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Man to spend his life with Emmy and see their sons grow old Emmy and Daniel's story continues in the midst of a bloody time in history through the English settlement and occupation of Colonial America to the aftermath of living in the shadows of the decimated Powhatan Empire As they fight to honor their vows Emmy refuses to face a future without Daniel and Daniel is just as determined to write his own version of history no matter what the cost. This was a great follow up to the first book I love to read about love and how people fight

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All of her life Emmy Cameron was taught to guard her secrets well She arrived in the seventeenth century with the knowledge that she was meant to play a role in the events of the past and she is determined to fulfill her duty no matter what the conseuence Yet now she is traveling to Middle Plantation with a man who is certain she is his destiny and she has placed her heart and her life in Daniel's hands Daniel has been burdened with the knowle. This continuation of the story of Emmy and Daniel started in Ghost Dance is every bit as in

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Dge of future events since he was a boy While others count the passing of time by years lived Daniel counts it by the number of days left He knows that Emmy will bear him two sons but he also knows he will not live to see his second son born Although he vows to help Emmy and find out exactly what role she will play in the timeline of the past he realizes that he is no longer willing to accept his fate and that he will defy the laws of God and. Daniel's Season of Exile is a long hard road His and Emmy's lives have been somewhat bitter

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    Love this series Each book leaves you ready to continue with their lives and how everything ties in I would recommend it to lovers of historical romance Jumping back and forward in time would be really incrediblebut should we really try to alter it?

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    This continuation of the story of Emmy and Daniel started in Ghost Dance is every bit as interesting as Ghost Dance was By having Emmy return to the 1600's the author also gives us a taste of life at that time as the Native tribes along the James River were being subjugated and pushed out of their homelands The previously friendly co existence of the British settlers had turned to struggles for the land and retaliation from groups of Natives who were not sanctioned by their tribes but renegade splinter groups from various tribesIn addition to the historical details E B Brown uses the time travel powers of some of her characters to show the negative potential for messing around with time travel particularly when old family feuds have repercussions for many generations If you are like me and allow yourself to temporarily believe in time travel these intrigues add spice to the story

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    I was bored for the first 40% of the book and kept going because I really enjoyed the first book Then Daniel enters hell and the author took us with him He and Emmy are together at the end but a lot of demons haunt them Daniel reacted to his grief in ways I don't understand and I would never do and it ruined the story for me I understand they lived 400 years ago and the author has done research whereas I have not but I don't think it added to the story Reading for me is an escape and this was not an escape As much as I loved Daniel and Emmy in the first book because of this book I will not be continuing their storyPart of a series There was retelling of what happened in the first book but I don't recommend reading this as a standaloneContains sex scenes some violent some MWM lots of swear words and violence kidnapping fatal fights and battles and inconstancy

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    An evolving fantasy epicthe Time walkers series fully comes into its ownI read Ghost Dance and Season in Exile back to back and am in awe at the evolution of EB Brown’s Time Walker’s universe The story of Daniel and Emmy pulls the reader into an adventure across time and skillfully builds upon the lore established in Brown’s earlier books The characters are fully realized and the stakes are high The story reaches near epic proportions yet manages to remain intimate at the same time; a feat that makes this reader truly invest in the characters as well as long for what comes next Fans of the series will beg for and newcomers looking for a great time travel adventure need look no further than EB Brown’s Time Walkers Series

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    Daniel's Season of Exile is a long hard road His and Emmy's lives have been somewhat bittersweet but now they're bitter than sweet And uite often it tearful to read But the story draws you in no matter how much you want to say No this can't be happening you have to see it through I love how these stories intertwine the characters from previous books especially Winn and Maggie Now I can't wait till the next installmentThese characters wring the emotions from your soul

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    An intense love storyI have read and enjoyed all of EB Brown's novels The characters are strong and intense with a love for each other that endures all I would highly recommend all of her novels

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    This was a great follow up to the first book I love to read about love and how people fight their own fight to be happy An excellent story and waiting for the next one

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    Things are never easy in the life of a Time Walker especially one who has a duty to fulfill Emmy will learn first hand how life and love is never easy Excellent follow up to Ghost Dance

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    Have in Time Dance

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    Ok so I am new to EB Brown's books but I a finding I love them I have read the first two in the Tine Dance Series and absolutely love the characters not only Emmy and Daniel but all the others My plan is to read the whole Time Walker series If those characters are as interesting and complex battling personal demons self doubt and past deeds then I am eager to start I have only one disappointment and this is huge When I went to borrow the third in the Time Dance series Shadow of the Valley says it is out of print What?? How can that be when #4 is coming out in May Please please if there is any fairness in my Kindle Unlimited world please tell me that it will be reissued I mean really how can I read #4 without reading #4? I will miss vital parts of the story But really EB Brown is a new favorite author

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