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Lisette is a flawless beauty with a keen business sense As head fashion designer for an elite firm she has no time for drama Besides her co worker and friend Marlene fills her in on enough drama to last her whole day Marlene's married to an attractive philanderer named Steve She wants to divorce him but the. This was a really good book Lisette was a beast She was handling her business all the time She also was a very lonely and cold person There were times that I admired her and then other times where I felt sorry for her I would recommend this book Great job Dwayne S Joseph

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Heir controlling soon to be ex husbands A job like this is not only stressful but very dangerous so her clientele is kept very exclusive When a mysterious caller says she needs help or else bad things will start to happen there is at stake than possible exposure Lisette might get a taste of her own medicine. Ths book was REALLY good The storyline was so different than what someone would expect if they're just judging by the title The author's style of writing was very original unlike most urban books I've read My only complaint is that it was such a uick read I would've liked I liked main character Lisette's confidence and no nonsense attitude Now this is a book that should have a seuel


Re are complications in doing so If she were to actually catch him cheating on her then all of those other complications would go away But how A setup of course A business deal is made and Lisette the Home Wrecker is born Three years later Lisette has made a career out of helping wealthy wives stick it to t. Use What You GotDwayne Joseph delivers a provocative novel about one woman's need for control Manipulation and control is a way of life for Lisette And she's paid well to do just that manipulate and control You see Lisette is a Home Wrecker That's her occupation She's paid to assist unhappily married women by bettering their situations But when she meets a potential client who knows the game of manipulation and control oh so well too will the best woman win With Home Wrecker author Dwayne Joseph has concocted a uick easy and enjoyable read Home Wrecker as its title implies has drama for you Easily recommendable Reviewed by Toni

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Dwayne S Joseph lives by the credo The pen is mightier than the sword He's been crafting engaging tales since the age of thirteen A multi dimensional author Dwayne has written novels ranging from relationship drama erotica suspense to his favorite mystery suspense It’as all about growth for Mr Joseph He strives to grow and improve with each novel and he he feels that’s what the reader

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