the way that he ends up being with her willing to take whatever time he can get with her I liked the way that he opened up to her about his past and the effect it had on him Rhys's own insecurities had him settling for just a short time with Taylor when he really wanted her to stay I really loved the ending and seeing how ready he was to support Taylor in whatever she wanted to do

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    Taylor Sheppard an event planner from Vancouver made a practice to never do weddings But had agreed to do it for her brother who had so much loss in his life and she wanted the wedding to be perfect Trouble was it was to be in Cadence Creek a small town where everyone knew each other and it had limited options Her brother was comfortable in any attire but when a tall roughed man commented she made a threats to give him a cravat Since she was young she tried to gain their dad's approval but her brothers turned in another direction and refused to take on his company and now he thought her silly business was just a fad? Wonder what he'd think if he saw her bank account? She was sought after by wealthy people and after the wedding she planned to take a vacation to babysit her brother's homeRhys Bullock knew about failure as he dad failed at everything he tried and as a kid he vowed to get far away and not fail Yet that's exactly what he did when his company failed and he had to let his employee's go even his girlfriend that had two kids When his brother left home and his mom wanted to buy the town diner to have a steady income he moved back to Ruby to help her Then he was intrigued with Callum's little sister but they were from two different worlds she was a city girl who liked designer clothes while he was a farm boy that worked at a horse ranch and there was no chance for them

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    Review A Cadence Creek Christmas3 STARSA Christmas wedding sounds pretty but stressful Taylor wants to make sure her brothers wedding goes as she has planned Taylor is feeling unnoticed by her family Her father seems proud of her brothers but not much for her business of party planners Taylor wants her family to be proud of the job she doesRhys is one of the groomsmen for the wedding He likes earning a paycheck and not owning his own business He worries about his mom and moved back to help her after his father's death Rhys does not date women from Cadence Creek so he feels that Taylor will be safe to dateThe story is nice especially when things go wrong and the people of Cadence Creek step into help Their is plenty of drama relationships with the different characters Their is some love scenes that I skipped over as Rhys Taylor decide to have a flingIt is nice to see characters from earlier stories back again fir the wedding It is a nice weddingI was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley and HarleuinNovember 5th 2013 by Harleuin Romance 256 pages ISBN0373742665

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    This was a pretty good book I loved the characters and their personalities The plot was good and full of fun There were sparks and banter emotions some steaminess and a great HEA This was a great intro into the Cadence Creek atmosphere and I would definitely like to read the others' stories A surprisingly good book Enjoy

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    Taylor Shepherd is organising a wedding in a cowboy town Her black cashmere sweater is a contrast with plaid shirts and jeans and the men aren't the city guys she's used to either Then there's the bitter cold pot roasts and timewarp decor Rural Alberta is a long way from her home in Vancouver However this wedding is for family so she'll put her best efforts into it and then relax for A CADENCE CREEK CHRISTMAS The first couple of chapters introduce characters and settings with a lot of detail a company has shipped the wrong colour tulle and forgotten the candles I did wonder whether this wedding was a celebration of love or of one off decor Taylor is determined to see it's perfect though country people seem relaxed Rhys Bullock a horseman in the groom's party is politely keen to follow the city lady around being helpful At first she finds this annoying but he is related to the best cook in town and he's not bad lookingTaylor's father asks her when she's going to put that business degree to good use Her business is actually thriving each party bringing in what she terms a boatload of cash and she shouldn't have to justify her choices to someone who considers her work trivial Perhaps this is what drives her so hard to be a perfectionist Rhys is competent and hard working and he knows that some men feel intimidated by smart women He just isn't one of them and he admires Taylor But after Christmas she'll be leaving so is there any point in pursuing a closer acuaintance?Donna Alward has written a restful story with amusing contrasts and larger than life characters for us to enjoy I did find the start slow with several pages of chatter in a men's outfitters before moving on to internal debates about wedding decorations none of which interested me However in a Canadian winter people are not going to go out for trail rides so we have to see them meeting in some other way Taylor is a lady who embarked on self discovery when she left Cadence Creek and who comes home to find herself all over again and a romance

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    Event planner and entrepreneur Taylor takes a winter trip from Vancouver to Cadence Creek to plan her brother's wedding and spend Christmas with her family During her take charge week of wedding plans she meets rancher and business owner Rhys Taylor and Rhys both feel chemistry but they have fun verbally sparring with each other Though they keep hurting each other's feelings through judgement and thoughtless wisecracks something meaningful runs deep something they both want to explore The dialogue in a Cadence creek Christmas was wonderful Taylor and Rhys joked with and snapped at each other realistically They reminded me of my husband and me when we are annoyed with each other but still feel the strong deep undercurrent of love I also found very natural Taylor's worries her chats with her family and her willingness to help others in a pinch Taylor's a doer She doesn't sit around waiting for other people to do something She just takes change and gets things done I admire that in Taylor and I like that Rhys saw through the bossiness and appreciated her hard work and efficiency too Rhys was a little bit of a uniue hero He doesn't rush in and save the day He fulfills obligations uietly He does a lot of things without explanation which confuses Taylor This reminds me of someone I know and love so I really felt Taylor's frustration and confusion But Rhys is dependable and loyal and honest And that's just what Taylor needs The hand holding snow falling and cocoa sipping was all very romantic The airport scene was a terrific surprise and the last scene at the diner was perfection Alward's characters stayed true to themselves and because of that they felt real And so did their love

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    This is the season for Christmas romances and Donna Alward has set hers in Cadence CreekThe Setting The entire story revolves around a Christmas Wedding but not the wedding of our two main characters The Plot Taylor Shepard has built a very successful party planning business but she is a little burned out She is hoping to rest up after the weddingThe Characters Both Taylor and Rhys are great characters Taylor is very driven and a big part of her needs to prove to her Father that she is successful However she is beginning to think that she may be missing out on life Rhys Bullock does not want to get involved with anyone Both are very caring people and are drawn to each other Both Rhys’s Mom and Taylor’s Father are important to the storyWriting Donna Alward brings the story alive with her dialog and descriptions of all of the characters The romance was very well developed and filled with the tension that keeps the story going There was a great journey to Taylor and Rhys' HEA She has put together a book that I had trouble putting down Truly the mark of a good writerThis is the next to last Cadence Creek book and Donna’s last Harleuin Romance The last Cadence Creek book will be published in the Harleuin American Romance lineA Cadence Creek Christmas comes out in November but you can get it now at HarleuinI received an autographed copy of A Cadence Creek Christmas from the author in return for an honest review

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