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    What a lovely offering by author Doris Kienitz I confess I'm the sort who likes to be entertained by books but in this particular case I found myself spellbound by reality It is true that everyone has a story to tell and in this case the author has a story to tell about her father and family trapped in East Germany She tells it with grace honesty and humility wrapping the reader in the world her parents lived inand ultimately left I did indeed find myself blotting my eyes as I readand was relieved that my tears were tempered with the opportunity to laugh out loud as well I highly HIGHLY recommend this book The author makes her family your own and you're touched and amazed to be part of them

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    The story is captivating and worthwhile to read but the overwhelming amount of grammatical errors and poorly worded sentences were extremely distracting

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    Awesome Amazing

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East Germany and the Escape

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The true story of Alfred Kienitz set in East Germany before during and after WW2 tells of many hardships suffered during those times Raised with six brothers and sisters Alfred was part of a family that worked hard to survive His parents despised Hitler and all that he stood for They were the first family to have a tractor in their village only to be a.


Secretly assisting family friends and even strangers to escape the clutches of Communism After he aided his parents and brother to escape into West Berlin he and his wife Margot set their own plan in motion The adventures of Alfred will have you laughing from his amazing escapades and sobbing with grief at the adversities he and his people encountered.

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T the mercy of the mayor who sometimes would loan out the Kienitz farm euipment without permission With his three older brothers off to war it was up to Alfred while still a young teen to fill their shoes on the farmstead Once married he had no choice but to play the role of 'police helper' for the authorities while at the same time risking his life by.