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  • 15 December 2019
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    This book by Dragan Matijevic is simply amazing I sampled this on a whim and saw how Dragan broke down a few of the base 9 Enneagram personalities What got me was when I saw mine as clear as day in that sample I always thought that I broke the mold that there was no one or at the very least not many others remotely similar to me but this book broke me down and listed all my inner problems as if it knew me It also listed my strengths and ways that I can defeat my shadow or negativedestructive traits and become whole as a person I'm a type 3 all the way with a lot of tendencies of type 5 I bought the book and read type 8 and showed this type to my friend I told him that I thought this was him and asked what he thought He read it and agreed with me then promptly bought the bookI'm now thoroughly interested in this subject and have taken to trying to classify my friends family and coworkers I'm going to do it with characters I've created too to see if they fit the guidelines This is honestly as the author says a great way to really understand the core of people and their motivations I'm not sure what to do with this info but it feels like I understand others a bit betterThere is available on the subject of Enneagrams online and in libraries It's a really complex subject with mathematical formulas probabilities and statistics The author breaks the issue down here to it's most basic and humanistic version This will give you an understanding of the nine personality types so far as it relates to personal relationships and personal development Now I want to really delve into this subject Kudos to his book for piuing my interest

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Know Yourself

Dragan Matijevic Ô 9 review

And intellectual abilities Life orientation While you’re getting to know yourself you will of course learn to spot the types popping up in your family life among your friends at work and in the world around you The light the Enneagram can throw on relationships is nothing short of remarkable Buy this book for yourself share your understanding with your friends and watch your life come into focus like never befo.

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Individuals we all still need help to achieve our personal potential for happiness This book is a uick guide to the nine types in the Enneagram It will help you to identify your own type and where you sit in the spectrum of that type’s development Then it shows how to work on evolving into the ideal manifestation of yourself as an individual with particular attention to Relationships Work preferences Emotional.

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This short book is a happiness tool for the 21st century The Ancient Greeks believed that to ‘know yourself’ was the key to personal fulfilment; they even had their own self help guide on the subject in the form of the Enneagram – the nine pointed diagram illustrating the nine basic human character types The human race may have progressed since Ancient Greece but human nature has not changed much at all As.