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I loved my birth place the farm the Minnesota River valley and always will Not interested in renting or owning a small portion of what I could only afford in Minnesota I see that here in the last frontier on Earth in Alaska I could make a new life with the freedoms to breath to make a new life untethered or restricted of movement A person can be free in Minnesota as well but I was not ready for a rocking chair for having a gainful employment job was not an option I could foresee I soon would become bored but here in Alaska I could live again on my fixed income remotely live off the land build my own house trap hunt and fish There was only one thing to do That was to find the place or piece of land I would own and live I looked at State land sale openings but soon there would be many people around me I could clearly see the future of expansion into the rural areas It would not be for me in the long term Not that I do not like peo.

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Ple but for my plans I needed room Then one day a friend informed me there were two Federal Land openings open for Homesteading The next day I found my way into the Federal Land Office in Anchorage BLM “Bureau of Land Management” At the reception desk I told the Women what I was interested in learning about I picked up every folder brochure and a form for filing a Homestead A staking application or packet they called it named lakes Two shallow to be worth anything or dependable save for the mosuitoes that loved the low lands Being of Norwegian decent I loved the hills A good lake would have been nice but in this settlement area there were no decent lakes This flying service was a small air taxi service that had scheduled flights two times a week to this lake Lake Mininchumina is the largest inland lake in Alaska The lake is only about 25 feet deep but the fishing is great At one time about 42 people lived on the shores of th.

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E Lake they once had a school now 2013 less than nine live there The lakes air field has a weather cam automated station that anyone can pull up on the computer and it used uite regular for pilots The airstrip itself was made for B 29 bombers during World War 2 at that point we ferried planes by air to Russia and very soon I was to find myself standing at the ticket coubte bookin gpassage for myself and my son Daniel to the lake he young lady at the ticket counter asked us if we were going to the Lake for trophy fishing Then she went on to tell us that a lot of people go there for the big fish I then made the mistake of telling her that we were going on a hike to the “Federal Land Settlement Area” to find land to stake The look on her face was telling me she thought me to be a crazy person I said nothing and so began our Alaskan wilderness adventure July 4th 1985 Homesteading in the Alaskan wilderness Our day of Independence.

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    The author of this book is not a good writer He really really really should've hired someone to help him It's awkward cliched and poorly paced and has long stretches of dialogue that purport to be what was actually said three decades ago I learned about this author by stumbling across a British show Winning the Wilderness on Netflix about a contest in which people compete to win the absolutely stunning house that the author and his wife built in the Alaskan wilderness I thought that this book would be about the building of the house etc It's not It's about the first 2 trips the author took to Alaska to find the property on which he would eventually build Day by day account of the hike into the wilderness which I didn't find all that interesting Turns out there are two books in this series that have to do with building the house surviving in the wild etc I'm hoping those are engaging

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    Very nteresting read after watching the short series very well done

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