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Mariner's Compass

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E and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about her life In his will the late Jake left his Morro Bay home contents and estate if she. Nicely done mystery I can see why Fowler has won several Agatha Awards for Best Mystery The premise was interesting the mystery engaging and the threats to the main character fairly mild I have too active an imagination to find much entertainment in the current genre of highly suspenseful often very gruesome murder mysteries Not as much about uilting as I might have liked but he mystery was good enough to search out in the series

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Stays in the house alone for two weeks She has a short time to follow his scavenger hunt set of clues and discover who the stranger w. I like this book in the series because it is a different type of mystery than the other books I like how Benni gets to know a little about her mother and family I like how much she and Gabe miss each other while they're apart and I like getting to see a different town

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Jacob Chandler knew everything about Benni Harper and in his house were pieces of her life a hand carved statue of her childhood hors. I read this the first time several years ago Earlene Fowler is one of my favorite authors This book is one of my to books to relax Bernie is surprise to receive an inheritance from someone she doesn't know; the will reuires her to spend 2 weeks in the house As begins her time she finds a dog who seems to know her Bernie discovers a scrapbook with all the stories about her life Grandma is holding the historical society hostage to save it Bernie spends the days learning who the man was and how he related to her

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